Penn Jillette Vs The Duck Commander On Atheist Morality

Penn Jillette Vs The Duck Commander On Atheist Morality

Beautiful beat down of the clueless bearded hill billy. Support the channel: Follow me on Twitter:



Summers Time Entertainment says:

Under the duck dynasty guy’s world view, those rapists/murders he
fantasizes about can kill/rape as many people as they want and still get
into heaven if they accept Jebus. Meanwhile, the innocent victims will be
punished for an eternity for using critical thinking skills. Apparently
that counts as justice/morality in the eyes of his megalomaniacal master of
the universe (not He-Man)

Jim Doug says:

An interesting and intelligent way to explain the duck dynasty nut job. 

H4WK69 says:

Morality isnt a godly gift, if you read the bible its pretty clear god
hasnt got a fucking clue what morality is.

messianicrogue says:

‘I’m s straight white male,I don’t experience prejudice very often’ – that
must be because you haven’t been to a 3rdwave feminist rally – that is one
crowd that mercilessly discriminates against straight white males as its
core target.

Space Jew says:

Not gonna lie, I would have enjoyed this more without the whole white guilt
tangent. Seriously, what did that add?

Simon S, Purveyor of truth & reason says:

An interesting and intelligent way to explain the duck dynasty nut job. 

Atheism-is-Unstoppable-4 says:

Saw him in Vegas a couple months ago. 

Martin Rayner says:

That was hilarious. Never thought of the desire of theists for everlasting
life as being exceptionally greedy, but I suppose in a way it is just that.

Turtle Herder says:

My favorite aspect of your channel is the variety of content style. Keep it
up Roo!

PS- I was blocked by the douchebag cjwerleman on twitter also, but not
before I gave him a couple good replies that garnered some retweets by his

TrueWOPR says:

“[because atheists have no morality] you can take a sharp knife, cut off
his manhood, show it to him, and say there’s nothing wrong with this.”

Isn’t that what Christians do? In America? En Mass?

kerryn67 says:

Fuck, I love Penn Jillette. He speaks clearly, concisely, eloquently with
an enormous amount of common sense. In all honestly, I could listen to him
talk for hours. When he discusses these topics on TV/talk
shows/radio/podcast etc, I try to absorb as much as I can so I can attempt
to use it in the future. And just to top it off, he can do mind-blowing

Teller, although the quieter of the two is just as intelligent, if not
more. When he’s off the magicians stage, he is a great orator in his own
right. He’s also a shit hot magician/illusionist as well. They are two of
my favourite men on the planet. It’s amazing to me that they didn’t hold
each other in high regard when they first started working together but
persisted because they knew they were onto something good.

Thank you Devon, for highlighting a person so refreshing & exciting into
this weeks uploads. It’s wonderful to hear a loud voice of reason over the
top of screaming christian fundamentalists, jihadists who want us all dead
& just fuckwit after fuckwit. Ah fuck it, I love you too! Not a stalker
type love (Australia is too far from Germany), no homo (because I’m girl),
just the love that comes from having someone who sees the world in a
similar way to me & helps me know I’m not alone. Also, this channel has
helped me come into contact with some wonderful people who I would have
never have met if it wasn’t for your efforts. And as a bonus, you make me
laugh 🙂 Thank you.

Realthx says:

His argument isn’t destroyed at the end, religious people will simply say
that god gives morality innately in all of us, that we know with or without
believing in god.
By showing that there is an evolutionary reason for morality apart from god
we can actually argue against it properly.We need to start by removing
morality from their seemingly infinite list of things which are
transcendental and eternal.

Jason Lund says:

Interesting talk with Penn Jillette about Phil Robertson’s atheist rape
fantasy. Penn spins Robertson’s thought experiment as proof atheists do
have morality without god.

Jeffrey Ramsey says:

Morality is bigger than God, if the god of the bible exist?

Zara thustra says:

Penn is not making a very good argument there …. A theist just would say
… yes that atheist might think he know that there is no god … but
independent from his state of mind god exists and has put morality “in his
heart” (as they usually phrase it) … I think the best way to argue (with
people that lack common sense) is the euthyphro dilemma – which he shortly
touched on

If someone is interessted in a moral argument I would recommend:

Shelly is not only destroying the theistic arguments but is also building a
case on its own …

and as a plus it is one of the three debates where W.L. Craig (in my
opinion) gets utterly destroyed …

(the other two are against Sean Carroll about Cosmolgy, and against Bart
Ehrman on the historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus)

Josh Edrington says:

If you let Christians talk long enough, they will refute their own

TheAtheistChef says:

Penn jilette forget about the presuppositional list that Atheist are
borrowing from the Christian worldview. That we know God exists but we are
suppressing it in our unrighteousness.

Fortunately for us they are using that scripture entirely wrong on so many

ConnorJohn says:

I actually have some qualms with Penn’s moral philosophy. Although Virtue
Ethics isn’t entirely a bad idea, I think it is definitely a bad idea when
debating morality with a Divine Command Theorist, and whatnot.

Certain kinds of consequentialist philosophy counter everything to do with
religious mandate. But Penn doesn’t sound like a consequentialist. Virtue
Ethics does, in and of itself, fall into consequentialism, but not in the
same way a consequential worldview would, and certainly not in any
meaningful or obviously moral way. Virtue Ethics, when applied, can lead to
the doctrine of double effect. Which, in most cases, serves as a cop-out
for laziness, hastiness, or genuine moral grievances. 

