The Vigilant Christian CHALLENGES Atheist JacklynGlenn to a LIVE Debate!

The Vigilant Christian CHALLENGES Atheist JacklynGlenn to a LIVE Debate!

In this video I publicly challenge popular Atheist YouTuber JaclynGlenn to come on my show for a live debate. She has made a career off of attacking God and promoting her false and foolish worldview. I would love the opportunity to destroy her arguments. Please Jaclyn let me do it in front of all of YouTube!

TVC Mario Responds to Popular YouTubers who Attack God!



How to Draw Near to God


The Race War & The Bible (Mark 3:25)

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Amos Love says:

I hope they join you…good job….

Stephen Corson says:

Excellent!! I met her once! at Atheists convention! bless ya!!! :-):-):-) …..

Elite Man says:

If you`re reading this Mario, remember that only 300 courageous men fought with GIdeon. Only the selected few fought with him, you are one of them. Continue fighting the good fight!

Gallardo 5Million says:

Which God? Theres thousands of gods and fairytale stories. If you were born in Pakistan you would be muslim. Its all about location of birth. So if you were born in India you would most likely be Hindu

Bronnenheim says:

But see, despite the fact that you'll "Disprove" them, it's only because you refuse to see the other side of the argument.

dannyboy78in says:

Jacklyn would make you cry like a baby 😂

Indigo says:

If I were her I would ask
Why are there no artifacts from anything in the bible?
Why are bones traced back thousands of years before the story of Adam and Eve?
Why does the bible genesis story plagiarize the Egyptian one?
If god created everything who created god? If you think he didn't have a creator why can't existence? Why are there hundreds of religions and you think yours is the true one? If god is love why is he putting fear in your heart?

Hartia Villarreal says:

I'll debate you c:

Osama Bin Laden says:

So we have a guy that attacks democracy, freedom of speech, free thinking and privacy and supports dictatorship and slavery who blames everything on "MUH ILLUMINATI" when he runs out of arguments and is a sore loser AND sore winner. He also wants to exterminate everyone who opposes his book of 2000 pages with opinions that you MUST have even though that book tells him to have that opinion and shouldn't shit on the ones that dont follow the book. A tactic Adolf Hitler also used.

Then we have a girl that knows that democracy is something we have to fight for in order to keep up. She wants everyone to think for themselves and get their own opinions instead of being indoctrinated by other people or religion. She is against the right-wing politicians who want to spy on US citizens and actively condemns slavery. She is humble about her losses and wins and can say "ok, I was wrong. You actually make sense." She can peacefully argue and always defends those with differing opinions since it would be plain anti-democratic to silence or hurt anyone that opposes your opinion.

ALSO, how the hell do you win a debate? If you actually think that a debate is like a boxing match you can win, then you shouldn't be debating at all. That's not what debates are for. Debates are for exchanging opinions and giving each other different perspectives. "I think like this, why do you not think like me? Oh, I've never seen it that way. That actually makes sense". Its about improving yours and the other person's logic. She's going to question why you think the way you think. And you will tell her why. Then you're going to ask her why she thinks the way she thinks. And she's going to tell you. Then you both think "ok, which is the most logical here…" If your point is to destroy her career by "destroying" her arguments then there is something completely wrong with you.

Outreaching the lost 4 Jesus Christ says:

Amen brother Mario we are to defend our Lord Jesus Christ he is worth being defended Amen God bless you brother Mario for condensing for the faith.

Randy Mann says:

i went to her channel and asked her to accept your challenge
amen brother

Zapzel24 says:

Bet you anything that when she gets you in a corner you simply say it's your worldview as someone of get of jail free card.

Bryan Pereira says:

The vigilant Christian I feel like you're taking a biased view on this reflective off of your emotions for Yahuah … (it won't serve you to believe through aggression OR IGNORANCE my friend) I'm an avid fan of your channel and a believer myself. But don't take the path of least resistance


Dam jaklyngleen is one hot chick.

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