Salvation Through faith in Jesus Christ Interview 2

Salvation Through faith in Jesus Christ Interview 2

Jesus is the only way, the life and the TRUTH…




We are NOT to seek to JUSTIFY ourselves before God our OWN way! NOR by the law of God! (NO flesh will be justifyed by the keeping of the leaw) BUT God’s way ALONE! By OBEYING the gospel of Jesus Christ ALONE! NOT according to what seems right to (Man) us!


(Part 1) We are NOT to seek to JUSTIFY ourselves before God! We are to OBEY the gospel of Jesus Christ ALONE and receive God’s mercy and his (Jesus Christ’s) righteousness to be pardoned of or sin’s (which is God’s way, truth and life)


(Part 2) God in the flesh (Jesus Christ) took our sins to the cross and paid our sin debit himself! There is NO greater LOVE than this! To seek salvation any other way is to be DECEIVED and slap God in the face! Because there is NO other way than God’s way through Jesus Christ!

Jason Nelson says:

Give up your bronze age myths. Your god is imaginary. There are no talking snakes, magical gardens, people living in whales bodies.

People simply adopt the beliefs of their parents. If you were born in India you would be a Hindu. Its all about the crap shoot of where you were born.

If i said i think Elvis is still alive you would say well there is no reason or proof to believe such a thing. When i would say well i still believe, you would simply laugh at me.

ed c says:

o wow…people dont understand that you don’t earn God’s love and you don’t earn salvation. you cannot earn it through good works and living a good life. why? because its already been given to us. good works is part of living under God’s grace. and our job is to live under it in hopes that we unlearn sinful habits and join God. remember Jesus does not call to the righteous but to the sinners.(meaning we are call sinners)

jack4086 says:

Yes I agree with you. True Repentance does not lead a sinner into more sin but a life of love for Christ and true santification. Do we sin so that Grace may abound. Well (ask Paul Catholic) certianly not or by no means as Paul says Rom 6:1 How can we who died to sin live any longer in it. We were baptisied as new believers into Christs death and are no longer under the law. Christ is the end of the law to those who believe Rom 10:4 and are justified through and by faith Gal 2:16

jack4086 says:

Where does it say in the bible that the church will guide a new believer into all truth. That is the job of the Holy Spirit alone not the church meaning body of believers. John 16:13 Read Galatians 1:11 Paul did not receive the gospel from man but Christ. You do not become a Christian by joining any church.

Imaginefree69 says:

“Dear Child,
You are my offspring.
Nothing will ever separate you from my love.
I will always comfort you.
Unless you don’t believe me,
or you’re gay, or you voted for Obama,
in which case I will torture you for ever and ever
in the torture chamber I made.
You know I’ll do it, too.
I already tortured and mutilated
and killed and abandoned
my only REAL son.
Trust me.
Your loving Father, God.”

Imaginefree69 says:

“you sick freak. enjoy torturing the puppies”
You really don’t get it, do you?
I just wrote a little parable
describing how your god treats his people.

“He can never be mocked.”
I proved that one wrong, too.
He’s eminently mockable.

free2bfierce says:

Wow! So you CREATED the puppies? Formed them out of NOTHING? Cool! And have you given them MANY times to make it right (repentance)? COUNTLESS times, right (Like hundreds or even THOUSANDS)? Have you even provided a way for them to STILL BE DISOBEDIENT and stay alive (Redemption through Jesus)? Doesn’t sound like it. Sounds to me like you are nothing more than a masochist with an over inflated blasphemous ego. No wit, just dander. Good luck facing the Creator…

Imaginefree69 says:

I just bought a dozen puppies –
I own them, they BELONG to me.
They’re really cute,
but most of them are less grateful
than I think they should be,
and some even fail to obey me.
So I’m gonna put them in a metal garbage can,
sprinkle them with gasoline,
and burn them.
Not all at once,
just a little every day
to see how long I can keep them squealing and squirming.
I’m not God so it won’t be for ever,
but I’ll do my best…
Hey, I love ’em!

JackJ1957 says:

The law flushes them out of the bushes they try to hide behind. No one is innocent when compared to His law. Only then do we see our need of His grace. Good video!

SalvationEternity777 says:

Which brings me one of my favourite verses. Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Are you living the life away from destruction?

SalvationEternity777 says:

Matthew chapter 7 solves any problems. Read it carefully. Faith is the main component to salvation but works is proof of faith. If you say you believe in Him, you will obey and be like him, this is the concrete proof that you love him. Sinning and asking forgiveness over and over again will have harsh consequences.

Sandy Hernandez says:

This is all the same rhetoric… How pathetic.

therese777 says:

Here is the possible temptation,(if not MAJOR PROBLEM), of the Christian who follows this theology, verbatim. I sin, Jesus forgiveS me, I sin some more, Jesus forgives me again etc. When is the Christian challenged to imitate Jesus to carry his OWN cross (for love of the Lord)??? Is it just about “being saved”? I think The Lord wants us to be GREAT lovers of Him too. This theology doesn’t seem to encourage that because, “Jesus paid the price” so why bother.

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