Proof that Miracles Happen through Faith in Jesus Christ !

Proof that Miracles Happen through Faith in Jesus Christ !

8 months ago I was healed from Anosmia a clinical condition of not having a sense of smell, which does not have a known treatment. I was born this way until …



Mojang Gang says:

He cant help you if u don’t give him at lest your attention. The question for u is, have you ever done anything for him?

Jason Anderson says:

Better to believe than live a life of sin and end up in hell.

Best Of says:

never under-estimate the power of your mind, if you believe something with such passion and strength, virtually anything is possible. My definition of a miracle would have to break a law of science to prove itself. everything can be explained by science, eventually…

regardless, you appear to be a true Christian and an amazing person, which is very rare. I have to say I still keep an open mind of this religion because people like you.

MrArtist1971 says:

Amen brother! Great testimony!

kyokushin2012 says:

Your tempted by woman… well of coarse you are, you were born gay!

mamainmancj says:

All have sinned and greatly offended the Holy God of the bible. The just punishment is death then Hell. That’s not God’s will. He loved you so much that He became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered and died on the cross paying for the law you broke in His life’s blood. Now He can legally dismiss your case. You must repent turn from your sin and trust alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation.

Michael Carter says:

your amazing bro!


You explaination for you “cure” is rediculous. Im glad your better but faith ( believeing in something without proof) is not what cured you i can tell you that. 2 hands working will do more than 50,000 hands praying always remeber that. Go pray for a million dollars now, it hasnt worked for me so far.

John Paul says:

THanku for the cross lord

vyolateher says:

It’s not like god’s going to instantly heal millions of people for us. We are to do what we can do, and God will provide our needs. Our earthy bodies are not to be treasured, they are temporary.

I know the reson you are fighting us is becuase there are more of you hating on us.

I just want you to know that God is there for you and that knowing god requires faith not evidence. Evidence is an earthly presence, faith is not. Just pray for him to talk to you, and you will feel his presence.

uhbserde says:

Then you say, “God works in mysterious ways!” But you are missing something. Science says, “The universe works in mysterious ways!” The best part about the universe is that we can learn more about it, for mankind. The worst part about god is that he tells you not to ask questions, even in the midst of suffering and death. Wouldn’t you rather help these people? Do you really want them to be healed, or just agree with your viewpoint? You still are sick. I bet you love talking about yourself.

uhbserde says:

And guess what? Medical Science will heal these people without forcing them to be sycophantic, self righteous loons. In fact, maybe it will heal some of the Christians that are suffering with unanswered prayers. From other ailments too, such as AIDS, Cancer, Psoriasis, etc. I’m sure you people will come around and be like, “Those cures were a gift from God!” Then us in the Science corner will say, “It took us billions of dollars and years of research!”

uhbserde says:

But wait… what about the other millions of people who haven’t been healed who have your problem? Are you really ready to say that you are a better Christian and all the other people that are suffering are suckers for not being as good as you? All the prayers from the dying and suffering around the world are just ignored by God because they don’t believe enough as you? That is pretty self righteous viewpoint. Guess who is really going to eventually heal these people? Medical Science.

dominick virgilio says:

god delivered me from drugs sex food (junk) i have been a vegan christian for 26 years and in that time i have not touch or even lusted after a women im tempted every time i see a women but by his power i overcome GO-VEGAN GENESIS1:29

purity4all says:

He healed you fromwomen?

AAL says:

Let me know when he grows your hair back.

george7981 says:

If you find the truth, you will find the answer but you have to look for it.

EarlofCrawford says:

If God is real and performs miracles, why are they not universal? Why are they a “Christian” miracle, or a “Jewish” miracle, or “Orthodox” miracle.

If God is real, I doubt he play’s teams.

spareaxe says:

dude….you were luck you couldn’t smell the world. Now, your nostrils are full of shit.

eastariel says:

“All these things you shall do and more,” said Jesus Christ.
Everyone is capable of miracles. All you have to do is fill your heart with love. That love will push the dust right off the lantern. This will “convert” your mind to God connection. This is what it means to love God with all your heart and mind.
Oh, and to dust off your mind, it also helps to give up all aspartame beverages. That aspartame can make your brain pretty dusty. Have a V8 instead.

excavtrooper says:

The Earth is 4.6 million years old, man in current form, 100’000 years old, Jesus….2000! why the wait?, also, I would like your comments on Leviticus 26, where we are told of all the many ways in which our loving god is going to maim and kill us, including 26 v 29, we have to apparently eat our children, oh yes, I also love the talking donkey in numbers 23 v 28, comments on a postcard etc etc.

40yoboarder says:

I am glad you got your miracle…but my question is, why does God only give miracles that cannot be truly investigated and found to truly be a miracle.
Why does God not replace severed arms/legs/spines of those poor bastards that have had this happen to them.
Does God play favourites and truly, what makes you so special that God would give you back a sense of smell but leave others in wheelchairs..think about this.

ozcolas says:

-end of my previous post which got cut off-

(…) Many of you just don’t want to believe. Now make your own minds up but with respect for those who believe differently.

ozcolas says:

To all the non believers who pour their words of hatred, contempt, insults and mockery over videos of people who try to share their joy and knowledge of God: You cannot fathom what believers experience because your eyes are blinded by arrogance and evil feelings hijacked what should have been a normal hunger to seek the truth and come to your own conclusions with humility. If God grew an amputee’s arm back you’d question why not the head of a decapitated man and so on and so forth. Many of you

easeas5646 says:

Thank you …the lord is good I to am waiting for my awaking this awaking is sonthing no one knows unless this happens to them. Thank you my brother my ship will sure to sail in if he did it for you he will also lift me up! Good bless! Johnlee! You can tell by the smile on your face this is a person touched by God …lucky!

Nikolai Belinski says:

You fucking idiots need to wake up. We dont need any of the god bullshit. all it does is start wars. god/jesus/christiainty is a load of made up shit, and to think you dick biscuets believed it, is just a ‘mirical’ its self.

Nikolai Belinski says:

Biggest load of fucking bollocks i have ever seen. physicly impossible. Maybe if they x-rayed her back and saw a problem, then sum1 touched her forehead. and she was magicly better, so they x-rayed her again the problem was gone.then i would believe it. But you fucking idiots need to wake up. We dont need any of the god bullshit. all it does is start wars. god/jesus/christiainty is a load of made up shit, and to think you dick biscuets believed it, is just a ‘mirical’ its self.

cripwalkerss says:

we all have authority we can all heal in the name of jesus if you are a believer and cast out demons. jesus yeshua is awesome i see healings all the time xD

simonasmara says:

praise the lord

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