The Atheist Experience #831 Russell Glasser Don Baker Part 1 Gods Mistakes

The Atheist Experience #831 Russell Glasser Don Baker Part 1 Gods Mistakes

The Atheist Experience September 15th 2013 This is not the official channel but a fan channel. The Atheist Experience is a weekly, live, call in talk show di…



Joe Marchi says:

I find Don’s laugh to be highly infectious. I think I enjoy hearing it even more when he is in the audience.

Kevin Tysick says:

Jeremiah 18. The parable of the potter at the wheel. The potter makes a mistake and ruins a pot. Rather than fix it, he tosses it aside and starts another. God says he is like the potter. In this way, he is admitting that when he discards a pot (human or tribe) it is because he has created it marred. he has made a mistake.

Kevin Tysick says:

Sorry, that was Don’s worst failures of the bible yet. They are usually so good, but this one was disjointed and strayed off topic so much that i didn’t know what the actual topic was about. He brought up points without any explanation or reasoning for why they were failures, when he could have just picked a few and thoroughly given them a flogging. The worst part is that if he is only going to mention some of those flaws, he’ll run out of topics for future shows. Not good.

TheFounderUtopia says:

It’s so annoying that they insisted on taking over the fan channel and then just completely ignored it. You’re a lifesaver.

Thesortvokter says:

Though his presentation isn’t perfect, his points are perfectly valid, and the issues he brings up should be mulled over by anyone christian or interested in religion. Too bad these issues are so rarely explored thoroughly by christians. If they were, maybe more of them would come to realize they worship a homocidal, genocidal, despickable maniac bastard, that they should feel ashamed for at all having praised.

Thesortvokter says:

2 Kings 19:35
“And it came to pass that night, that the angel of the LORD went out, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses.”
An angel of the fucking LORD, see?

Thesortvokter says:

Can any christian please explain why Jesus’ witchcraft disappears when someone touches his clothes?
Mark 5:30 ►
At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?””
And why the hell didn’t he know who touched him when:
John 10:30 ►
I and the Father are one.
Hebrews 4:13 ►
Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Thesortvokter says:

All that is YHWH’s will and I suspect you are either a christian or a troll, since you display such utter dishonesty and loyalty to the massmurdering devil”God” YHWH. What you SHOULD be asking yourself is why AssLord PissChrist Jesus promises to kill more than half the earths population at doomsday (which would be several billion people now). I mean, since that fucking bastard Jesus is supposed to be the Prince of Peace (Piss, really) and all….that’s the real mystery….

travro2525 says:

Okay, but what is the verse, what is the mistake? That’s what I’m looking for.

Thesortvokter says:

Tenth plague? YHWHs will.
The bet over Jobs prudence? YHWH brought it up.
The 185,000 assyrian soldiers killed? An angel of YHWH.
What you SHOULD be asking yourself is why the AssLord PissChrist Jesus promises to kill more than half the earths population in the Rev. of John, being the one who treads the winepress of “God” at judgement day. I mean since he’s supposed to be “Love Incarnate” *cough* Christians are fucking devil worshippers, get with it.

Thesortvokter says:

Spot on. Christians manage to twist it because they suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

fekinel says:

With all the information available nowadays (internet, science & technology..etc.) if you can’t figure out that ALL religions are dangerous, divisive cults and lies, then you haven’t bothered to think about it.
If you HAVE ‘thought’ about it and still ‘believe’ then you are a moron and will probably live a pointless, deluded life keeping parasites in luxury.

charlidog2 says:

You spoil us. Ty.

shutdafup says:

This is coming from a former Christian …. Jews are generally very smart and many are becoming atheists — that’s why there’s less and less Jews in the world ……. There’s no shortage of dumb Christians, that’s why there’s soooooo many.

Dontmarryher says:

Mr.Baker’s discourse is more akin to a child’s reasoning ability than to any serious discussion on the subject.

CelestialLoveKitty says:

Satan never kills in the Bible? Who delivered the tenth plague over Egypt in the Book of Exodus? Who killed Job’s 10 children? Who’s the Angel of Death who kills 185,000 sleeping Assyrian soldiers?

Glenn Crear says:

We’re not sure he recognizes it. That’s what makes him even more of an asshole 🙂

travro2525 says:

Where in Jeremiah 18 does God admit a mistake?

Red Lion says:

Steve!! WhOOO!!

chinopisces says:

You are the MAN, Steve!

DeKlauwaard says:

Where’s Matt?

t4705mb6 says:

The result is what’s important., not the label.

t4705mb6 says:

The result is what’s important., not the label.

t4705mb6 says:

The result is what’s important., not the label.

Atheist Check'm says:

Check out this video


simpsonmark says:

God seems to be as inept as Baldrick

Ashai Tides says:


BlackDynamite9292 says:

Minor point: cognitive dissonance is exactly what it sounds like. A clash in your mind between a belief you hold and new information that discredits that belief. It is NOT what is responsible for bad logic. Everyone faces cognitive dissonance. It’s how you respond that determines whether you are being delusional or not. “Motivated reasoning” and “confirmation bias” are more appropriate terms for what the other commenter was describing.

thatdevilguy says:

Ya gotta love Dawkins’ when he represents.

Tell it like it is Mr Dawkins.

Demented Dave says:

yea ive heard it too…snakes speak in tongue all the time….its how they smell their prey!

John Quinn says:

And that is the book that’s supposed to Explain Mankinds Orgin?! It’s Putrid & Pitiful…

simpsonmark says:

I always go to Steve Mills for my weekly dose of the AE.

ReiperX says:

Care to elaborate?

SqeakyKTopp says:

Care to share more about this? It sounds potentially interesting.

Neil Dawson says:

mention for blackadder, cool! didn’t know americans knew about this great british comedy series

TheYouthHeroic says:

Wouldn’t talking snakes be evidence of talking snakes? Or some kind of weird species of snake with a voice box? Or that you passed out on the couch while watching Harry Potter? How exactly do you derive god from that experience? l:
And how are you so absolutely certain in that experience?

t4705mb6 says:

Good for you.

That’s great.

216trixie says:

I believed in “talking snakes” because of “experiences” I had, that convinced me, at the time, as an atheist, that there was a god or someone out there.

216trixie says:

Love this channel. I always go to the comments here, and read most of the comments are complimenting Steve on his quick uploads.  lol….Thanks Steve! And I accept your “your welcome”.

SpecialHandlingUnit says:

Thank you for taking the time to reformat and upload these, I appreciate it and look out for your new videos.

t4705mb6 says:

cognitive dissonance

I have to, in the end, assume the reality – stupidity.

visigothsatthegates says:

Oh I misheard, my bad, thanks for the clarification.

OneNewAtheist says:

People are able to cling to absurd beliefs partly because of Confirmation Bias.

vinegarthomas says:

I am aware of that term.

I think that religion in western society is fading. I do believe that we will continue to advance socially in spite of religion. I mean, we have been advancing in our society for the past several decades even though the majority of people claim to believe in god.

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