The Christian Faith of Skateboarder Chad Tim Tim –

The Christian Faith of Skateboarder Chad Tim Tim –

Professional skateboarder (for Element Skateboards) Chad Tim Tim tells how faith in Jesus Christ changed his life. The Christian Broadcasting Network For more from CBN, be sure to check…



tricia stilley says:

Well to the douche bag shot caller, who claims jesus christ isnt real,
wheres your proof? the ignorant blurt out unwise statements, they then look
, well , even dumber, when they have no proof? No doctrine to back it up?
In this case , you will lose, believe it or not , theres two kinds of
people , two seeds on this earth , adams and lucifers , Genesis 3:15 (AND I
so actually , your hostile words seem to make you look even dumber, cause
obviously this scripture is speaking of you, so hey, tell your daddy , hes
gonna burn!!!! Haha father of damn lies!!!!!

Justin Balog says:

wish more people were like chad, dude shreds as a skateboarder and let’s
God into his life. That’s a smart person. 

Arnold Lover says:

Ha, fuck you Chad Tim Tim. You’re a mega-douche bitch bastard. Jesus Christ
isn’t real. You should have continued using drugs and overdosed. You’re
scum, Chad. Fuck you, Christian Scientists. I’m a badass bodybuilder.

Taylor Prince says:

Praise Jesus!!! God’s given us freewill to choose…We have authority over
our lives and if we coose sin then sin will run our lives, if we choose
Life Then We will be Alive!!!! He was choosing sin, God wont stop you, its
your choice, he wants u to choose Love! A loving relationship with Him, now
he’s chosen life through Christ Jesus and God has nurtured and rekindled
his spirit along with his heart. But you have to choose it.

meranda singstageese says:

quit saying bad stuff about the god who loved you enough to die a blood
curdling death im not saying u have to believe but dont talk crap

sweetsweatyfeet says:

Was screwed up on drugs, now screwed up on religion. 

MRRJD2 says:

amen chad! we needa recruit more pros to the life of god! so they can all
be saved. and have a peaceful skate world

ChipArgyle says:

If Chad’s god is so great, why did He let him do drugs and hit bottom like
he says he did? You’d think that this wonderful god would have been looking
out for him a little better than that.

sigma1o1 says:

@ i can convert u withi 5 min ,this is my challenge to u

jon Greene says:

@ChipArgyle haha dude your like my little sister. even after i tell her
whatever.. can we just stop talkin bout this. she keeps saying stuff just
to piss me off. cmon man..and im not concerned about the population… its
me im worried about haha. how do you want me to explain my gods real.. i
cant. theres no if and or buts. i cant tell you or make you believe my gods
real. if you dont want to believe in him, its cool. but im satisfied with
what he is. and his spirit is in me. goodbey

creature978 says:

@unkotony mabye but im not lazy i prey every night cuz i have to to feel
good and relaxed i love JESUS and now please do not right back because im
not in a mood to argue

aniel chua says:

@jackandjill45 it was all i was trying to say

bushfingers says:

@mauiportal25 or dead

ReadPsalms1 says:

Gen3:1Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the
LORD God had made.And he said unto the woman,Yea,hath God said, Ye shall
not eat of every tree of the garden? Act19:19Many of them also which used
curious arts brought their books together,and burned them before all
men:and they counted the price of them,and found it fifty thousand pieces
of silver. Rm3:13Their throat is an open sepulchre;with their tongues they
have used deceit;the poison of asps is under their lips

ChipArgyle says:

@jongreeneskates It’s called tribalism. It’s how the people of the day
thought. That’s why they wrote their god that way – in their image – so
that he’d think like they did. If the Bible had been written in the stone
age, God would have been largely concerned with rocks, sticks, finding the
next meal, and possibly making fire.

ChipArgyle says:

@jongreeneskates Seriously, do you not see the utter insanity in what you
just wrote? For clarification, take it down one level. Change the God
character to the leader of a nation instead, doing terrible things to his
people out of love for his country. You know the names of some of these
leaders: Hussein, Qaddafi, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-Il – all good and righteous
men displaying that same unexplainable love, right? You too can become a
monster if you believe like this.

JHaslip says:

The bible doesn’t say this to my knowledge. It was early philosophers who
stated this. From Aristotle to Ptolemy to Copernicus.

dadsk843v3r says:

i like this i didnt realize hes christianjnnnnn Drew

roqfreak97 says:

seen this guy today wow hes hella good…

It's Fluff says:

He looks like a fucking hobo during this interview.

Alex K says:

Whether you’re a Christian or an atheist, at least be intelligent and
logical. Christians believe in Jesus who taught tolerance (forgiveness) and
humility. Yet many Christians are extremely intolerant and hateful. Why do
Christians fail to remember that Jesus was killed by the religious leaders
because they thought he was TOO tolerant of sinners and TOO critical of
religious people who were condemning and judgmental?

