San Francisco Bay Area Video Production — Penrose Productions for Jacob DeShazer

San Francisco Bay Area Video Production — Penrose Productions for Jacob DeShazer

video production in San Francisco at This Jacob DeShazer Christian Testimony video was done by Penrose Productions. Jacob D…



Christiansuperteam99 says:

I read a book about Jacob Deshazer and found this video. Thank you for posting!


I love this. I love all men of God who glow with that glow that only the Spirit can provide…

Dave Flang says:

Hello, I would like to upload this video to my channel. Lord willing, today a brother will be reading Mitsuo Fuchida’s testimony and we will be uploading it as well. I talk to Carol Deshazer and will be sending her the video link.

fishwithtrish says:

Amazing testimony. God is so kind. Thank you for posting this video.

Dale Jackson says:

A truly amazing story and testimony! I thank God for people like him and Fuchida who found forgiveness and love through Christ Jesus.

Vena Jensen says:

Jake Deshazer was my paternal great uncle. He and my grandmother, Julia, were very close. Jake’s mother, Hulda, was a very special woman that influenced our whole family. Uncle Jake and his wife, Aunt Florence, were phenomenal people. No matter what your religious beliefs are, the ability to unconditionally love those who have harmed you sends a powerful message and is a beautiful way to live.  Uncle Jake’s life and demeanor sets a high standard for all of us.

Tony Marine says:

Just wanted to say that i first read about the Doolittle raiders when i was a teenager. I’m 47 now.I took special interest in Planes #6 and 16. I have to say that from then to now ,whenever i was ever in a tight spot,i would always think of the bravery these two crews exibited.Especially Ssgt Jacob Deshazer. I learned alot about my own faith in God thanks to him. Thank you Ssgt. Semper Fi Lt Farrow’s and Lt Hallmark’s crew. And to the rest of the Doolittle Raiders. Thank you all.

Peanutdinos3000 says:

This is my great, great, uncle. I visited him just before he died in Salem, OR. May his testimony  reach the lives of others.

Stonesndust says:

See you in Heaven Jac

tazia hall says:

Praise God, thank you for sharing.

mamastar says:

This is a truly remarkable story– thank you for posting!

scrubbypea says:

Hello, Saucertosser, I am a Christian teacher in Japan, and I work in a Japanese Christian high school. This is a wonderful testimony, and I am very grateful to you for posting it. I would like share this whole story with my kids. It’s really powerful. Thank you and bless you! 🙂

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