Social Darwinism + God’s Existence – Subboor Ahmad vs Atheist Scientist | Speakers Corner

Social Darwinism + God’s Existence – Subboor Ahmad vs Atheist Scientist | Speakers Corner

Recorded 16 / 07 / 2017

Social Darwinsim,exixtence of God – Subboor Ahmad discussses with an Atheist scientist.

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HajiJesus says:

It is painful qatching this old man defend theory he can not defend.

This is what happens when honesty is lost in debate.

Darwinism and people who took it to apply on real life and exterminated them as they saw less than them, are Evil pure and Simple.

MAGMK&W 20:114 says:

Atheism offers you millions of theories.
Islam offers you the single truth.

bagshitass says:

Steve loves gay boy, a good lad, but a very abnormal way of life. Come on Steve, open that hole and come to the religion of the one true god… Steve Zindabaad!!!!

Kathleen Deady says:

Steve nods his head like he has any idea what is even going on

321bluff says:

the non muslim guy is very intelligent

Nasser says:

Thank you for the upload !!

At last I can see brother Saboor again !!!!!! Im really glad we need such videos

Facts & Logic says:

Subboor is the worst of deceivers and his lies have been exposed before. The abdul keeps moving the goal post everytime they corner him. This fool keeps bringing everything back to genetics just so he can sell his misleading books that goe against every expert scientist in this field, with his pseudo mythology point of view.

Blow Timer says:

I don't get it. I mean no disrespect of the methods you use when you debate with people, but I always keep thinking whenever I watch your videos. Why do you keep going on and on of the Darwinian evolution? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Muslim also, but I think you've missed the point of logical when it comes to challenging christian, Jewish, or atheist people.

Asad Ali says:

I thought the atheist was gonna be extremely hostile, but he was actually very reasonable. Great discussion.

randallfe says:

30 seconds in and suboor already made a false assumption and missing using words as usual

Doni Amer says:

These atheists say that they believe what they see so the solution is to put them in a haunted house with jins and let them experience the super natural them selves

Abu Muhamed Alee Al Ansari says:

As salaam alaikum welcome back I thought you retired MashaAllah

If you needed some donation to keep going , we would definitely support you on that inshaAllah

It's good to have you back tho MashaAllah

Al-Ikram Chowdory says:

Saboor vai should give us more vids like this. I enjoyed it much.

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