The Amazing Atheist Vs. Josh Feuerstein

The Amazing Atheist Vs. Josh Feuerstein

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CraigAA1028 says:

This has always been one of the biggest frustrations when listening to a
super religious person trying to disprove science or evolution. They have
nothing to back it up.

Remember the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate? Bill Nye spent 30 minutes
presenting his points, showing plenty of evidence to back up those points,
and admitted that he didn’t know everything. Ken Ham spent 30 minutes
saying “The scientific community doesn’t like creationists. We’re smart
too!”. He didn’t bring anything to try and prove creationism or dispute
evolution. It was just 30 minutes of complaining. And when he didn’t have
answers to questions, he just said “It’s in the bible. That explains

It’s infuriating. 

NateTalksToYou says:

The sad thing is that Josh’s followers will eat videos like that one up.
While what he says is stupid, he has charisma and would make a decent
motivational speaker. His followers care more about what makes them feel
good, not empirical evidence.

Russianvids says:

At :33 you say you haven’t listened/watched Josh’s reponse, then at 8:36
you say “let’s skip to the part where God did it.” You like all liars
always expose yourselves…

GirlDoesRant says:

Josh’s love is a bit overbearing. Must get that from Jesus XD

belthazor3457 says:

Josh’s rhetoric sounds very familiar to some sermons. I used to hear ones
just like it about how human bodies are complex therefor my interpretation
of my religion is true, which also focused on rambling at-length about
basic biological features. It almost makes me suspicious that it’s not even
his own content and he ripped it off of some pastor somewhere.

Having had 7 years of private christian schooling and several more of
frequent church attendance and activity, Josh’s rhetoric will appeal to a
large number of people who are looking for a quick answer to why their
beliefs are correct, with minimal effort in examining said beliefs – I’ve
heard his exact points dozens of times over the years.

I’d more compare Josh’s videos to disinformation propaganda tactics than
actual attempts to debunk science – and I’d suspect he’s quite aware that’s
what he’s doing.

Maybe I should make a video about that or collab with someone, may as well
put all the years of private christian schooling to SOME practical use >.<

Cosmas B says:

Guys, Feuerstein is the PERFECT moron! Doesn’t this ring any bells????

Cryofax says:

Complexity points to the absence of an omnipotent god if anything. Things
become complex through many years of evolving. Sometimes not even in the
most efficient manner. If there is some sort of omnipotent god, why would
he bother with such systems? He could just build us from magic clay and
have us animated. Why bother with complex organic systems which point to
anything BUT design, but instead a slow process?

Iwekzy says:

I don’t understand people who say life has no meaning? the meaning of life
is to fuck so you can create offspring and keep this specie alive. Thats
the only reason you are here. This is the meaning of every animal, insect

Gino Ramos says:

Barely minutes in and that Josh guy is just spouting information I knew as
a child,
It sounds like he’s trying to dish out all these irrelevant scientific
facts to make his BS sound smart when he eventually spouts it.

everdarkemo60 says:

I personally believe in god and I also believe that science may never prove
his existence and in a way the bible itself tells us that in some ways, if
we were given irrefutable proof that he existed we would no longer have
faith and I like to believe that out lives are a giant test of faith 

Jester Azazel says:

If complex things can’t come into existence without a god, does that mean
god isn’t complex, god had a god, (infinite regress) or does it mean
there’s an exception to the rule when it’s convenient for people making
this argument? 

The Amazing Atheist says:

Josh be 2 smart fo me. 

Brandon Keller says:

I have a drinking game! You take a shot every time Josh says something
original, unique and not cliched or simple-minded…

Might as well play with pure ethanol because you’ll still end up sober. 

craqqer says:

Where did God come from? Someone had to have made him. 

silverisss says:

I’ve read a theory that a long time ago, there was a lot ore uranium and
other radioactive materials than it is now, and that primates (or early
human forms or whatever) got radiation poison and that caused them to
mutate. Do you think that this is possible and that i could have caused the
evolution into modern people? 

