Salam alaikum brothers & sisters. We ask Allah swt to guide this brother and all of us.

Ali Dawah & Musa adnan debate atheist
atheist muslim debate
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ali dawah debates atheist



EM zee says:

FINALLY there is a possibility that I might be a SUPER SAIYAN yay

Mick Q says:

Islam and Christianity have a lot in common,,,,, both invented by humans for a start.

(Dogma is deadly, question everything)

Abdul Shah says:

He is an agnostic brah. . :p

supernova __ says:

this brother has no legs to stand on when he says you can't be 100% certain of anything. so you can't say God DOES NOT exist as then you would be claiming certainty. this is a very precarious position to hold because you can't be certain 1+1 =2. so now you have laws of mathematics that are changing. a nail in the coffin for science.

supernova __ says:

science is based on induction yet hamza is against it. so he can never be certain of anything.

EfModzz says:

MashAllah I loved it how Man like Musa dived straight in there what a lad!

Ukhti Artist says:

Sometimes, especially in front of a large amount of people, it is hard for you to admit to your mistakes or say 'actually yeah, i made a mistake i'm sorry', i feel bad for this brother because it was clear after a while he just gave up and was just agreeing to everything. perhaps, if you spoke to him alone, in a not-so-harsh manner, he would've listened. Allah knows best.

Ryan McGuinness-Correa says:

Who says 0=1? No one. That does not mean our world must have a creator nor does it mean our universe works in that way.

Sami bigs says:

This boy needs to get his head out of his arse

virgule888 says:

Can nothing equal something? Yes. Nothing is impossible. It's impossible because 'nothing' is still something: it is nothing. The word 'is' is a conjugation of the verb 'to be'. I am, he is, it is, we are, you are, they are. To be require an existence. Ergo, I can say nothing is impossible insofar as 'nothing' still is something: it is 'nothing'. Nothing is impossible therefore zero cannot equal zero. Nothing must be something and it does: it's nothing.

conclusion: 0=1

Habib Ullah says:

May Allaah guide us all, aameen

Mohamed Mohamed says:

wallah may allah help hamza and every 1 els ameen (i realy enjoyed watching this vedio)

David Heller says:

Scientist knows something we don't know. I think it waa alien tech or alien weapon. Different universes have different and similar laws and forces.

Gordan Ramzee says:

No offence, but you're yelling way too much . Just calm down a bit when you having a conversation.

Sceptic Human says:

Haha I've never seen you guys being so defensive. You didn't even let the guy speak! I also noticed how many edits you made every time the kid said something. Pretty obvious he had you on your back foot, so much so your tag-team mate had to jump in.

Candi Human says:

what a total waste of time … arguing with a kid, for a start and zero means numbers. very passive aggressive behaviour there

M Meah says:

hamza is a full on nonce

Daniel Anderson says:

My wife called me a pedophile and a desert pig, such strong words for a nine year old

– Muhammad

Aisha Awan says:

wow! so rather believe in the possibility of a mythical creature then the fact that you were created by a creator.

(without trying to be disrespectful) by his argument..the blue dragon could be his mother. i mean..there's a possibility, right?! ūü§¶

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