The Atheist Experience 839 FULL EPISODE Matt Dillahunty and Martin Wagner – Viewer Calls.

The Atheist Experience 839 FULL EPISODE Matt Dillahunty and Martin Wagner – Viewer Calls.

839 The Atheist Experience 839 FULL EPISODE……November 10th 2013 Matt Dillahunty and Martin Wagner Viewer Calls. Matt and Martin take viewer calls. The A…



saglek says:

Moohammad? I thought cow worship was a Hindu thing rather than a Muslim

Charles Smith says:

If people ever start using their brains instead of believing silly fairy
tales, you guys will be out business. But I guess the ignorance well, runs
pretty dam deep.

M Palmer says:

John’s profound stupidity made my brain cry.

Rebecca Trenorden says:

Soooooo frustrating. So busy trying win the argument instead of actually
having a productive discussion! Sounds like when I talk to my mother.
Knock, knock, the lights are on but nobodies home!!!! Just saying

Daniel Bringmann says:

Jesus recanted on his ‘second’ death bed… i just know it :)

spareaxe says:

The moral argument dude was a waste of time….to be fair they tried to
give him different views of morals and he was just too overwhelmed with the
debate from the two hosts that were way too smart on the subject.

Zoe .Marks says:

Seth…a brain-dead fundamentalist.

The Atheist Experience Discussion says:

Customize your message

REThink says:

I appreciate this service but I think the original AE posts should open up
the comment section…

Rebecca Smith says:

Don’t ask about “moral relativism” if your stupid ass doesn’t even know the
definition of moral relativism. Waste someone else’s time. Ugh.

MehYam2112 says:

Wow, Matt’s comment at 36:50 is a cool new (to me) argument. Why would a
god put you in a position of trying to understand it or read its mind?
That would be cruel, at the least.

Christianity (or take your pick of religion) can now be redefined as a
massive failure in communication.

Zoe .Marks says:

John…oh so frustrating and apparently deaf.

ZoeMarksYT says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
God is a myth
Jesus is too.

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