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MysticSkall says:

Lol. Evidence of the demonic realm

Bob Rosser says:

I know there is more to life than meets the eye, I have no answers, but when my son Daniel died I experienced something I could not explain, and later a similar occurrence with a close friend who passed while at work, then later with a nephew, I confided these things only to my wife and children, as to tell this to anyone else they may think I'm crazy. I don't know or pretend to know what happens at death, but whatever it may be I know each and every one of us shall experience something.

Vampires and demons Horror says:

fake, they are just demons not spirits because there's no afterlife

RedyAndSalt ed says:

I'm not even gonna make a compelling argument for this one. Spirits don't exist, I'm very sorry, but life after death and anything that happens after death is not true. I'm sorry, if you want to ask questions in reply I will happily help you.

Reporting Life says:

who the fuck r these ppl claiming its the demons not dead douls talking. How do you know? Bet if these people were born in old times they would prohibit questioning origins of universe or shape of the earth and knowledge in general. Fuckin bible morons

natraj dravid says:

I just love the newly discovered fact that not only human but his spectacles and clothes also have a soul to get transformed in to spirit.Nice try,it's not proof,it's poof.Afterlife myopia also gives proof of afterlife optometrist.God you are also business person.

Never gonna give you up says:

I dont understand something, at 12:40 they say they took out the microphone but afterwards you can just hear them next to the voice ..

valvox vo says:

Ouija board will do the same thing

FUGYOO says:

I farted in a tape recorder. What played back was Blowbamas most recognized state of the union speech.

smb12321 says:

There is no "proof" of an afterlife. If there was we would not see hundreds of videos claiming to have proof yet all are different! Life after death is oxymoronic. Human life requires automatic processes within our body and thoughts. This requires a working brain and when you die, your brain stops. How hard is that to understand?

beatleme2 says:

"This apparatus," he told Scientific American, "is in the
nature of a valve, so to speak. That is to say, the slightest
conceivable effort is made to exert many times its initial power for
indicative purposes." He then likened it to the mere turning of a valve
that starts a huge steam turbine. In the same way, the barest whisper of
effort from a spirit could influence the highly sensitive valve, and
that action would be greatly magnified "to give us whatever form of
record we desire for the purposes of investigation."He refused to divulge any more than that, but clearly Edison had in mind a ghost hunting tool

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