There is nothing after death

There is nothing after death

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M Snow says:

Anything new?

Matthew Mcnally says:

There is life after death. Demon possession is evidence of this


When you reject God, you're saying that you don't want to have anything to do with Him. When your body dies (and it will very soon), you'll have just that; nothing to do and no part with Him. Your soul will die without Him, because your soul is apart of Him.

Wisdom21 says:

you are calling God a liar. he tell us don't kill steal obey your parents don't commit adultery but U don't believe him when he said it is a hell.

Wisdom21 says:

it doesn't matter what our earthly mind think God word is not going to change. I Am WARNING U IF YOU DIE WITHOUT SALVATION YOU HAVE NOT SEEN TERROR AND PAIN U ARE GOING TO FEEL

Tony Montana says:

I'll pray for you and hope you find your way young man.

Peter Winn says:

Don't fear the reaper

Jereme L. Ford says:

Hey everyone, make sure you check out my newest book "It's Okay To Let Go" at enjoy!

Blue says:

I was just trying to comfort somebody who had anxiety yesterday and someone else a month ago, and now my comment is deleted. The first person has anxiety about the thought of nothing after death and the same thing with the person yesterday. I am dissappointed that you deleted my answer to calm then down :(. I am severely ill and it takes me a lot of energy to help other people Jeremy L. Ford. I command the hand of God upon this bad situation.

Babak P says:

Sad truth but I agree with everything you said! Thanks for the video

Matthew Perry says:

well said man

Anonymous Guy says:

Hello people an Atheist here. I'm ready to follow any religion if u give me any proper evidence :'-)

Guido Sartucci says:

Wow! You've got it exactly right. If more people had the insight and understanding that you do, their lives would be much better. The world would be a better place.

Ronnie Potts says:

all i have to comment is when my grandmother was on her death bed she literally said i see the angels coming to get me she was a believer of the gospel and she while weeping said he loves my my soul God loves my soul then turned toy mother and said to her if you don't serve the lord you want see me again but if she ever wanted to see her again to love God with all her heart now some may say she was on her death bed so it could have been a chemical imbalance but not only did i but others who were not only hear the confessions of my grand mother but felt the presence of something in the room as well God clearly tell believers in scripture that his ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts good video my brother just Don't give up on God and by God i mean not the God of the church but the God of relationship think about that

Lady Nuit Astarte says:

WISDOM words my friend, thank you very much for this truth…..nowing that iam nothing is wisdom, nowing that iam everything is love……..

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