The Atheist Roo Surpasses Creationist Cat

The Atheist Roo Surpasses Creationist Cat

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Mitch Vermeulen says:

Didnt cc have around 50k subs after the first time he was on dp???

Secular Sinner says:

Did you ever imagine you'd be getting a serious apology from TJ back when you both argued? , like, "Tj is gonna make a personal video apologizing , saying how wrong he was and how right I am " the unthinkable has happened

Sei brav says:

You are indefatigable.

Iron E says:

Shit. I forgot to dislike, unsubscribe and not share the video. Where is my head?

lasse kreikemeier says:

the satisfaction level is through the roof!

kyle lloyd says:

it's cause vedim doesn't evolve. he's the atheist pewtie pie.

Zachary Wamsher says:

i salute TJ… wow

Aaron Jessee says:

Love seeing your channel grow Devon. You earned it.

Talking Donkey says:

I so look forward to the day when AIU posts a video like this about TYT. Yes, it will come, as the Atheist Roo has been doing the Jedi-like work of saving folks from the dark side within the regressive matrix day after day and the history that plays out in the world demonstrates (Devonstrates) that  Roo has been right, spot on and brilliant ever since starting his channel in 2013. Long live the Atheist Roo!

Gaabby Gaby says:

Dude … when I saw Christopher Hitchens at the end of the video, I just couldn't stop tear jerking … such a great loss to us all.
Can anyone please tell me the name of the song from the end of the vid? Tanks

That Dude Smokey says:

+atheism-is-unstoppable fucking savage m8. ever thought of running for president?

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