Scientists Discover the Afterlife

Scientists Discover the Afterlife

Has the first evidence of life after death been found?

In the largest study ever done on the sort of thing researchers at the university of southhampton examined 2,000 cases from patients who would suffered from cardiac arrest before they had been successfully brought back to life.

The strange thing they found was that during the moments in time when the brain had absolutely no measurable activity…. what is known as clinically dead….as much as 40% of the cases had recalled experiencing some sort of awareness during that period of time.

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You can see the questions they asked the participants here. The number next to each question represents the amount of people whom said yes out of 101.

As you can see from these questions a large amount of people experienced having a feeling of peace or pleasantness during this period of time, along with many others having impression that things were happening faster or slower.

Remember that this is during a period of time when they had no brain activity and and should be completely dead before being resuscitated.

This really raises some questions as to what life after death is or what is actually happening right when someone dies and what they would experience.

It’s a landmark study, especially one that’s grounded in some solid science about the afterlife, but it seems to only raise more questions than it answers.

Will science one day figure out what happens when we die? Maybe the mystery of the afterlife will one day no longer be as much of a mystery.

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1premek says:

The worst mistake ever made is to believe that "WE ARE THE BODY, THAT WE LIVE IN…" Second worst mistake is to believe, that "I am here and you are there"… To have that egoistic stubbornness, that we exists separately from others. The energy, that in fact is manifesting in different ways is just the energy. There is no difference between me or you or a stone on the road…. Everything is just different manifestation of one energy. Religion may call it God, scientists may call it Laws of nature.. I call it consciousness. The word is just a pointer, it has no other meaning.
So afterlife is just another form of energy's manifestation. Because the energy cannot cease to exist.

BigG Cruickshank says:

You never know whats out there in the great beyond, so believe in god or not, but one day we will all find out the truth.

Rog5446 says:

The most significant factor is the missing question!
Did you see god or St Peter?
The less significant factor is the one that proves this research is inconclusive!
There was too much variance in the answers given, so there was no clear pointing to anything!

chris spears says:

my sister is a doctor and she says no one has ever come back from being brain dead. Brain dead is not clinically dead, a lack of pulce is clinically dead. This guy is lying to you. Scientist have however figured out how to bring dogs back from being brain dead, so there's hope for some of you.

JONG says:

we see what we want to see when we die

Jack Cunningham says:

one day u and i will die and then we will truly know the truth (Im an atheist btw)

plnkfloydian says:

I believe once you die its lights out just like a computer shutting down to never be turned on again. I also believe that you will be born again but not as yourself. You will come into this world as someones child just as you came Into this one.

Agnes Maria says:

Why does Science makes me feel so bad? It makes me not believe in god, and it makes me just… feel bad.

Marc Anthony (DDB-Kenshin) says:

The patients were simply asked questions, IF the patients did experience something, how can the patients know if what they experienced was after they were brain dead. It has been said that at the moment of death, a large amount of DMT is released which may cause what the patients experience. Again, my question is, how can the patients know if what they experience is after they are brain dead? Better question even, how do the scientists know that what the patients recollect is from after the point in which patients were pronounced brain dead?

abduljabbar mohammed says:

after life is real according to muslim point of view

Nathan Wilson says:

Read the bible and you will not be in this place

C.risaaq Xaashi says:

it's one of the false videos that i have seen

Rohan Kanojia says:

I am sorry but after that there is reincarnation

Sebastian Speed says:

When we die our body decomposes and we don't even realize we are dead, peaceful but it is scary to think about and that is why religion was and is still very popular, it's for comfort.

dean madnut says:

The trouble is if scientists ever do find out what happens after death and if it is good in afterlife would the government want to show the public i doubt it very much. People would probably not fear death anymore. Fear of death is useful the world would just be completely corrupt

LearnEnglishESL says:

Baha'i Writings say that departed, illumined souls influence progress of people in this world and act as “the leaven that leaveneth the world of being, and furnisheth the power through which the arts and wonders of the world are made manifest."

David Parry says:

A human afterlife IS impossible… namely;

What other form can the tens of thousands of human minds that die each day be held in?

Other than a human brain… which rots after death and only lasts a lifetime… what could hold a human consciousness forever?

Where does the energy to do that come from?

How could it be communicated to that supplimentary form from a dying, perhaps damaged brain?

Do people who suffer brain injuries still get their consciousness transferred? Those shot in the head? If yes, how?

What organ or structure in the brain performs this feat of communication?

Answers written on a seraphim's wing will suffice….

The whole idea of an afterlife is illogical, bogus and simply the result of a human fear of death being tempered by make-believe and wishful thinking…

Ro Ma says:


Amsterdam Penoze 020 says:

When you die your body will make DMT look it up

Jare Roof says:

they are hellucinating. what they are remembering is the first few minutes before they went braindead. sorry, but life is just to real for a god or an afterlife


what if live is haven and we died before we were born into hevan

Marin D'Angelo says:

You dont discover something that has always existed. God has always said there was an afterlife. No scientists discovered it at all.

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