Sanders: “I’m not an atheist…it is an outrage…

Sanders: “I’m not an atheist…it is an outrage…

Senator Bernie Sanders responds to a leaked DNC e-mail that questioned his religious beliefs.



512chris s says:

let's not forget the people didn't want Hillary there in the first place. people don't want her there now. the only reason she's there it's because of voter fraud and her crooked staff. why would anyone want to be in an office of which nobody wants them?

512chris s says:

shill. and CNN is no better for not calling him out on his bullshit months ago. CNN is bought and paid for by Hillary. CNN as agency plants in their employment. How can we expect this media to be unbiased when they are anything but. oh oh yeah, fuck Anderson Cooper

Streets Child says:

its all a game

Robert Anglee says:

FOUL! FOUL! FOUL!  CNN is intentionally RIGGED in favor of Liberals, Socialists, Atheists and faggots. Worse then ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. The evidence is clear, the MEDIA SCUM is full of dipshits.

RockME AllDeus says:

So he's not only an Atheist, but he's a liar too.

william Kirk says:

only in the us does not believing in leprechauns and fairies disqualify you as president.

Kfredneck says:

Bernie's hatred of rich people overshadows his morals.

high voltage says:

thank you cnn,,, for your outstanding reporting and hiding the truth and facts on the corrupt criminal above the law Hillary Clinton ,,yes cnn ,,the people know just how great you lie decieve and cover up all the corrupt members of the US. government ,,, why without the corrupt globalists you wouldn't have a job ,because the corrupt elite own CNN and all lieing mainstream media , wow, sell outs , your traiters of the people and like the lieing corrupt members of the US. government ,, so this also makes CNN seen as an enemy of the people right next to the corrupt globalists elites, here's a fact CNN won't report ,,the day will come when CNN and all corrupt corporate owned lieing mainstream media will be exposed as fake fascist deceiving scum who only care about they're face time and scripted false narratives of corrupt fake rigged political topics puke ,,more and more people are waking up to you and the elites agendas CNN and for you all ,,,the pay back that awaits all of you ,, will be made in full and in ways you lying scumbags can't imagine, you should only hope that your arrested for treason,,,

Crush the Street says:

It's sad that Bernie just rolled over after what they did to him. My question is did they threaten or pay him? I'm hoping Wikileaks drops another bombshell to give the American people transparency.

Deacon Verter says:

If you are "accused" of being an atheist, it's like being "accused" of being gay. If you respond with outrage, your bigotry is showing. The correct response is like "No, I'm not an atheist/gay/Christian…but so what if I was?

Raymond taylor says:

a president who isnt religious cant possibly lead a country , if he has no god then who gives him orders to be the president?!??

Ford Fairlane says:

I'm for Trump , but I'm also for a fair election by the people and would support a non cheating winner . Bernie shouldn't go along with Hillary , she screwed him so bad . I'm afraid the votes will be rigged against Trump . There could be devastating retaliatory results if this comes to pass .

prekl8 says:

I don't think Bernie Sanders is truly in support of Hillary Clinton. They really played him and treated him like a punching bag; it's clear everything was rigged against him. In his speech last night he made it clear that he still wants that revolution, and how he is not on the side of the top 1%. He must know that that is exactly what Hillary is. I think he's just endorsing her because he's tired and old and giving up, and I don't really blame him. He just doesn't want to start anymore trouble and simply appease so they let him off easy. But the true Sanders fans than know what he's really all about and shouldn't want anything to do with Clinton.

RockME AllDeus says:

Rabbi Daniel Lapin notes in his book Thou Shall Prosper the following, "Jewish tradition helps to explain why atheism and business are not natural allies….Something as truly spiritual as commerce simply cannot coexist with socialism.  The avowed atheist recognizes that to be true to the credo, he or she must reject the free marketplace because of its great goodness and potential for advancing human growth."

triplebackspace says:

Yea , and everyone knows discrimination against atheist is a myth , anyway.

Anabelle Lee says:

Independents want Bernie Sanders/ Ron Paul ticket

Anabelle Lee says:

If Sanders ran independently, he would get half the democrats + libertarians + evangelicals + neocons (anti-Trump) + half the republican party. I am Republican, and would vote for him.

Anabelle Lee says:

If Sanders ran independently, he would get half the democrats + libertarians + evangelicals + neocons (anti-Trump) + half the republican party. I am Republican, and would vote for him.


He never said anything about hating aitheist cnn want u to think that

Michael G says:

If Sanders had any self-respect and morals he would rescind his endorsement of Clinton and join Jill Stein as her VP.

Mike Watkins says:

Why uh..   I'm so angry I'm going to support my opponent who is corrupt and actually runs the party!!!!    Even he turned out to be a hypocrite

1true says:

Wow CNN, that's a misleading title. Does "….." mean important context intentionally omitted?

Sean Armstrong says:

i think ti's more sad that USA thinks an atheist is less qualified to run for president…

statistically speaking, atheists are smarter (in general) than religious folks, so purely based on probability, you should vote for someone who is atheist!

Bill Scheiderer says:

Religious people creep me out..

tubetib says:

People having faith are idiots.

18dot7 says:

if he was … he should be proud about it … rational thinking is never a bad idea … religious nuts have brought only evil ….

Anna-Maj Andersson says:

I don't understand why a president candidate has to believe in God as long as it is a moral and a good person! You don't have to believe in God to be that! My dad was the most loving and moral (and funniest) human being I've ever known and he didn't believe inot Godd or athat least he was agnostic. He never ever talked bad about other people behind their backs. All animals was drawn to him because they could feel his heart! And everyone I know who knew him said the same thing and they all thought he was the funniest person they ever met! I miss you dad and I hope you'll continue making your music and making people laugh on the other side, because I do believe… Which you always respected. I miss you ❤

redneckmini14 says:

so bernie got cheated and he still supports hillary? i really hope a lot of his supporters pull their heads out of the sand and vote for someone other that hillary. if u dont wanna vote for trump then vote for johnson, but if u r democratic and hate hillary, then dont vote for her.

Kairi Tiri says:

Wasserman is guilty of religious intolerance and hatred. She expressed hate speech in written form. Now….what will be her penalty? Anything? Will Mr. Obama speak up immediately about this? Right now, we are a bit past 'immediately' and guess what. The White House is quiet. All too quiet. What shall we conclude?

Joliet Jake says:

who cares what he believes in or if he believes in anything. those who are dismissing religious people as imbeciles are just as ignorant as they perceive said religious people. you're all cancer.

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