Skeptre UK says:

Great upload, paraphrasing – “_out of the mouths of babes and bigots…_” –
an unusually vivid picture of morality, “there’s something wrong here”,
independent of any god bestowed idea of right and wrong.

What is my purpose? says:

I was hoping that Penn would annihilate this inbred retard, but I guess he
did the right thing since people believe that we’re “white supremacist”

Potter Suppositionalist says:

Penn makes a good point. I think morality comes from human nature and human
nature comes from mother nature. God is irrelevant to the moral question,
as far as I am concerned. As are unicorns, Sea monsters and dragons. 

Lark Macallan says:

it’s funny how these people with personal relationships with the creator of
the universe are so often foaming like rabid dogs with hatred and
bitterness. I guess that relationship isn’t that comforting. You’ll never
hear an atheist speak like this piece of shit ignorant old man.

August Eightysix says:

Wow. Mad respect for Penn Gillet and co-host. A perfect dismantling of Phil
Robertson’s violent and disgusting attempt to claim the virtue of morality
as godly or christian, then elegantly using it to show that morality is
actually a purely human virtue outside of ideas of god and religion.

Tom Bailey says:

Ok, I am a Christian but I think the funniest part of this video is when he
said “this is not going up to the all you can eat buffet and filling up on
sunflower seeds” – That was funny.

What is funnier is that politically Penn would be on the side of someone
such as Ron Paul a Christian. The comparative I think was made to get
people talking. Knowing intents is where the issue really lies not in the
theoretical constructs. I believe at some point Penn is going to have a
radical turn to Jesus from an epistemological level that will surprise
him. He seems to have a morality without a foundation that is the
problem. He has a greed is good mentality which is preferred to guns are
good. His next intellectual level will be studying morality from an
epistemological view or developing a foundation for it and when he sees
that collapse so will his current worldview.

Gregg Macey says:

So let me get this straight…..white people can NEVER be discriminated
against? FUCK Penn Jillette. I used to have respect for him.

magulater1 says:
lunaticrobot says:

4:00 Glad Penn addressed that. Divine command theorists are horrifying
people that lack any personal moral agency, because they have themselves
convinced that sycophantic obedience to their deity is the highest possible
virtue for a human.
If their god commands it, then it’s moral. Therefore the genocide of the
Amalekites, moral to a divine command theorist. ISIS, moral to a divine
command theorist too.
In other words, divine command theorists turned the Nuremberg defense
into their religion.

MithrandirTheCage says:

Hit the nail of the fuckin’ head

Phoenix Knight says:

“The greatest reason for doing right, not doing wrong is because you feel
like doing right, don’t feel like doing wrong.” I forget the exact words,
but when the Buddhist monk said this I first thought he cant be serious!!
But he meant we’re all born with understanding right from wrong. It’s our
job to clear away whatever prevents us from accessing that knowledge, that
inner self.

Steven Hyman says:

“I will defend the duck dynasty guy”
moments later…
“in his little fucking ant brain!”


PEN IS EPIC love this guy! 

Robert Baur says:

Robertson’s point and its a false one about the implications of atheism but
a correct one about the implications of relativism, is that without an
objective morality which HE thinks could only come from a supreme being
there would be no way to measure whether something IS good or something IS
bad. His point about atheism is that atheists must be incorrect in their
atheism because God had endowed them with a concept of right and wrong
whether they know it or not. Its actually not 100 percent wrong in that we
as humans do need an objective morality to determine whether something is
good or bad but that this objective morality does not have to come from a
creator which is where Robertson’s “logic fails” It is an argument against
relativism and post modernism which states that morality is learned and
dependent on culture and there is no way to judge the superiority of any
belief over another. And there are some Christians who will invoke
postmodern thinking to save themselves when confronted with scientific
evidence against their religion. They will quickly cling to post modernist
thinking saying “You can’t judge my belief/ You are a bigot and
ethnocentric if you say science is better etc” or “Truth itself is only
dependent on what one believes is true” Therefore all religions are true so
long as they are believed because absolute truth like absolute morality
does not exist. But Robertson is ignorant of the evolutionary causes of
morality because he is well a duck hunter…who should pretty much stick to
that instead of talking about subjects he has not information about.

Vindicator says:

I was totally in agreement with him when he talked about the fuck a duck
guy, but when he went into his guilt trip about being white, and talking
about how “WE” did slavery and fucked up, I just banged my head against my
door, the people involved with the slave trade of the PAST are all DEAD,
yes it was a horrific part of our HISTORY, and thats the key word “History”
how long do you have to keep apologizing and feeling guilty after the
historical events ?.

Should I make every german I meet feel guilty about the holocaust because
Hitler killed Jews ? or do I accept that its insane to hold people
responsible for actions they had NO part in, and most importantly most
likely wouldn’t have agreed with.

Normally totally in agreement with Penn, but on this subject he dropped the

Mirra Syren says:

Penn Gillette is equally as trashy & as bought as Phil Robertson. Devon,
right before he mentioned the Koch brothers; I was going to tell you that
Mr. Gillette speaks his views filtered through what the Koch brothers
beliefs are. Penn Gillette is part of something called “Kato Institute”;
which is funded by the Koch’s. Penn Gillette bashes climate change
believers & there for he’s helping to kill of the whole planet is all. He’s
a asshole to women & he’s anti-feminism. And personality-wise; he has
personality disorders, & he’s threatens to hurt people if they get into his
business. He’s a disgusting role model for you(as is Adam Corolla). I like
all of the other people you support, but I’m certain that you are
blindsided by these 2 assholes.

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