The Grammys Are OFFENSIVE!!!

The Grammys Are OFFENSIVE!!!

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The Amazing Atheist says:

The Grammy’s are boring as fuck, but some people actually think they’re

alphapiano95 says:

“Go fly a fucking rocket into the sun. Maybe that’s heaven”
– the amazing atheist

Dillon Roche says:

YES Finally you are starting to make a comeback TJ. I’m seeing the old you
back in these videos keep it up man.

Old TJ: 10/10
Semi-Recent TJ: 5/10
This TJ: 8/10
Future TJ: 10/10 please?

wyattthealchemist says:

I think I’m going to make the short segment at 4:00 a ringtone or
something… my god I laughed so hard

TheCausalParadox says:

TJ needs to do a twerking video.

No, not a commentary on twerking. I mean a video of him twerking.

That should really shake up some minds.

Guypersonmanthing3 says:

The Grammys are like a music Oscars. No, they are a music Oscar. They’re
not a MTV Music/Movie awards stuff.
That is the only reason why you should give a fuck about the Grammys, but
if you still don’t… then don’t.
Also people still with the illuminati and shit. That is getting fucking
PS, worship the lizard people.

Chuchie Pants says:

i understand tj’s humor about the grammys, but saying that a grammy is
worth a dollar is just stupid. if you won a grammy thats a big achievement

PrincessAshley121 says:

I’m a Christian and I didn’t take any offence from the grammys.
Fundamentalists are really stupid aren’t they? I am ashamed to share a
religion with them. Katy perry wasn’t summoning demons, she was putting on
a show and performing.

It’s almost like you guys are going to see a scary movie then walk out
because the screams and visions of pentagrams are a summon ritual of the
satan. Seriously….

asparwhite86 says:

The Grammys were pretty fuckin gay. Literally. And so is this fucker’s
youtube channel.

Izaiah Kirby says:

I only watched the Grammy’s for Daft Punk’s performance.


I ALMOST watched the grammys just because Trent Reznor was playing there,
but even he complained about the grammys -_-

fckingkim says:

I only watched the grammys to see Beyonce’s vagina. To all parents
complaining about everything on TV being offensive, nobody has time for
your Mormon shit. This is a free nation, go raise your kids elsewhere if
you’re that concerned. 

Alan Horton says:

What about the people on Tumblr who claim that Macklemore’s performance was
basically pimping out the gay community to get fame and notoriety for
himself? I would have brushed it off as typical Tumblr SJW wankery, but the
rapper L1ef, who is one of the few openly gay rappers out there, seemed to
be on the Macklemore hate train.

Johnny Hericks says:

The Grammys are offensive to people who actually like and care about music.
All the artists who win are like the artists that people who don’t really
care about music listen to. They’re corporate radio shit, they’re filler.
There’s no heart in any of that music, it’s just a catchy beat to make your
commute a little bit less intolerable. I’ve never met anyone who really
likes music that told me “Yeah, my favorite artist is Macklemore, or
Imagine Dragons, or Beyonce.”

Johnny Distortion says:

I thought the Grammy awards were for musical talent but now it seems they
are about politics and twerking. What bullshit!

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun says:

Oh, Jesus, what you said about the rocket XD fucking brilliant.

ruy1981 says:

Sometimes United States looks more like Mexico in the prudish aspect.

CaptainObvious0000 says:

the tweets need to be edited next to anti-mixed-race-marriage-propaganda
from old times with a similar choice of words, then published all over the

the awkwardness would be priceless.

Bk BootyKrust says:

Hey TJ, there is this new Facebook page called ” Fight The New Drug ” It’s
against pornography saying how it’s ruining families and people’s life’s.
Opinions to anyone else is welcome :)

alinkyng says:

lol, some dude really thought that supporting equality is bigotry? What a

HarmonZartist says:

I love the ending, go fly a rocket into the sun, maybe that’s heaven! And
then that face 

DameunPutazo says:

I’ve stopped watching award shows long ago. But just looking at that Katy
Perry performance made me laugh. What a fucking joke.

But worse off are those Christians offended by it.

I don’t believe in Satan, but it just seems logical to me that if the
Prince of Darkness where to be summoned (at the Grammys, no less) he’d
blend in as best he could; no fucking horns, no tail, no scary music, no
spiderwebs, and definitely not with Katy Perry.

I bet if Satan and God do exist, Satan is LOLing at them Christians.
Meanwhile, God is facepalming across the universe… time, and all

CharredBoar says:

the face you made after you said “maybe that’s heaven” is so far the best
thing I have seen anywhere on the internet in 3 years.

lcblahollywoodgrunt says:

If you don’t think the Grammys were fucking important than why the fucking
fuck did you make a video about it? Make videos about the important shit
not the distractions from the important shit!

francesco lops says:

what’s a grammy? a gran mother?

Clover Field says:

I actually thought this would be about macklemore winning best rap album.

ChickenRamen says:

I dunno, that horse is pretty creepy

Christ J says:

If you want to be offended by Katy Perry then I’d recommend the fact that
her singing voice is reminiscent of a flock of seagulls raping a foghorn.
Not only is it perfectly accurate but it isn’t as ludicrous as taking
offence by the manner in which her underdeveloped brain has persuaded her
to gain her much-craved attention for the day.

computercamel421x says:

inappropriate for kids? give me a break, back in the middle ages parents
used to copulate in front of their kids

ims0deranged says:

OK. Someone PLEASE make a GIF of him doing ” Beyonce’s butt,
BUBUBUBUBAH!!!” Link it in a reply, I will love you forever!

Dustin Welbourne says:

For someone claiming not to be giving a shit about the grammys, just gave 5
minutes worth. 

juvenal pereira says:

never heard anybody talking so much stupidity in my life! you think you got
it all figured out and those who knows other wise are weak minded and
idiots!? if you can see how a female who life her life earning people’s
love goes and perform that way to those who already fallowing, keep up with
her and love her by her music can effect and change their mind about the
world you are one fat fucktard!!

Shpee Crayb says:

its just comfortable clothing.

Gabriel Rutherford says:

I would love to see America react to the Manic Street Preachers as they
were in 1995. There would literally be a witchhunt. 

David Messer says:

But….Katie Perry is an ultra Christian….

Ri Ki says:

If you’re already using jumpcuts, perhaps you could also go as far as to
memorize your lines ? Thanks. (Longtime viewer)

Justin Conrad says:

I enjoy everything you do. Keep up the good work.

kraftsportNO says:

grammy what ?

BlueLikeWater says:

katy perry sucks,…my dick


Daft punk rocked the grammys that is the ONLY reason I recorded the

Hamar Fox says:

I’m not even going to watch this video. The title says it all. If TJ finds
the Grammys offensive, he should just not watch them. It’s just mindless
recognition for mindless musical entertainers, and it’s just one more
aspect of a garbage culture. Try not taking it seriously. It’s not even
worth being offended by.

trolli3 says:

nice job!!

Gabi DeHart says:

You made me laugh so hard my sides hurt. You are a totally an agreeable
person. I love your sense of humor. 

resistnzisfutl says:

SO true, people have become, and continue to be, TOO thin-skinned, overly
PC, and hyper-sensitive that they want all behaviors legislated to their

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