LaMouleQuiCoule says:

It always makes me feel uneasy when skater mix up religion and sk8 in the
hope to influence kids to immitate them. This is just a scam by church to
herd more innocent kids towards them. I would be curious to see his tax
declaration and see who pays that guy beside his sponsors… sponsored by a
church perhaps?

Simon Keith says:

Do any of the vitriolic Christian haters here feel that they have crossed
the line into self-parody?

ChipArgyle says:

@jongreeneskates Yes, He did create sin. If your God exists, by definition,
He created everything. He owns it. You need to own up to it too. If He
didn’t create sin, that means something else is capable of creation besides
your God. We all know the story says this isn’t so. It’s ‘angel’ by the way.

madmatt2787 says:

are you serious?? it says that the sun and stopped so they could win
victorious… back then people thought that the earth was the center of the
universe. it wasnt up until the last 2 centuries did humans start to
understand the complexity God has made this universe with. we know very
little about the universe still. and that verse didnt even answer my

nathan sealey says:

cuz all you see it gangsters,and punkand hardcore skaters “mostly” and its
given the statement that after seeing all the anti-christ stars that there
is barly any god around skateboarding. plain and simple it’s not seen alot.

Wandoil says:

antwaun needs to go hit the church get that nig back on a board

tharbk01 says:

@Hockeyevan9992 well the whole argument with regards to that is that these
“morals” have no foundation. What is the basis for being a good person when
everyone’s perspective of what is good and what is bad is different. and im
not attacking u, its just something to question as i myself am very
conflicted in my beliefs despite being a “christian” i am ashamed to say.

sigma1o1 says:

@Iskate4christ31 u know what sir, In the hebrew bible songs of song cahpter
5 verse 16 ,muhammad word is mentioned by name .check it up ,jesus loves us
all that y he was taking of muhammad ,follow the last n final messenger

ChipArgyle says:

@jongreeneskates The rape/ chattel theme is pretty obvious. No
interpretation is necessary. If those extremely blatant verses require
interpretation, then that book is absolute garbage and tells you nothing
about anything. Those women who were spoils of war were all prisoners.
Freewill wasn’t involved in either their sexual activities or their
captivity. Evil can’t be an absence when it’s a driving force. Hell is
highly exothermic in its nature, unlike cold and dark.

RussX5Z says:

@Hockeyevan9992 And I do it whether its to please god or not. My genuine
love and goodness for the people is just to make this world a better place.
Which has nothing to do with Christianity and pleasing god but it just
happens to please god.. I hope that makes sense.

ChipArgyle says:

@jongreeneskates You can’t throw away the OT just because Jesus isn’t in
it. It’s God’s book. It all stands. God can’t change his character. Rape in
the Bible: Judges 21:10-24; Numbers 31:7-18; Deuteronomy 20:10-14;
Deuteronomy 21:10-14-women are the spoils of war, given to the victors by
God himself. But only virgins! All sexually experienced women had to die.

John Raymund Lingat says:

i love Jesus!!!

Luco Zade says:

I typed in “christian faith” and found this awesome crap… big up

elitemathlete says:

@cel360 lol with a dude.

cockbroker says:

what a pity, i bet half of these pro god comments are from americans,and as
chad himself said,the seeds or faith are already sown, it only takes rock
bottom or desperation to apparently ‘find’ god. none of us know what
happens when we die,not one. but theres far more scientific reasoning and
common sense in the thinking that were probably not at the mercy of a
benevolent zombie whos come back to save us. i suppose at least he’s not
like jason lee (scientology) check penn&teller bible isbullshit

chrisphilistine says:

Chad Tim Tim is such a boss!

RussX5Z says:

@Hockeyevan9992 I understand where you are coming from. I myself was a
angry person and even till this day I am still angry here and there and I
try to control it and I came to a point in my life of going against god for
so long. And I can’t blame you for thinking and perceiving the beliefs of
Christ there are too many version of Christianity AKA believers of Christ .
For me I do good to follow the right path of life basically doing the right
things regards.

mexipenguin says:

@TheScreamChild respect is givin to those who earn it not handed out like a

jon Greene says:

@ChipArgyle im just tryin to reply to all the stuff ur sayin.can u tell me
what verse it talks about jesus justifying thats is ok to rape. but yeah,
the bible is like one huge story . where the main character is introduced
in the middle.(jesus). the first half is examples of stories that happened
that explain the need for a savior.then the second half is where the savior
actually arrives and does what he has promised for thousands of years.
which is atone for us. he died in OUR place

Zach Smith says:

I’ve got much more respect for him.;3 Atleast he’s not afraid to show his
love for God.

ReadPsalms1 says:

read your comments on your page…

ZibbzSkate says:

Wow never thought chad tim tim did drugs

cel360 says:

christianity is not a religion. it is a relationship.

cattlexing says:

@cel360 it is a relationship between jesus and the sick, for that is who he
has come for… the rest of us can work out the basics for ourselves, its
really not that hard

Riley Conway says:

@skate4thelord Keep your religious bullshit to yourself, nobody gives a fuck

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