Ted The Atheist vs Your Usual ignorant preacher on Broadway 12/24/2016

Ted The Atheist vs Your Usual ignorant preacher on Broadway 12/24/2016

So this guy admitted he could only help people who already believe. If they already believe, why do they need to listen to him? So stupid.



John Taylor says:

it's a shame nobody has saved him from embarrassing himself. If he wasn't spouting religious stuff he'd probably taken in for care.

PoliticalLee says:

I don't think you've done this yet, but try to be an evangelical Atheist next to guys like this, like sort of an anti-interpreter. Mimic their same style while giving the opposing view to the same audience but from about 30 feet away. Respond to everything they say with the information you usually provide, but to the audience instead of the one who is babbling, unless they address you. Obviously you'd need someone like the guy who was translating for you to be effective near this guy who spoke Spanish.
I hope this makes sense.
BTW, you have balls of titanium.

PoliticalLee says:

"I'm helping you more than anyone else has ever helped you my friend."

Brian Mchugh says:

"Hi Ted… Here's Jesus." …camera pans around… nobody there. 😅😅😅

the jeff comedyshow says:

Hey man why you doing this I don't understand the point man.Like really you don't have to believe in what they saying man One day your ass going to be fucked up you ain't going to have teeth no more.You telling that people that preach are stupid but you are stupid One day trust me you going to be so sorry.God exist you don't have to see something to believe in it just like wind you can't see it but you feel it.ITS THE same for God .Man God bless you and I whish that one day you will become a God believer read the bible and you will understand the sense of life

Josh Walling says:

This sounds like the old who's on 1st joke

Robin Jansen says:

Ignorance…."C"ing is Beleeving…
where "C"= Cucks in Christ…

Mike Masztal says:

You said, "Faith, by definition, is without reason." That's news to me. I see "faith" defined as belief in the absence of "proof", but that is not the same as belief without "reason". Where do you find that definition or are you inventing your own, in which case you pose a straw man argument to the street preacher. The preacher should have picked up that tactic.

Bonbon Bonbon says:

when he asked him what a god was and he went "oh my god" I thought you weren't supposed go use gods name in vain??… the bible says it right?

Jennifer Isaacs says:

Can't fix indoctrinated cults. Theists think all theism is alike when they have different sects and ideas how to get to some heaven imagined up.


I think you made him angry=_)

Mark Sassak Jr says:

(Sighs & shakes head while looking up at the cosmos for signs of intelligent life) 😩 Religion is a mental disease and the only cure is logic & reason.

Dey Cross says:

lmao savage

m9078jk3 says:

I was celebrating Saturnalia and now Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

Derek Miles says:

Keep making videos man! I love getting drunk and watching your shit, then I end up commenting like 10 times. but seriously don't fucking stop man, you took a break there for a while and scared me I thought you was gone

Derek Miles says:

"I'm helping you more than anyone else has ever helped you my friend" fuckin gangster. Straight up savage

Derek Miles says:

fuck yeah man! I'm glad to see you're back! Keep up the good work man, you were inspiring people around the world!

Hitch Slap says:

Here's my declaration: you're wasting your time and everybody else's time, Mr. Street Screamer.

Forgotten Dreams/Limerence says:

good to see you back Ted :)

JuJuan Ferrara says:

I found myself cracking up lmao. good video

Jonathan Orenday says:

ok I do the Same thing that man does,I Serve my father,I tell people what Jesus did for us,if you would of come to me telling me that God is a hoax,all I'm gona do is dogde you,if you don't want Jesus ok that's cool no problem,I'm not gona argue with you.If someone doesn't wana listen to the truth I'll leave em alone,so there you go.stop being a nosey little butt and mind your own business.have a good day my friend

Swedish Otaku says:

10 minutes is half the day. Does that come from the Bible? XD

Swedish Otaku says:

"I have told you what a god is" HAHAHAHA NO dumbass. XD

Brandon Imhotep says:

And humans think they are smarter than all other species…. I dont think so.

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