The Ra Men podcast EP18 – Atheist Activists in Australia – with A. Skegg

The Ra Men podcast EP18 – Atheist Activists in Australia – with A. Skegg

This week I’m on location in Melbourne Australia, 10000 miles away from my American co-host, Mark Nebo. We’re talking with Michael Boyd and Danny Jarman, (president and vice-president of…



Sophia Rodriguez says:

I love how Aron visited both New Zealand & Australia. He should have
packaged Ray Comfort and Ken Ham and handed them back! 

Mira Bellenbaum says:

Shouldn’t the video be upside down?

WessCNY says:

Take Ken Ham back you bastards!

Hitchens Argumentum says:

I don’t usually share videos almost an hour long however this merits an
exception. The podcast was conducted with our neighbors down under
(Australia) & I figured our friends, George Vorillas, Astrid Lakota, Megan
the drop bear darling of mine, Simon – the purveyor of truth & the rest of
the gang from there might be interested in this (along with the rest of
you, of course)

55:15 run time

Clarrisani says:

Boo. I’ll actually be in Melbourne city when this is on.

Ó Slatraigh says:

There is no problem with equal pay. Read the CONSAD report. It’s the
choices that men and women make that constitute disparity. Sexism as one of
those causes cannot be accurately measured. Adding up the money men make
and all the money women make, showing that men make more money over all is
not evidence of a pay gap, at least not one in which sexism is the

John Hunter says:

that chat experience on youtube is horrible for live streaming. 

Robert Burrows says:

I applaud the Satanic churches efforts to show the lunacy of religion
trying to insert itself into government and school. I wish they would start
trying to get the Koran put into public schools. Perhaps that will shine a
brighter light on the issue. The Christian default in America sickens me.
They are so blind that they don’t recognize the fact that they are not the
only viewpoint. I don’t want my child indoctrinated behind my back. If I
chose to teach him a religious viewpoint, that is MY prerogative… an no
one elses. 

azmanabdula says:

@Hans kettering
“Couldn’t agree with Aron Ra. Men should be judged on what they have done
and what their actions are not by what they believe in.”

But he said that in the video!
When talking about the quakers and how they were tortured by the mob….
he stated “I always believed people should be judged based on their actions
and not their beliefs”


spoddie says:

I’m expat Australian and I’m disappointed how poorly informed these guys
are, they should have all the facts at hand. It’s more like chatting to a
couple of guys in a pub than people representing an atheist organisation.

Regarding marriage equality: Australia has marriage equality in practice
but not in name. Same sex partners are recognised as de facto spouses
(common law) and it’s legislated that they have all the same legal rights
as formally married couples. This has been the case for many years and in
many ways Australia is well ahead of other nations. 

ABitOfTheUniverse says:

+djarm67 +Andrew Skegg aka askegg aka Ask Egg =P
Awesome to see you two, after having read and responded to your comments
and engaged with you here on Youtube and elsewhere for so long.
I’m glad that Aron gave a sense of the sort of bonding effect this
community has on it’s members.

Too much to say.
Too many emotions to express.

Can’t just march through points

They come too fast
2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Before I know it I get choked up; laughing and crying, proud and sad,
wanting to post a short meaningful comment and wanting to recall as much
history as I can.

At the end of each day we know a little more about each other; we see a
picture, a name and some words which reinforce how we feel and leave us
with a little reassurance that there are other people like us, a few other
candles in the dark.

It was nice to have burned with you gentlemen, to have taken in your light
with each comment. To learn from you, to learn about you…

Man, Empathy + Memory, it’s difficult to think back and not get emotionally

I know you both care deeply and it is a strong, deep, breath of fresh air
to see you together.

Thank you, for your years of contributions here.

I know what kinds of minds are lurking inside those bodies I see on camera
and I’m grateful to each of you for sharing your insights, interests,
passions and concerns. I miss reading your comments on a regular basis but
it’s good to see that you are … still alive. 

James Lewis says:

I’m confused… where you guys taught to count by religion?… I have 2
episode 15’s in my podcatcher, and no episode 16 or 17, so how did we get
to 18?

sepiasiren says:

Doh! it kept dropping out–good podcast though

Plague Doctor says:

He’s not explaining the chaplaincy thing correctly. They’re being
instigated IN PLACE of actual trained psychologists and councilors. It’s
making the double faux-pas of masquerading as medical help and forcing
religion on people. It will never go through though, because only tony
abbott is pushing for it. Even his own political party undermine him and
all his decisions.

