Ted The Atheist heckling the Black “Israelite” guys, again. Borrring.

Ted The Atheist heckling the Black “Israelite” guys, again. Borrring.

These idiots were on Broadway again.. I think between 5th and 7th St. There were two groups of them. I only stopped for one.



Sanchez says:

why don't you just tell them "we (white americans) gave you that book. why do you believe in it if you hate us or we hate you?"

angelina pirkle says:

I picture their poor moms having to whip these clothes out on their sewing machines; shaking their heads the whole time.

Pretty Prudent says:

Humans are African imports. ~Spencer Wells (The Human Genographic Project, Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey)

Phillip Leavenworth says:

Funny thing is that they already know who you are and it turns to them lobbing ad hominem. It's like you guys do this all the time. haha

Freeyourmind says:

They finally acknowledge you as Ted The Atheist! Now we're getting somewhere. I liked all the smirks you were getting from them. They have to know how childish they're being. And they look stooopid with all the ridiculous garb they're wearing.

charlidog2 says:

Love your fool comeback. I learned it here and have used it many times. Nice to see you, Ted. Been a while. Happy holidays, sir. Best wishes to you and yours.

Demonstrate your god, theist. A god you can't demonstrate can't be discerned from one that doesn't exist.
I challenge your pussy, impotent god. I say it can do nothing. To prove me wrong should be easy, it just has to do something; anything. Well? lmao. We both know we could stand here for years and we won't see anything.
Fuck your god, theist. And fuck you for being in an immoral, barbaric death cult.

charlidog2 says:

Did he read "when thou comith, it's into a sheep" at the beginning?

AngryNotSoOldHippy says:

"Why do you still believe in a god when you have Google?"" ROFL! Okay, I brayed laughter like a jackass, but seriously, Ted, your behavior out in public is very ugly, dare I saw just as ugly as the ideologies expressed by the religiously extreme. I don't see your motives here being anything but ugly. No offense intended!

Byron Livingstone says:

Fuck tabbards

23uvas says:

love me some black hebrews lolz

Telving ya boy says:

also we should do a collaboration video

Telving ya boy says:

ted can you check my black atheist vs black Christian video out

raceyro says:

Great job Ted! Keep calling out all the religious bullshit out there.

S Varty says:

North European Pagans were dressing trees for Yule way before it was a Christmas tree! They need a history lesson. Never trust anyone that reads just one book!

Dommel says:

Please click on the link and sign up : http://eepurl.com/ct-Tz9

John Avi says:

hey Ted. anyway you set up a speaker could play some loud death metal or a Hitler speech next to them in your next encounter?

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