Pastor Gets Angry At Atheist & Changes Argument Mid Debate

Pastor Gets Angry At Atheist & Changes Argument Mid Debate

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EssenceOfThought says:

In this video response I tackle an American Pastor by the name of Patrick Hines who defends teaching children to fear god’s wrath is good parenting whilst teaching evolutionary science is abuse. The last time I responded Hines I broke down each of his numerous claims with fully referenced precision leading him to do the only thing he could; change his original argument. Sadly for Hines I’m not about to let him get away with it.

Miner says:

It would be fantastic if for once he did not close his comment section . He should first study what he is trying to mock, rather than misrepresenting actual facts. Now, of course, he is never going to do this I wager, but is going to spend the rest of his life trying to talk about something he knows nothing about. Hopefully his children realize what he is doing, and wake up.

jeremybr2020 says:

Did that guy seriously just say "Science is not what we are talking about. We're talking about natural selection and evolution…" LOLOL That is hilarious! "Whoa whoa, I was talking about cocaine and it's effects. And you start talking to me about narcotics? What does narcotics have to do with cocaine???" What an idiot.

sabastianblak says:

I hope religion dies before I do.

tweekyseagull says:

The fact that Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse, etc… failed at their regimes just shows that evolution works. Survival outweighs ideology.

C Rizzy says:

Whenever someone starts a sentence with "As a Christian…" you can rest assured that some really stupid stuff is forthcoming.

Sketchy Skeptic says:

This guy basically just admitted that he sees atheists how Hitler saw the Jews: as a diseased threat to humanity. He claimed that we're responsible for all the violence of the 21st century and that our "worldview" inevitably leads to genocide.

He's completely dehumanized us in his mind. Thankfully he and people like him will never get any sort of power. Although I've heard way too many fundamentalists say more or less the same thing.

crypto457 says:

And there's the anti catholic comment, it's rather typical with these people in America the individualist christians see themselves as the superior one where as other christians or other people that aren't them are automatically evil.

Jesus Price says:

Damage control.

U.S. Atheist says:

Calls EOT smug and arrogant? WOW! May I suggest some mirror time critiques for your next videos…"pastor"?

Verruca says:

This deceiver-of-children's only argument is to sling as much mud as possible. He continually insults his opponent in an attempt to provoke a response he can deal with by his only real weapon – righteous anger.
He clearly illustrates that mankind are still merely apes while vehemently denying it.

Mads Møller Jensen says:

"i am not speaking about science, I'm speaking about evolution"

My god this man is dum

Ossie Dunstan says:

bonobo`s are actually self aware and are our closest living relative, studies believe it is this self awareness that gave them the more peaceful existence , that if it hurts me then it hurts others as well, the beginning of morals if you will.

Fred G. Sanford says:

"Stirring Emotions" is asking a theist pinhead to provide actual evidence to back up an outlandish claim?

Asking them for more proof than the usual hodgepodge of anecdotal tales detailing completely internal experiences with Yaweh Jr., is a request driven by stirred emotions?

The pasty pastor knows that he lives in a house of cards. His not too well-hidden insecurity is, to me, indicative that he is currently experiencing a crisis of faith. The reflexive displays of blustery arrogance, the hate filled stare, the nervous cackle and the Nixonian smile/grimace are the hallmarks of an adult bully being exposed as a fearful toddler.

Why are these theists always so angry? They seem to lead lives devoid of any real happiness and are clearly suffering the debilitating effects of the neuroses generated by constant frustration.

Poor devils. If only they could lose the Lord.

Person Oisels says:

Um… He calls you out for havign "not read" the columbine shooter's journal, and how you should read it before commenting about it, yet at the beginning of this very video he admitted to not having properly watched your video. Let alone the fact that hje's clearly never read The Origin of Species or any evolutionary literature before commenting on how it's the cause of all evil in the world.

Ossie Dunstan says:

thank you being singular in your athiest views.I do not approve of other athiest including me in their video`s , even Matt( i do have the greatest respect for Matt though) from AXP, as he was religious and i hve never been religious , the catholics tried in the 70`s and called my entire state school full of demon`s, we made him cry and we where in grade 5 , religion never came back to my state school , victory for the heathens,they thought they could mind fuck grade 5 students and the grade 5 students fucked them over .

Person Oisels says:

This dude actually must have brain damage.

Ossie Dunstan says:

he has no idea what the fuck science is

Ossie Dunstan says:

1:13 he is guilty bye admission of child abuse , i hope this child abuser has had his children removed

Norman Neskio says:

Great handling of this past-sense, past-knowledge, past-everything past-or clown.

Fayke Vagabond says:

This is your brain on religion, this stuff is worse than crack- cheaper too.

k sturmer says:

I think you'll find that there are more religious institutions abusing kids, than the atheist's. The Catholic church priest scandal alone, proves this. He needs to wake up. Evolution is a proven theory now. Sorry that he's now mortal like the rest of us, doesn't mean we are all gonna go out and suddenly kill each other, does it? In fact, atheist's have a better moral code than 99% of the religious nut jobs out there.

SystemLordNemo says:

The thing is that to me my reason and morality are absolutely true because those truly are only games in town and using those against themselves is self defeating. So EVERYBODY has absolute moral truth behind them; from their perspective the only perspective they can truly ever have; other moral systems some of us have just depend on whims of random magical fictional dictators and others uses likely true observed nature of entities and explore honestly the depth of their own moral intuition.

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