Sikhism to Christianity: Testimony Of Deliverance From Depression And False Gods

Sikhism to Christianity: Testimony Of Deliverance From Depression And False Gods

Nidha Mehta was delivered from demons of depression and generational demons she inherited from growing up in the Sikh/Hindu faith.



Entertainmentg Good says:

I wonder why didn’t billions of Hindus when faced hard times in life
converted like you did. People like you end up nowhere…

Michele Daley says:

churches don’t talk about deliverance because it is dirty work. you also
have to be a clean individual (not into sinful activity) to do deliverance
otherwise the demons can attack the person who works in deliverance, which
nobody wants. I had to learn self deliverance myself, ., To God be the

Moe Kawach says:

Sister you should go to India and evangelize there. The whole East Asian
continent is lost. Not all the ways lead you to god. Only Jesus leads us to
the father

Moe Kawach says:

I left Islam three years ago and came to Christ. I suffered greatly and I
continue to greatly suffer. I’ve seen demons and have been attacked so much
that now my day is night and my night is day. Demons love to attack me at
night and I see them in the physical so I sleep during the day and stay up
all night. My family also have abandoned me and call me a traitor.
Overseas, my family want my head so I can not even travel. I have overcome
something’s in the name of Jesus but some demons are just so hard to fight.
There’s one demon who continues to attack me at night. He manifests and
stays there even though I plea the blood of Jesus on him to leave. He
always comes closer and closer to me then dives into the floor as if he’s
diving into a swimming pool. Before I knew to use the name of jesus, he
used to attack me and hurt me physically. I’d have the scratch marks to
prove it as well and I’m a big strong man btw! Thank you for discussing
deliverance because we who didn’t grow up in a godly religion and because
we have bowed down to satan and dead gods for years and years, we truly
need deliverance. Ohhh every word you’ve touched upon spoke to me because
I’ve experienced everything you’ve discussed and more. Also because our
family prays to their dead god for us to return to their faith, they invite
more and more demons to interfere with us and fight us for our faith. You
truly opened my eyes to so much. Thank you. I honestly believe that we all
should get together, discuss our challenges and put it all on paper as a
guideline for those who are new to the faith. If this interests you, please
contact me at I’ve started writing things down and
would like to give others like us a guide so they at least know what to
expect and give them the tools to fight back because the spirit of
depression, oppression, hate, addiction, boredom and many more will fearsly
fight them and the name of Jesus helps a lot, but doesn’t cure us for good.
It’s an ongoing battle. Btw the stomach is where our spirit man is. Jesus
said “from your belly flows rivers of life” which means just that so
stomach problems are attacks on your spirit

Sharanjit Kaur says:

Sikhi does talk about God, pray, healing, meditation etc. But people have
taken it the wrong way. God chooses which path you follow to be with God.
God bless

MercyofJesus says:


Rajan Amar says:

For your knowledge Rob Rennie in india there are 80% people are Hindu and
16% are Muslims and 2% are Sikh(Hindu) some are Jain(Hindu)and Budh(Hindu)
only 2.5% are christian out of 100% half of them are Catholic most of them
live at Goa and south india . 1.5% protestant christian they belongs to
different denominations, like penticostal ,presbyterian etc.I am Rajan from
north india.

The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie says:
Shiv Singh says:


Shiv Singh says:

shes not sikh shes hindu

Jairath Banga says:

The earliest Hindu book is the Vedas and they talk about sacrifice, they
talk about the Prajapati god as being the ultimate sacrifice, he’s is The
Lord of People and if someone follows Hinduism, they should follow Jesus
and for reference plz have a look at Sadhu Chellappa’s testimony in
English. All these other gods are all man made gods , made by man’s
imagination. Jesus has history, our calendar is based on him. I would
recommend that all should watch this testimony, God Bless You!!

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