Shelley Hundley: An Atheist Turns to God –

Shelley Hundley: An Atheist Turns to God –

After being abused by a religious leader, Shelley wanted nothing to do with the church or the faith… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN



imaturtleXD says:

It frustrates me when people judge the whole of the church to be as sick and evil as those individuals within the church who do disgusting things: there are religious people who do awful things, and there are non-religious people who do awful things. there are also people who do not do such awful things who are religious and people who aren’t religious. I’m a Catholic and am definitely NOT a child molester, I also accept evolution (of course – anyone would be stupid to reject it!).

D4NNYT92 says:

@annay perez not that i know of. i never had a strong belife in god, no more than santa. so there was no faith to loose. i just educated myself with more facts as i got older to see the truth 🙂 . im not going to tell you what to believe because thats up to you, however i will say dont be blind to investigatin. if you really want to know the answers will be found 🙂

Annay Perez says:

Don’t all atheist loose their faith. 

ryan hunter says:

ahhww, that was hillarious!!

TheIronSights says:

really? I couldn’t tell you how many times atheist people have said wheres your god now? look at your god doing this and what not.

Dacyn Reynolds says:

@revjimbob, your the 30th atheist whos commented on my grammar without answering the question. I hit the nail right on the head.

revjimbob says:

It is painful to read shit like that.
Get yourself educated.

Dacyn Reynolds says:

Eveloution could not of happened cause theres no fossile record of it.

Christian Boston says:

atheists don’t convert from christianity to atheism out of a deep hatred for god.. there is no evidence that god exists so how can we hate something that we dont think is there? The fact is that most evangelists don’t want u to know tht the evidence for god’s existence is very low

Kikiat2012 says:

I don’t think so either, she was just angry with god for being molested, she never stopped believing.

littlelatina53 says:


ryan hunter says:

you see, its interesting how God works, isn’t it? I experience ironies like this all the time in my life; something i never thought would happen ends up happening and actually strengthens me significantly.

D4NNYT92 says:

good and evil exists because our brain allows it to exist, most humans want the same things: a good life. some people just go about getting it in the wright or wrong way. no it is no significant because is it natural human behaviour to kill people today, no was it 30,000+ years ago yes, because we hunted other apes and animals. so what is the point in preying or believing at all? we see no cures, we see no miracles, we see no presence of god, no preyers ever get answered.

Dustin Goodwin says:

If you want, we can get into a theological debate about good and evil and why it exists. And I’m not comparing them; it’s illogical to assume natural selection no longer applies to us. But beside that, A) it’s cro-magnuns we’re directly descended from (much more intelligent), and B) early humans had pretty much just as much intelligence as we do, just applied differently. So the “speech” still stands. And that’s not what we believe; praying is more like a supplement than a cure, most of the time

D4NNYT92 says:

they are allowed, because if there actually was a god it wouldn’t happen :). how can you compare a pre-human to a modern human. when we were roaming with Neanderthals we were different to what we are now so that “kill whomever” speech is crap ;). she needs help, not being told… ahh just prey that will make all your pain and troubles go away:P

Dustin Goodwin says:

That’s a lie. People who are molested aren’t “allowed” to be molested. It’s ridiculous to claim that a whole community is evil based on the actions of one man. As far as natural human behavior, by that logic I can kill whomever I wish and call it natural selection. And on the subject of her autonomy, yes she was depressed. So? Does that automatically make her decision meaningless? The man prayed with her; he didn’t order her to do anything. And sometimes having a community is enough to help.

D4NNYT92 says:

she was allowed to be molested or it wouldn’t of happened lol. well i don’t believe in heaven or hell soo, i would just class there actions as ‘ill’ because its not natural human behaviour. she didnt want to come back to the church, she was at the low of all lows and there was no1 there to help her, the teacher said go to this church. the only reason she went back was because she had no1 and this group made her feel like she had people there for her simple.

Dustin Goodwin says:

She was not “allowed” to be molested. Do not confuse the actions of a few sick souls (sick as in evil, not sick as in ill) for the beliefs of an entire group of people. And if she wanted to come back into the church, it was her choice.

Cody Sheeman says:

oh and on a side note, i don’t think this girl was an atheist, she doesn’t sound like an atheist more like someone who lost faith but really doens’t sound like an atheist

Cody Sheeman says:

this makes me feel like atheism still makes more sense then christianity

selious04 says:

Neither was Ian McCormack until he died and saw hell, heaven and Jesus Christ, then he wasn’t an atheist anymore. If your’e not afraid, why don’t you make a deal with God. Just when you’re alone and have some free time, just say “If there is a God show yourself to me, make me sure that you exist and I will follow your Will” or whatever is on your mind, because frankly, you don’t have a whole lot of time or protection from death. The only chance to repent of all your sins is while you are alive

Heidi B says:

God Bless you!!!

MOvegangal says:

what a beautiful gentle soul! Thank you Jesus for saving this precious woman and giving her the powerful gift of worship ministry, her faithful prayers will be answered

Sherly Massie says:

Greeting of peace,
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Then in the last of March 2009 through Act 17:29-31, God reveals His secret wisdom that hidden since centuries in the Scripture (Isa 45:3), the secret wisdom that therefore Christ died on the cross (1 Cor 2:7-8), an Evidence (John 18:37).

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D4NNYT92 says:

oh and may i add, this girl was never “atheist” she just lost her belief for god, because of what was allowed to happen to her!

D4NNYT92 says:

WOW, i don’t know whats worse, the fact a preacher that welcomes people into the house of god,who puts faith a trust into people…. molested children, or the fact her history professor prayed on her at the weakest and most low point in her life and brings he back to the very same place , the house of god were she was allowed to be molested, how very ironic

annimortildeath says:

that was beautiful, there is an atheist person very much loved by me and I’m praying for him… I can’t wait until he gets to experience God the way you did.

caiahinstyle says:

God is amazing, many other religions don’t speak about a God that loves like ours does, this is amazing. Thank you Lord

specialtymachining says:

Wow: Does God love us more than imaginable!

OurChristJesus says:


Prophecy 101: Islam and Satan – Walid Shoebat

Gods Israel says:

@TheSidney1961 he sent him for the purpose of dying in our place for our sins, but he wasnt killed by God. and Jesus knew he would be crucified because that is how it was prophecied in the old testament.

Gods Israel says:

@TheSidney1961 God sent his son to the world and he was killed by the roman government. God didnt crucify him. i never said God crucified Jesus, you did.

Gods Israel says:

@TheSidney1961 Jesus was murdered by the roman government after the jews demanded it.

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