Nick Vujicic – Fully living for Jesus Christ (Part 1 of 4)

Nick Vujicic – Fully living for Jesus Christ (Part 1 of 4)

Guest speaker Nick Vujicic speaks on how to live a life fully devoted to following Christ.



thewhistleking2 says:


John Pressley says:

good bro..jesus loves u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much….

Arch Angel says:

God shall love him and reward him in he end Amen

Chauncey Cook says:


Ravioli Redsauce says:

Im white American, fuck all you religious NUTS Christians muslims islam catholics whatever the hell you are,,,, EVOLVE already you nubs and stop fucking the world up already. I mean SERIOUSLY GOD IS NOT REAL, NOT REAL, not real, not real, God is FAKE, hes FAKE does not exist, SCIENCE IS REAL, SCIENCE=REALITY. omfg its CRAZY you religious nuts are ALL DRAMA and conflict im sick of you ALLL. FUCK YOU ALL.

coolwater55 says:

I believe in a power beyond ourselves. Perhaps it cannot be described properly, but it exists. It is what gets us through, otherwise many peop,e would end their lives before they even start.

You don’t have to be “religious” to have FAITH.

These three are all that matter. Faith, hope and LOVE – LOVE being the greatest of all. Actually believed by most major religions and positive people.

Energy that changes lives happens – you might want to try it sometime.


coolwater55 says:

How sad that you would deny this man or anyone HOPE, LOVE, PEACE,MEANING to LIFE.

Whether you believe or not should NOT be the question or the slam against him. He GETS it and you DON”T.

Believing in JESUS is not religion, it is FAITH from the Universal spirit of all.

The bible is another story, and that is NOT this discussion. You may describe, energy, Buddha, sycronicity or other modes of positive way of life.

We are made first of water and energy in a physical body.

MrJhd1001 says:

Everybody go to this youtube channel “Seho Song” watch his videos people.Its about Tsunami thats gonna hit the east coast anytime now. Be covered under the blood of jesus and be saved right now. Surrender youself to the lord. I know many of ya’ll won’t believe what’s about to come but I’m just trynna save souls and turn all ya’ll to the kingdom of god. Confess your sins to jesus and make him your personal lord n saviour and believe that he resurrected on the third day.and your saved
God bless.

Jesusfreak21795 says:

Wow. I beleive God gave us you to show that we have no excuse at all for being lazy and not doing what He tells us to. I love your attitude and the way you look at things. I intend to tell my freinds at church to look you up and how you’ve inspired me. God bless you, my fine sir!:-)

vython88 says:

He’s an inspiration,not of religion,race or gender but of human spirit.

seaFoodSifu says:

WOW, that’s a terribly cynical assumption.

991med says:

You really don’t have the best grammar for being a teacher! Are you sure?

991med says:

Hey! It’s the guy who loves dicks! How are ya?

991med says:

You sure seem to have dick’s on your mind! Probably plenty up your ass also! Best part of you ran down you mothers ass cheek! You’re another keyboard pussy with a loud fingers!

christianityisbad says:

christianity is a lie! exposingchristianity[dot]com

shiny fish says:

i don’t believe in religion because i know its bullshit but this guy is an inspiration

deadpooldp3 says:

Is this or is it not a good way to make people believe in jesus it is a good way if it was just a setup then it would be a cruel way but still a good way

jammedMedia says:

Praise the LORD for this amazing man. He is incredible. thank GOD for him!

jammedMedia says:

exactly-wise words!

Jesus Fan says:

So inspiring!

myst604 says:

This guy is awesome. Good for you!!!!!

missnatasha2011 says:

You are an Idiot…And there is a special place in Hell for you…just saying.

Kevin Forbes says:

you know what if it was you in his shoes would you like if someone wrote that about you

Richard Bobadilla says:

Nick Vujicic, I hope you don’t get discouraged when people don’t agree with you. They just don’t know. You can’t make them read the Bible. THEY have to do it. You’re AWESOME as a preacher. I got finally got saved 2Feb2008. “I hope you grown out of it,” (Miss Karen English Teacher); he can’t. Once you are truly saved; you can’t (almost) never go back.

reptile1000 says:

He probably doesn’t, not because he can’t but because he has a relationship with Jesus

dontbeadrone says:

Are not Jesus and his father the most monstrous of beings? They cursed humanity with a sinful nature that condemns us all to hell, just because the first two humans sinned against them. Now, they allow millions of people to continue being born every day, knowing full well that according to their narrow parameters of “salvation,” most souls born are going to hell. It’s better to be aborted, and not born in the image of the monster, God.

Kevin Von Zell says:

There was NO historical Jesus. Jesus Christ was a theological construct made up of an Egyptian/Grecian god, Serapis, who was adopted by my direct ancestor, Pharoah Ptolemy Soter (Savior) by Emperor Constantine (also my ancestor) to aid in the unification of his Holy Roman Empire. Jesus Christ is also an admixture of Julius Caesar (my ancestor) & Apollonius of Tyana. Don’t believe me on this; do your own research on YouTube. Why not be GNOSTIC & “believe” in our Master Teacher Yeshua, instead?

Jhon Smith says:

Holy fucking Jesus! How does this guy jerk off?! Does he rub his d1ck against a pillow for hours on end until he cums!? Or maybe he sux himself off!

Jhon Smith says:

Hey buddy! Tell Jesus to grow your arms back! That would inspire people a lot more than what you are currently doing!

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