Review: The Atheist Delusion (TTA Podcast 301)

Review: The Atheist Delusion (TTA Podcast 301)

The hosts of God Awful Movies join Seth Andrews for a review of Ray Comfort’s new film, “The Atheist Delusion.” They watched the movie…so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

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Ryan “Skel” Wilson says:

the trump supporting uncle line got me.

Zasz says:

DNA is an entire biological and mechanical process. Its not conveying information from one intelligent mind to another. Thats how we recognize design. Either its naturally occuring or artificial. Creationism would make nature a void concept because nothing could occur naturally and must have been created by an intelligence.

OnlySane PersonLeft says:

I'm gonna spell this out : Laughing My Fucking Ass Off !!! The whole part about, "the chicken and the egg", had me rolling !! I'm dying over here !! And then, you ask a freaking expert ! So great ! Perfection !! I love it ! Going from serious to crazy funny is a breath of fresh air ! On a real note – I thoroughly enjoy your shows. I've been an Atheist since high school , but the past few years I've been living in Kentucky – deep in the bible belt ! So, I can only talk to my husband about Atheism. So, I need your podcasts ! Everyone here shoves god and jesus down my throat every time I go in public. There's more churches than stores. It's unreal around this place… So, Thank You for making your show ! It really helps to hear like-minded people from time to time . 🙂 Great Job !

Andrew Kelley says:

What a lively bunch!

luke lee says:

If Ray ever asks any of you about porn then describe the porn you watch to him. I think he is just testing if anyone will do that.

Jinxxy says:

The accent. I'm just loosing my shit. TOO funny and way too accurate. XD

Sarah Padilla says:

Jesus Christ I laughed so hard this whole interview. Fantastic, Seth!

Gaming Laboratories says:

Awesome video! Keep up the great work!!!

slumberzzzz says:

Eli should do a stand up.

Dingle Dangleberries says:

1:04:25 AGH MY SIDES.

slumberzzzz says:

You're an atheist because you love to sin.. Most dishonest assumption.

Matt Tudor says:

I made about 15 minutes into an atheist delusion before it became too much

Samuel Kathungu says:

Noah really looks like a rural republican housewife.

Sam Huff says:

What a hoot! Laughed my ass off! Thanks so much, you guys are great!

Orion Red says:

Seth…I believed the Chick tracts. I have (probably typical) stories of the days of panic and anxiety for years from this stuff.

David Ramsey says:

Seth's urbane voice combined with the acid humour of the guests just had me cracked up.

Ray Comfort has a couple of "saving graces"

a) he doesn't disable comments.
b) without Bananaman there would be less laughing on this earth.

Keep up the good work.

latiasgdcm says:

Why are we giving him an Australian accent he's from new Zealand

Lectro Volpi says:

I don't get this atheist youth, what contact with atheism they have? They know Youtube yet they behave as if they were sheltered from Ray's amazing tech and now are exposed & defenceless. I mean even the Amazing Atheist has covered Ray before, it's apologetics & fallacies 101 training wheels version, so from whatever perspective you should have your counters. They just puzzle me.

James Smart says:

Firstly, Ray Comfort is a Kiwi and secondly, we Aussies don't sound like that; Eli!

James Kane says:

Excellent Seth .I'm a big big fan way over here in Ireland, and by the way we also have are red necks. Keep it up,thanks.

Kick with Nick says:

Props to them for sitting through the movie, cause I COULDN'T. I lasted maybe 5 minutes.

Templetonq says:

I was wondering if the old guy was pulling Ray's leg.

Templetonq says:

Such silly questions Seth. Obviously all the bad design is because our ancestors ate some magic fruit before we were born.

Alexis Taylor says:

hey lol i have green and blue hair… and i am extremely educated i am a junior studying aerospace engineering

Bex124 says:

People, please. Ray is not an Australian.

Ken Hamm is though. Like that's better…

LachyM8!!!!!! says:

Comfort is from New Zealand, not Australia.

Jeffrey Hitchin says:

I was incredibly amused that the ad shown before this was for Prager University complaining about the destruction of "Merry Christmas".

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