The “Atheist Experience” #806 Matt Dillahunty John Iacoletti

The “Atheist Experience” #806 Matt Dillahunty John Iacoletti

Viewer Calls 4:00 – Chaitanya – Cincinnati, OH 27:35 – Ethan – New Brunswick, NJ 35:12 – Johanan – Thiensville, WI 44:08 – William – New Bern, NC 54:32 – Ala…



David Williams says:

What does “lefthand seat = superstition” mean? And why do you think he has mental issues?

GoHardMG says:

fuck curry.

Kilo Gee says:

Lol I won’t look at a YouTube video for info but let me still upload my video on YouTube and have you believe I’m the truth,….ahh the hypocrisy

hypnotist55 says:

“Level Up!” haha!

Travis Galle says:

What’s wrong with polygamy? If it’s consensual what’s the problem?! I’m sorry Matt, but if you’re for gay marriage why not polygamous marriage? This is why the government should be removed from the marriage equation… they will always define things unfairly.

leonard267 says:

I question his premises though, The premise that ‘minds can exist in solipsist universes.’ which he bases his arguments. I thought thoughts are the product of neural connections which are essentially proteins exchanging information.

leonard267 says:

God is an atheist as well. God does not believe in gods.

Alessandro B says:

No, Kim Jong Un is considered a god, and worshiped as such therefore can’t be an atheist.

poolerboy0077 says:

Why does Matt reject qualia? All qualia are, at least from what I learned from Vsauce, are an ineffable, raw feelings (e.g., explaining what “red” looks like to me).


When will Matt answer the email from the guy that had the logical evidence?

Athesism says:

Shh…No one must know tha.t Europe is a country and its capital is Belgium.

Nestor Gonzalez says:

Yea sometimes you just to let them blable on about there bullshit but if they try and ask you or ask you if your cristian too tell them a simple no. If they want to take some kind of douche action like making your job hard or taking your job because you said no to there question then you have every legal right to defend your self. They are trying to discriminate and have no right to do so. Also if they want to talk about it you can politely say we are working and that’s not a topic to talk about

C D Hanks says:

He visited several countries like Japan, Europe – WTF?

theGuyFromMakiki says:

I am Atheist now because I had tons of trouble with schizophrenia. When I started reading Atheist books from the library, I was having hallucinations all the time and I’d talk to myself. Now, no one could realize that I was ill. Little by little, symptoms go away.

countroshculla says:

One of Matt’s best lines.

fockingclassy says:

Matt is always really funny, ESPECIALLY when he gets pissy 🙂

7mmike7 says:

All religions are an attempt to explain the unknown. They all fail because they are inadequate to the task. What they excel at is manipulating and controlling ignorant people in their largely successful ploy to perpetuate and expand their own temporal power. Religion is deceptive, parasitical, and a vestige of our primitive past. It needs to be abandoned.

kinkymike83 says:

and hitler was a catholic, whats your point?

thedriza says:

Ethan is a fucktard

2ndKuzcoCool96 says:

Matt was really funny this episode. 🙂

Adam Daly says:

For the record, ‘Matthew’ derives from the hebrew ‘Matityahu’ and before that the greek ‘Mattathias’. It was latinised to ‘Matthaeus’ before the common ‘Matthew’ was adopted by St. Matthew from the twelve disciples.

Jody Stacey says:

Not sure I like the ‘white flags’ idea. I prefer seeing Matt lose patience and say “you’re done” without influence from anyone but the caller

42underscored says:

I honestly doubt that but it could be true. But to the point your trying to imply that North Korea is a atheist society. That is false.

If you do any research or watch any documentary about North Korea it’s clear they worship the Kims (Jong Il, Ill Sung, Jong un) like Gods. Same thing with Stalin, just because they outlaw the big religons like Christianity doesn’t mean they’re atheist. Esp if they have a cult of personality with their leader.

g0dlessd0g says:

is just as guilty.

g0dlessd0g says:

no he is not! he worships himself which is almost al dangerous as worshipping jebus. Quit trying to make this “guilt by association” arguement where since one atheist is evil then all atheist all evil. With that logic religion

eldowdio says:

zombie jesus will be back on sunday to judge you all

ikawpipa says:

Kim Jon Un is an atheist

bobvillar90 says:

Or because your god kills babies vv

Lord Amon Ra Yehoshua Michael Laver says:

They will never hear you, because they are demons.

They know a god exists in their deepest sub conscience of mind, but rebel because that is what they are rebellious demons.

They will never be converted to anything other then dead souls to feed the fires.

This0nlyThis says:

He’s probably named after the Bengali saint, Krishna Chaitanya, in which case his name means soul or atma.
On the other hand, the name Krishna means evil spirit in some African dialect or other.
Go figure!

Brody Rutherford says:

I just hit level 95 and I can’t figure out how to summon him… I did wind up with a box of intangible unicorns though

leonard267 says:

I thought he didn’t believe in it! By the way, I am still stuck at level 0. This Indian metaphysics is too much for me.

exa0 says:

Chaitanya, did you know, that your name comes from Arabic “Chaitan” => “Satan”.
Measure the level of tranquility =
One joint = level 1
Two joints = level 3
Three joints = level 9 and so on.. depending on the shit you smoke.

cashlessbread says:

paranormal accounts are evidence demons exist,every case has an interdimensional approach-using deception as an effective constraint..demons mimic the deceased promoting séances-talking to the dead,they also mimic alien-grays,ufos and bigfoot worldwide promoting secularism,they’ll use any shapeshifting deception steering men away from the analyze demonic accounts check the playlist on my channel.

scottbignell says:

Great episode!

erpuzzetta01 says:

Imprudent Atheists.

luketube says:

Johanan needs to STOP CALLING IN. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

skywize says:

‘He didn’t mean it folks’. ROFL! As beautiful as I found the Hindu’s accent, he was a bit hard to follow at times. However… The trans-substantial, brain in mind guy was just about impossible to understand at all. Half that time was spent saying ‘uh… heh?’. As for the Catholic biggot… I like curry too, you shmuck.

NUTCASE71733 says:

I hope you’re being sarcastic.

silencephotomo says:

this video makes all of you atheists look like retards!!!

1: just looking at the single celled organism proves there is a god.its mathematically impossible for it to be an accident

2: evolution is a brain wash tool that you all fell for. There is no link to ANY fossils linking them to the next.

3: if there were (which there isn’t) the organisms that were changing over “millions”of years would be walking around with half legs and arm rendering them completely useless.

LordChipDouglas says:

That curry remark rustled my jimmies hard. I’m glad Matt called that bastard out.

RedMenace917 says:

Lol “I have examples, you can look at the YouTube itself!”

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