School Blocks Atheist Student Club

School Blocks Atheist Student Club

Did you guys hear about the school that tried their student from having an Atheist club and then got their asses kicked? A special guest video from CultOfDus…



DiabloDave363 says:

I think if a bunch of neckbeard, fedora-tipping bronies want to fap to
Richard Dawkins lectures, let em!

Mikes8899 says:

I don’t get a lot of the comments… A lot of people seem to be angry that
the kids got to make their atheist club. What is wrong with some people
these days?

CletisVanDam1 says:

The kids were threatened and harassed out of starting the club. Sad.

Anton Hill says:

I wanna see that Estrada movie. Seriously. :|

Wandering Pariah says:

More power to them, I’m glad that the American youth are standing up for
themselves, establishing clubs in schools to create a safe place for those
who are made to feel insignificant and alone. Where I live, secularism is
already in the majority, and we don’t need clubs like these even for people
of varying spiritual beliefs, they still feel safe. Honestly, we have more
trouble with petty politics than anything else. It makes me sad to see that
Americans must struggle with marginalisation and even systematic oppression
for something as base and meaningless as a personal spirituality, race or
sexuality. One day, I hope to see other countries embrace acceptance and
tolerance. I only fear that too many people would fight against social
progress so that they might keep their role as the dominating majority.

Edit: Never mind… the group was disbanded after receiving multiple
threats. Peace will never prevail while violent zealots champion their
beliefs, whether it be politics or religion. I am so sorry for all of you
who must continue to fight while others take their freedoms for granted.

Andrew Kwasek says:

This guy is trying way to hard and is just flat out stupid. 

clitmint says:

They don’t need an atheist club in school.

Also, if this guy is the poster boy for atheism, I’d pass. Not good role
model, not inspiring. I wonder what his ideology is, anyone?


The bigger issue here is:
Why, in a modern, allegedly open and tolerant country, do kids feel the
need to create a club because they feel marginalized and ostracized for
their honestly held, peaceful beliefs. I can’t think of another country in
the western world where kids would even feel the need to do this. No, you
could only imagine it in countries where it seems acceptable to marginalize
people for non religious beliefs, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, the

David Gillen says:

Unfortunately after many threats it was decided to close the group down for
the safety of those involved, and their families. 🙁

zombiemurloc says:

Its refreshing to hear a person with southern accent talk about
Christianity and not in a positive way. 

Dash Lambda says:

Why was the follow up to this taken down? I wanted to finish watching it…

Hyder Noori says:


TomHasVideo says:

As an agnostic, I can’t decide if I want to start a club or not.

David Banica says:

You stupid ?!$&@ atheists

Obychnyi Chelovek says:

I’ve already subscribed to both channels )

Dugachug says:

I’m subbing to this guy. :D

Rita Brown says:

A couple of students decided to start a secular club to form a group of
like minded students to have a place to fit in. Guess what happened…

Danielle Baker says:

I will not recant. 

DefiantFox says:

nice video buddy well said

Len Martin says:

Bit by bit we secular humanist atheists are making great positive changes
and are continually contributing to logic and reason, which will continue
to benefit all of us in the future. Let’s keep up the fight.

Deadpool3E says:

So did you hear about what happened recently to the NC Atheist Club? It
fucking sucks. I wonder if you’ll do a follow up video about this.

MyMomsBasement says:

Guess they aren’t such “brave heroes” after all…

Dustin Hach says:

Winning, one step at a time

aaron mauro says:

We’ll I’m glad he is so angry…
That really helps read the news for me…

Brognor Lightbringer says:

Redneck atheist… Faith in americans: restored :D

zje07 says:

Hahaha atheist. Just because your religion is the absence of God, doesn’t
mean it not what’s wrong with this world. So ignorant to think that you’re
not following a god. 

Togy Moti says:


Mountainman says:

Death of Christianity? Hardly. Religion is still extremely prevalent, and
it will probably exist for a lot more time to come

William Bora says:

8000 thumbs up and a small 354 thumbs down. A good projection of numbers
for the minority. Smiles smiles smiles 

Mike Meshaw says:

Arrogance just oozing out here. Wow! Atheism… This is it! 

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