Sex Death & The Meaning of Life – Part 1: Life After Death

Sex Death & The Meaning of Life – Part 1: Life After Death

BBC Program.



bud oracle says:

The expression of my last comment was predicated by the Funeral Pyres of the Ganges. The end of the video stirred up polar opposite emotions based on the understanding of genetic eternity, not solely of human species, but DNA itself. I am amazed at the advances in our knowledge since my first brush with molecular biology and genetics. Richard Dawkins is the man! I guess that because I am closer to the death experience in general that I am truly fascinated by his & Sam Harris’ thoughts

Brust90 says:

Irving Kahn said there would be advantages and disadvantages on being 105 years old. But it cut after that, I’m curious what he said next.

bud oracle says:

How obscene can monkeys become in their strange cultural habits. I see primitive customs from the dawn of time and interface of non human origins

yazadarit says:

Some very interesting perspectives..

kdemetter says:


wrekk says:

Just realizing… that we are living at this moment in mankind’s history. We have a front row seat to what is the “unbelievable.” Just think… we were alive, witnessing the moment when they sequenced the genome!!

SimpleManY2X1 says:

I have no problem with death , but i would like to nuke india and nuke arabs

sophia verbree says:

that was a great video. thank you for posting this

oddoni says:

there’s treasure behind that door D:

TheJournier says:

Another thing that is comforting is that in someway I influence the future even if I’m not exactly remembered, my body gets eaten and reused. And in the future there will be a centient being that may or may not be human, that will only see itself in the mirror as I do (as close to reincarnation as I can get).

arfon5131 says:

i would love to get my genes anylasied

arfon5131 says:

i would to know your views on alien life

biakuya says:

Damn, that guy is past a hundred years but he seems so lucid.

Steve Gong says:

09:34 fundamentalist fox

H Angeli says:

but our mind also changes. unless I can say that the child that I was don’t exist in “mind terms”, it’s gone.

1140Cecile says:

Any creationist.

1140Cecile says:

I seem to recall that it takes about 7 years for every cell in one’s body to be different than the cellular combination of 7+ years earlier.

1140Cecile says:

Thanks for this, Richard. The acceptance of death as a personal reality is, I believe, an important aspect of allowing people to more easily shed the membranes of religious superstition.

Archronis says:

I think he thinks of himself now more as a science educator. Yes, he is an atheist and promotes atheism, but most of his books are not in that vein. Science education and promotion is not active science, true, but it is still important and he seems to be quite good at it.

Mark Jordan says:

Who cares. This is far more important in life than anything he has ever done before. The quest to bring people the truth of life is the highest quest.

Mark Jordan says:

A brilliant film! One every human needs to watch!

Leon Strife says:

I don’t believe in god but I believe there has to be something more after death.

Mark Jordan says:

People are so so stupid. You are going to meet your infant child in heaven? So is it going to then grow up and be a teen and go onto an adult career there? If not, there seems no point, now does there?.

brokenscimitar says:

Never start a family business.  God tried it, and failed.

C.J. Johnson says:


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hairyfedd says:

A joy to watch. Can’t wait to see the other parts in this series.

lewdie says:

Now this is what I call enlightenment.

chucklingpianofun says:

this is so interesting

erfmufn says:

I mean has he done any biology lately? Write papers, research, experiment, teach etc. He used to do some great stuff. I haven’t seen any since he became the most outspoken atheist in the world.

bcmonk4444 says:

What do you mean exactly?

bimbo shmitt says:

simply brilliant !

Uiros Ueramos says:

JesuUUUUUUUUUUUS! I loved the video! Keep uploading, this is gr8 stuff!

ArtificiallyFlavord says:

We go through a dozen or more different bodies, organs and all, within our lifetimes I think. At least twice, but I’m sure it’s quite a lot more.

erfmufn says:

I like and agree mostly with Richard Dawkins.. but has he done any biology lately or has he switched to professional atheism?

Trolman1997 says:

so technically as all the atoms in our body change our present selfs seize to exist, that is knda freaky if you think about it.

Voiderify says:

Boom!!! Dawkins rockin the house yet again…

Ole-Martin Tangen says:

Oh what a treat! I really love watching theses documentaries. Looking forward to part 2 !

caveatemp says:

You know, I really liked the video. I thought Dawkins was being very candid and I appreciated his candor. It’s a documentary subtitled “Life After Death”- and it’s some scandalous revelation that he muses metaphysically? You Dawkins fan boys are a trip. You’ll really be up shit creek if he ever converts to theism or deism like Antony Flew. 

MegaAtheistman says:

Who would vote this down?

sige333 says:

The analysing of the genome was amazingly fascinating! I’d love to have my genome analysed.

insanecaine says:

duly quoted.

Dazzletoad says:

Haha what an epic sentence ^^

davidthomassoule says:

The meaning of life is a prerequisite to individual conscious assignment.. Every individual makes the choice of what their purpose in life is

Videooscopy says:

Great, but this is episode 2!

kronos iljich says:

fascinating film. tnx 4 the upload. waiting anxiously 4 the next part.

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