Markus9705 says:

Why does he scream all the time? :S

OmgSkittles1 says:

Are you fucking kidding me how did 600k people like his fucking facebook
page this is absolutely disgusting

MEXD3ATH says:

Why don’t creationists use the quote “Absence of evidence is not evidence
of absence” for argument’s sake? I mean they really don’t have anything
else to argue with. All their points are God, Jesus, God, Noah, and God.
Might as well look smarter than you really are by saying a pretty good
quote. I’m pretty sure there is no God, but no one can really prove that he
doesn’t exist. So that quote can basically end all arguments and we can
happily live together as idiots and bigger idiots :D

Mitch Rogoff says:

You should do lets watch MLP vids 

Dimitri Patranko says:

I believe that god created the universe (I don’t follow any organized
religion), but I don’t believe god was just there, I believe that god
(singular or plural) came from another universe, and created what we have
today. I believe science is correct with evolution, but I believe there was
a creator who started everything.

lord squidington says:

the brain is soft tissue therefore it cant be fossilized? Am i missing
something here i mean we haven’t found any other soft tissue of any
significance or have we and i just didnt see it? let me know people. 

YayMoreZelda4Me says:

Where was Joshua’s Biology 101 when I was taking my damn exam earlier? 

Ryan Sinnott says:

I would disagree with TJ about nature becoming complex on its own. If we
take anything and leave it alone in nature over time that object will break
down and become less complex. This is a result of the effects of the 2nd
law of thermodynamics which he already knows. This we can observe. Now I
understand that life on earth draws it’s energy from the sun which can
naturally cause things to become more complex like a seed to a tree. But
most athiest believe life or organic matter is extremely young and
therefore before life the sun had no impact on the developing complexity of
an inorganic materials over billions of years. Why would anyone think that
the decaying universe could somehow create order and complexity that we
observe in organic matter? It is to me more rational to believe that the
design and information we see in life would have resulted from

ElephantPenisJr says:

HA u stopid cuz Jezuz dont sen u to Hell that´s is d work of you´re
Atheist Lord Saten, every one nows dat Jezuz is Love & if u go to Hell is
Bcause u didnt not want 2 go too Heaven!!!

Dr. Fist says:

These religious people always depend on a mix of emotional appeal and
arguing from ignorance whenever they debate
scientists/secularists/atheists/smart people. It’ll never actually work in
a debate, but it does provide emotional porn for all the idiots to gush
over. It is simultaneously disappointing and not surprising that Josh is as
popular as he is.

…and he won’t go away. 

2kzoltan says:

Josh Feuerstein. That name sounds Nazi to me.

RiceDuke says:

Thus continues the Josh Moronstein saga, I hope this goes even further.

Petter Nerman says:

Hahahahahahahaha, I LOVE listening to religious “arguments”. I refuse to
believe people are actually religious for real. They are just pulling a
practical joke on the rest of us.

GdoubleWB says:

Why does this Josh guy always speak with the intensity of Daniel Plainview
from There Will Be Blood?

Reyeko MRA says:

Water: 35 l. Carbon: 20 kg. Ammonia: 4 l. Lime: 1.5 kg. Phosphorus: 800 g.
Salt: 250 g. Saltpeter: 100 g. Sulfur: 80 g. Fluorine 7.5 g. Iron 5 g.
Silicon 3 g. and trace amounts of 15 other elements.
all the ingredients of the average adult human body down to the last speck
of protein in your eyelashes. And even though science has given us the
entire physical breakdown, there’s never been a successful attempt at bring
a human to life… There’s still something missing… Something scientists
haven’t been able to find in centuries of research… So what makes you think
that hack job priest with his parlor tricks is going to be able to? And in
case you’re wondering… All those ingredients can be bought on a child’s
allowance. Humans can be built on the cheap. There’s no magic to it.

Jesus says:

praise me or die

Rubius says:

The fact that we were able to create hundreds of breed of dogs, and even
created in less than 50 years body modification on wild foxes to transform
them into domestic foxes. It shows evolution and selection and breeding
create and change stuff.

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