The Spirit World and Life after Death

The Spirit World and Life after Death

Explanation of the Spirit World, Spiritual Growth, and life after death



chirastu thakur says:

Thank you for the video you are awesome sir

EddieRay724 says:

Children who recall their previous lives tell a different story of the afterlife. Listen to them.

George Schlaline says:

You wrote it. You know exactly what you said

kachetil says:

it will be more usefull to talk about life before death!!

Gabrielle Riah says:

If you were wise, life after death does not need evidence for you to believe it. You bought life and health insurance to protect you for whatever may come in the future. If you can do it for physical life, you must do it to life after death. In this world, if you get sick without a health insurance, there is still a hope for you to get treated and healed. If you die without spiritual insurance, you can never come back to earth and buy spiritual insurance. Spiritual insurance is free, but you can get it only by reading and obeying the laws and commandments of God by the guidance of the Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus said: WITHOUT OBEDIENCE TO THE LAW OF MOSES, HE CAN NOT SAVE YOU. HE CAME ONLY FOR THE JEWS WHO FOLLOWED THE LAW AND SINNED. HE DID NOT COME FOR ANYONE WHO HATED THE LAW AND SINNED.

Matthew 19:17
But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments.

Nitin Vaja says:

Really Awesome and very useful for a spiritual person .Thanks Mr.Andrew

yoskees 天国 says:

Jesus Christ is the image of the Invisible God. He is the Lord & Saviour who died for our sins. He is the WAY, the TRUTH & the LIFE! Love stems from Him! Believe & receive His Grace! Eternal life in HEAVEN!

Spartanm04 says:

This laughs at scientist our spirit can't die so therefore there is life after death

Rea Acielo says:

this is very helpful…may God help me to be good here no matter hard it is. .

Lucid Abyss says:

What religion?

Redblade says:

Here we go again, more Christian babble

Justin Mason says:

We desire many things, but deserve nothing. Eternal life is a joke.

jackie2808 says:

nonsensical bullshit. do observe nature.

Clasher Gamer 7290 says:

GOD IS REAL HE IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD WHO EVER Believes in him will have ETERNAL LIFE Thos people who chose not to believe in him you are the son of the devil Iam A Person Who Encourages people to have Faith and believe in god he created the world and us and all the living creatures on earth

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