BlackEpyon says:

I know that atheism isn’t a religion by any definition, but hearing about
what the Satanic Temple is doing just gave me an idea…

If we have atheism DEFINED as a religion, then nobody could shut us down,
because we’d be protected by the same laws that the
Christian-right-wingnuts enjoy 😀

I could just see that now, “You can’t teach my children creationism, that’s
an infringement on my religion!”

And the Christian right can’t tell that atheism isn’t a religion anyways,

tekhiun says:


That is exactly what muslims are doing too. In countries where they are the
majority and control the government they don’t give a crap about religious
minority, in countries where they are the majority they want protection and
special treatment for the religious minorities….

Grass Hopper says:

I have always spoken up about the School Chaplaincy program and the
gigantic waste of money it is. Not to mention that it’s indoctrination.

Self-replicating whatnot says:

The reason why christians accept shellfish and reject gays is that the
former they consider tasty and the latter they consider yucky.

H5N1justacold says:

The chaplaincy program is a festering sore on the Australian education
system. It’s good to see the AFA speaking out against it. It hardly ever
gets a mention in the mainstream media here and we all should be having a
public debate on the issue.

overlyatheisticdude says:

I enjoyed the Q and A at unholy trinity Sydney. I wonder if it was recorded
and will be put online.

John Oliver says:

Aron : “…ok now i got…”

everybody post what you think Aron “got” as a reply to this comment.

Big Bill says:

Well I did not know that the wage gap myth was believed in Australia. You
learn something every day

Hyde Hill says:

Also important difference in the perception of Atheist in Australia is
missing the era of McCarthyism where Communism/Socialism/Atheism where all
lumped in the same group and scare mongered.

ajs1031 says:

Oooo, I don’t know whether to be happy or mad about this.
I love that Aussie Atheists are speaking out…but these are the guys that
drove out Ken “Baked” Ham and shipped him over here to America.

Jason [Professor Fennec] says:

+Tempest Kitty 

Jaynus Richardson says:

Is it starting or did I miss it, or am I talking rubbish?

Rick Goodner says:

This is what you were referring to at around 16:00 …
Revelation 14:1
Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion,
and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on
their foreheads.
Revelation 14:3
And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living
creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000
who had been redeemed from the earth.

Jerry Christensen says:

The last 3 podcasts haven’t shown up on the itunes feed. Did they just stop
doing that?

vipertaja says:

55:11 Bah, now we’ll probably never know what Aron Ra’s now got.

Plague Doctor says:

I am going to shake this man’s hand tomorrow. You jelly? Yeah, you jelly.

azmanabdula says:

Ok…. now I…. (Plan for world domination)
: P

interesting talk… 

DyslexicGamer says:

Okla fucking homa! I swear this state gets worse and worse and I had no
idea that was possible! When me and my friend were in high school we used
to say that Oklahoma’s model was Oklahoma America forgot to wipe I know it
sounds stupid but we were in high school.

Belzer no says:

28:00 btw : Most dangerous animal in Australia .. Horses. .40 people die
each year ( source Fry on Q.I. )

Hyde Hill says:

Talking about apathy. We got the same problem in Western/Norse Europe. Any
advice for Secular/Atheist/Humanist groups there?

uriituw says:

The volume is fine.

MyJizz UrEye says:

Oh look, its the guy that likes to race up behind traffic then jam his
brakes on, then race up behind them again.

Jarrod0067 says:

Aron is in Melbourne?

DUDE WE GOTTA HANG OUT!!! You like beer?

Tarryn Ducker says:

Come to NSW AronRa

Atanar89 says:

I wonder if Arons connection will be better or worse.

isrealjason says:

But the “why” it makes all the difference in the world

300096586 says:

Euthanasia Youth In Asian.

AsDeadAsDillinger says:

Is that BEN KINGSLEY on the left ?

Hans kettering says:

Couldn’t agree with Aron Ra. Men should be judged on what they have done
and what their actions are not by what they believe in.

azmanabdula says:

Sweet, Welcome to Melbourne! 

Hyde Hill says:

Weren’t you going to talk to father bob again on the Ra Men this time?

thetruthrover says:

Spice, the vinyl front cheer.

unchallenged says:

are there going to be any recordings of unholy trinity down under for those
who can’t make it?

Daniel Sova says:

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow Aron.

Kristine Hayes says:

There needs to be more women represented in atheist movements like the AFA.

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