Noah – Official Movie Trailer (Atheist Remix)

Noah – Official Movie Trailer (Atheist Remix)

Have you seen the trailer for the new blockbuster Russell Crowe movie about Noah? Here is my atheist remix of this ridiculous movie trailer. If you like my w…



Glenn McMann says:

I found a better version of the preview you shared with me +Cobalt Sieg.
This awesome shit comes in other flavors as well from Cult of Dusty. Give
him a sub man, I think you’ll dig his stuff.

Chezus Krist says:

I was disappointed in Russell Crowe for selling out.
When he played a Gladiator at least they were real.
They performed a useful service; killing early Christians in an attempt to
wipe out the disease of Christianity.
The world would be better off if they had succeeded!
If the movie had a disclaimer that said “This movie is total fiction, it
never really happened” I could watch it as a Sci-Fi movie.
Many ignorant people (Christians) are not capable of rational human thought
and will watch it as a historical documentary.

ReligiaodeMerda says:

I do not believe they made a movie about this nonsense.
God wanted to punish his people? Why, did not know what would happen?
And why 40 days and 40 nights? What forces prevented him from killing
everyone in 1 minute?
And why kill innocent animals and children?
This is divine love?
This is an example of wisdom?

ameer jabril says:

I’m sure that zionist controlled american hollywood and its anti religious
bigotry will do everything in its power to pervert Noah’s tale in every way
possible. Then they will wonder later why no on outside america watches
there garbage. And the fact that so many civilizations have described a
massive flood is not shear coincidence for all u anti religious atheist

MAnnaconduit1 says:

“Because Fuuuckkk youu thatt’s why!” hahaha that part kills me every time.

KennyTew2 says:

Seriously? They are making this? I hope they don’t play this genocide story
like a lightweight disaster movie. Let us see the vengeful killer laughing
as the infants drown, then it might be worth watching.

iloveoldschoolanime says:

I find it hilarious that these atheists are getting so worked over a
fucking movie. So what if the story is fictitious, doesn’t mean it won’t
make a great movie. Grow up! You are all acting like those Westboro freaks.
And just so you know, Darren Aronofsky, the director of NOAH, is an

Alexander Sukhovey says:

C’mon I think you are overreacting here. Movies have been made over more
ridiculous stories. The do not call it documentary or based on true story,
do they? I hope 🙂

Personally, transformers or pacific rim bother me much more. Those pathetic
giant humanoid robots… with giant hand guns… and swords… That’s an
insult to rational mind.

LetsTalkOnePiece says:

why is everybody hating on this movie it is a great epic fictious movie
story just like 2012 and the day after tomorrow. I will enjoy this movie
for what it will be a great piece of cinema based on an ancient piece of

misterwizzerd says:

Man…..haters gonna hate. Being that I would pull out Emma Watson’s
wedgies with my teeth if she asked me to, I’m in just for her. Plus this
looks like an epic disaster movie that I’m willing to watch……I just
won’t go opening night where churches probably buy out 2/3 of the theater
then preach at the end.
The Noah story was the beginning of the end of my faith so I’m intrigued
enough to see this.

J Dean says:

Noah story is a total joke, and so is their entire book.
It’s all about control, properties, and how to steal other people lands.
I never knew that g’o’d is a real estate agent, and prejudice.

Vaguenoodle says:

People are going to flock to this movie like they flocked to Passion of the
Christ, and people are going to use it like it’s establishing some sort of
scenario that could actually fucking happen, I can see it. What a pain.

Druppel Dog says:

I keep wondering why if the Atheist community is so big like Youtube makes
it out to be. Why did The Golden Compass do so poorly at cinemas. “Cause
f@k you that’s why”

zoroaster1973 says:

Aronofsky is my favourite director. Probably all-time favourite director.
Can`t think of a reason to get his hands on this biblical crap. And it IS
the worst of any biblical shit there is. So…fucking…dissapointed ;(

Pablo Espinal says:

So much technology wasted in the making of a comedy film, is it comedy
or sci – fi? I cant believe people are buying the bull of the bible up to
this date to make movies based on that old book.

Jormangandur83 says:

You know, if all the water came rushing in like that against the Ark, I
would have expected that it would have torn this wooden structure to pieces
before it could even be lifted off the ground.

AgnosticProle says:

If they are going to take a part of the bible and make a movie about it
they should make the songs of Solomon movie, they might have to rate it
nc17 but it would be worth it.

jalbador says:

I don’t see why people are complaining so much. Nothing Hollywood puts out
is real. Like any other work of fiction, if they tell it well it will still
be entertaining. They have an all star cast. Given, I’ll have a hard time
looking at Anthony Hopkins and not seeing Odin lol. I intend to see it when
it comes out.

TatsujinSan says:

Someone should make a flood story where it’s never endorsed by the movie
itself that the adament boat-builder received any actual communication from
a deity and the story follows him as he pathetically rangles a miniscule
number of animals by going out and physically capturing them for a flood
that in no way can be considered “global” and the movie will teach us about
the follies of ignorance, faith and assumption and unify us by getting us
to sympathize with the unfortunate and tragic loss so many can relate to.

You know, like the movie “the life of pi”

MrPhilsterable says:

Well, even though this is essentially a fairy tale, hopefully they show it
for the act of genocide and evil it would be if it actually had happened.
Show the bible’s true colors.

audiotrax2000 says:

First I’ve ever heard of this. Can’t believe someone ACTUALLY made a movie
out of this totally immoral and thankfully unbelievable horror story. I’ll
never be able to watch those actors and feel the same about them again. How

musclegeek says:

Once upon a time in the 1st or 2nd Grade, I was to give from memory one of
the Grimm’s Fairy Tales in front of Class. Not sure how I was able to get
away with it, but at the last moment I substituted The Story of Noah’s Ark.
I remember saying how at least the Grimm Brothers were upfront in calling
their stories fairy tales.

Nerf DreamWalker says:

Does this movie use the “based on a true story”? as lots of people seem mad
that an unbelievable story turned into a movie. That’s like saying Jack and
the Beanstalk, LoTRs and harry potter should never have become movies…

kidsdiggit says:

A worldwide flood is so totally stupid that it obviously shouldn’t be made
into a movie you all say. Then 2012 the movie comes out and there is a
worldwide flood and its legit. The flood of Noah is the only explanation
for several phenomenon in nature like billions of tons of organic material
buried together almost instantly in a bed covering several western states.
Did you know that a Global flood with huge underground water chambers
breaking forth (as the Bible says oddly enough) is the only computer model
that make any sense in light of the data we believe about the ice age?? Do
some research instead of regurgitating the liberal and convenient bull of
those who would rather not take responsibility for the sin of man.

rockshot100 says:

I HATE this YT format! You can’t tell to whom the comments are directed.
I got a couple of “alerts” and I had to FIND the damned comments! then they
were not even directed at me, nor did they have my name in them at all! I
am enlisting in Bob’s army.

Ole Olson says:

*a little light morning humor*

#Atheism #Funny #Movies

Kim Jefferson says:

Russel Crow from Roman in gladiator to Noah

Jim Naylor says:

Mythology, not much different from the Thor movies really. Except nobody
is trying to pass off Thor as reality like they do this Noah flood shit.

matt w says:

I actually like some religious movies like the 10 Commandments and Ben-Hur

Tim Observant says:

I actually want to see that one. The CGI looks pretty good.

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