Sean Hannity’s “Let There Be Light” – Atheist Review.

Sean Hannity’s “Let There Be Light” – Atheist Review.

You guys seen the newest Christian movie cringefest from Sean Hannity?

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flyingfisbeefilms says:

Well done Sir a wonderful analysis of this awful movie!!!

Jon Edwards says:

Dusty, you POS… you condemn others for the same thing you are guilty of… but of course you are doing it in the name of logic. I do find a sense of irony in your mission to convert to your way of thinking.

Dr Mike Davison says:

I'd like to see lame-ass Han-ratty make a movie about how an evil Muslim converts to Christianity… and the 'heat' he gets for it.

Aaron Primack says:

Dusty, just because your an athiest, it doesnt make you a descent and moral person. they are not mutually inclusive

Dr Mike Davison says:

'If ye will not give glory unto my name saith the LORD, I will spread dung upon your faces.' – Malachi 2.2,3.

SnarkyMike says:

Was that Cameron Diaz as the girlfriend? I sure as fuck hope not!

ajsconk1 says:

Logic… fuck yeah

damrak1969 says:

This look great!

Kniv Jesus says:

Wait a minute,
this isn't my world


Chas says:

There has never been a moment in my life where I believed in God, even as a kid, I laughed at the bizzare notion that god actually exists, the bible to me, was just an ancient story, and people go to church because religion was embedded in our society.

B.Z The Arsonist says:

why do these actors make atheists look like douchebags.

Karl Hungus says:

Those nasty old Christians always picking on atheists. Meanwhile in Bangladesh…

wendigo says:

These turds all smell the same.

Arjen Voss says:

If the acting in that movie was as bad as in the snippets you just showed then I hope you got really high and or drunk after viewing it.

THE Amazing Pagan says:

Duty Smith is the LOGIC KING

Knight Chime says:

When they first introduced the guy he sounded more like a typical example of a Christian motivational speaker like Joel Osteen, rather than an some hero of atheism.

THE Amazing Pagan says:

Wow this new movie make me whan to hoang myself

Lady Wanderer says:

Again, Sorbo? _Again_?

Is there nothing else you think of, Sorbo? Pathetic.

Jesse Pinkman says:

"Let there be logic!" Nicely said!

Danny Au says:

I do not blame god for all the bad things in my life, nor do I give him credit for the good things…

Tate 1999 says:

Who cares about the Christians. Christianity has been debunked loads of time. It's harmless, the real threat Is islam.

Karen Bear says:

its not going to be released till December 2017, Christmas time

Arjan Wilbie says:

God answers prayer… by shitting on you from great hight.

Karen Bear says:

so in "gods (NOT) dead, he gets hit by a car and dies and this one he survives, and gets to see his kid and the light , i might see this shitty movie.


Have you seen the trailer…for…facing darkness -_- fml

1955RodHot says:

Atheists could respond by making a movie about a beloved and well-respected Priest who sexually abuses young boys in his spare time with the help and protection of the Catholic Church…oh, wait. That would be called a documentary.

Ronald Nelson says:

these kind movies are nothing more than mental masturbation for people who already believe this nonsense, do they actually believe atheists would spend hard earn money to go see these kinds of movies, I had a hard enough time just watching this video with clips of the movie in it

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