The Amazing Atheist Reacts To The Mandalay Bay Massacre

The Amazing Atheist Reacts To The Mandalay Bay Massacre

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فارس says:

The dp wiki guy bailed on them lol

Ronin Dave says:

Devon wonders why he can't get passed a certain amount of subscribers and gets flagged by users……he bans people who disagree with him and constantly takes the democrat point of view because it gets him pussy.

Ronnie says:

The comments here are so painfully gross. Banning guns would not stop all gun crime, obviously. But it would greatly decrease the stats of innocent deaths. Europeans are watching Americans shaking our heads in embarrassment for you once again. Want to protect yourself IF someone breaks into your home? Get a taser. Grab another weapon. Call the police. Or toughen the f-ck up and stop relying on your death toys.

MAJSteveCA says:

You're completely wrong on gun control. I'm pretty sure you know it but have to much of an ego to admit it.

Keith Healy says:

You triggered the gun lovers with this one.

alley boulcrest says:

an atheist buttfucking another atheist…………………………….. typical……………

State of Dekay says:

What I love about Devon is he doesn't pull punches for the pathetic subscribers who are constantly whinging about his politics.

Liquid Turd says:

You took his video to literal, as if a 2 minute video had practical solutions. all it ls… ls a Sentimental video On behalf of the massacre. Also why use this time to just be a dick towards him? he's trying to say something nice about the massacre and you use this as a moment to bash on him… pretty low.

Amy Brown says:

Come to Australia, Devon. You'll be much happier (although it might be a bitch to get residency because it's a bit strict) But in the long run you won't have to deal with American's weird obsession with guns.

Béla Scialoja says:

France has gun control, Britain too — but they have trucks, vans, nail bombs. I am pretty sure if guns were entirely confiscated, there'd still be mass murder.

Gary 93 says:

I love how all the gun finatics are using all the Islamic terrorism attacks as examples of how banning guns doesn't work because 'they always find a way' If muslims were banned in Europe, do you think the truck massacres would have happened? Etc etc etc. Worked in Australia, literally ZERO mass shootings since the strict bans implemented. The world is laughing at you America. You're not the greatest country in the world, you're arguably the worst in the western/modern world.

Béla Scialoja says:

The guy (imho) was using his two airplanes to run drugs. His "great luck" at gambling shows that he was laundering his money there in Vegas. The brother who feigned ignorance was in on the whole thing as was the girlfriend, who fled the country. He shot the WHITE country music fans, no doubt REPUBLICANS, because the fucking CNN/MSNBC/NYT/etc. never shut up, villifying The Right (Nazis, blah, blah), and it just drives people crazy – like the other old fuck who tried to kill Republican congressmen. /// If people hear unending vilification of, oh, POLICE, or Tiller the BABY KILLER — bad things WILL happen. CENK. BLM. O'REILLY.

josef williams says:

would thrill me if one day you make a video about your place being invaded by an armed thug who stabs you leaves you to die but some how you live to make another video on how you were so well off waiting on the police to show up and write down his description. yes I know there's only2 periods in this comment.

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