This Life, Next Life (Documentary by Keith Parsons~Life After Death)

This Life, Next Life (Documentary by Keith Parsons~Life After Death)

This documentary by Keith Parsons offers empirical evidence for the Afterlife. If you enjoy it you might also like his racy yet ‘spirituaI’ novel, ‘Lucky James?’. Its on Amazon as a paperback for UK, with a Kindle version for global download. There are global Kobo and iPad/ePub versions too. To find it, input both author and title. All proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres. Link at bottom of description:

This video documentary, ‘This Life, Next Life’, covers the Cross Correspondences, the Scole Experiment, drop-in communicators, EVP, the mediumship of Mrs. Leonora Piper, together with a discussion of brain and mind. Are they the same or different? Interviews with Prof. David Fontana & Prof. Archie Roy, (former presidents of the SPR); Victor Zammit, former Australian attorney; Robin Foy, the Scole Group leader; Dr. Anabela Cardoso, Editor of the ITC Journal; Prof. Bruce Greyson of the University of Virginia; and Dr. Peter Fenwick – a consultant neuro-physiologist.

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Zero Point says:

There are two ways to stop your clock. One is to move at he speed of light, a photon when emitted from matter and reabsorbed into another matter at a distance, sine time stopped with respect to photon, a photon experiences an instant transfer from matter to matter observing matter time elapsed at infinite speed regardless of the matter time elapsed. Another way is to have zero energy (zero conscious energy), when you don't exist, you don't know you don't exist with your own time stopped, while the surrounding time elapsing at infinite rate. Within infinity of time, anything and everything can happen, including a rebirth, therefore we never not exist.

Brian Galpin says:

I don't care what doctors say, there is another dimension. I have lived it. I have seen it in others and my own family. Simply thinking a mortal called physician knows everything is flying in the face of God!

Mill Wright says:

Okay then here is the deal: someone, anyone, send me a clear message that I can understand from the other side and I will believe. I now expect a very, very long silence!

Michael Meridius says:

If these anecdotal claims are true why didn't they get Nobel prizes, Fields Medals or Templeton Prizes?

Anne van Paulus says:

There is 1 thing I don't understand like in 15:30 How can those people know at what date they die?? I even don't know the date of today…….

wayne philip says:

i know things that most of you dont know,i cant talk about it because im so fed up with the abuse people give you when you talk about the paranormal , i was a none believer but im not anymore

anthony white says:

Orb at 8:58

oova57 says:

A Believe
is a choice of truth; it's what people want to be true. If you start rattling that or
questioning their believes – they will fight with all their power to keep their
believe/ chosen truth. Wars are been fought about, holly and not so holly (that
is just sarcasm lol) To find the truth, you will need to let go of all your
believes, or at least be willing to and go out and find it yourself. Be aware that
, if you haven’t found it yourself that listen to other people, even if it
sounds great, is still a chosen truth for yourself., Stay away from all believes
and religions, be bold and search, good luck, you will find the answers.

Kathy McCurdy says:

Beautifully presented! Thank you for this intelligent conversation on the most important subject we shall ever know.

kuvceebxab1 says:

dangerous nonsense? how could nonsense be dangerous?. It's only dangerous if it's REAL full stop.

Christina H says:

Our conscious never died.

fleageful says:

The commentators voice reminds me of the narrator in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Liam Smith says:

check out above the mans right shoulder as he says 'still in existence' at 8:58

Dhaune says:

reincarnation does not exist, it is a religious and ideological belief system, the memories that people claim to have from their past lives are actually memories of other people who lived in the past, drawn from the collective unconscious of humanity, every single life is unique, so be very careful what you do with your life, you live on earth only once!

Dhaune says:

so amazing to see firsthand how our world is changing, we live in an exciting time if we do it right we can lay the foundations for a better world for our future for our children and for our mother gaia, we can provide a service that no other civilization in the past could have provided, but, time is running out, the earths biosphere has reached a level that if people knew how bad it is there would be worldwide panic, as told by a NASA director, even ignorance has its limits, the saying "what you dont know cant hurt you" is going to be shown as false

Teresa Smith says:

About Mrs. Piper: Info on the Internet says the investigations on her proved she was a fraud. ?

paul damien says:

our consciousness is pure energy…….energy cannot be destroyed,,,,,,,,,,our brain is just a storage unit as our body is for the rest of our organs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I want this stuff to be true,,,,,,,,,,,,I tried EVP for about a week……..nothing……………plus all the TV MEDIUMS are total b.s. ( especially Long Island Medium) who is said to be a diva bitch in real life………..

Orne Batmagoo says:

The statements made in the introduction of this video are pointing to the fundamental inability of "believers" to grasp why skepticism exists.

Keith Parson seems to think that it's an everything or nothing equation — that people who look skeptically and critically at the problem of survival of human essence after the death of the body are mere materialists who deny all possibility of all occult phenomena. Nothing could be further from the truth. "Not knowing" what happens after death is not the same as denying all possibilities.
Similarly, rejecting unverifiable explanations and hear-say claims in books is not the same as being closed to all possibilities – it is a mere matter of wanting reliable data. Basically, this is where people steeped in belief fail to comprehend the beauty of the scientific mindset: science is NOT about denying what it can't see, but rather, only STICKING to information that is reliable. "Reliability" is the operative concept.

Some people are delighted to live inside a multitude of paradigms that are unreliable. They love it. They cannot understand why others do not. They embrace religions, gurus, authority figures, claims, eyewitness accounts, etc.
Many people, on the other hand, have odd experiences, at times, some even witness material of a "psychic" nature – but it doesn't mean that they feel compelled to open their minds to any and every wild theory out there. The problem of belief is that beliefs on Earth are endless, widespread, and incompatible with one another: if one is right, usually, all the others are wrong.

"Believing" often means disregarding incoherence.

When scientifically minded people describe their lack of interest in psychic phenomena, they are not saying that none of it can be, or that they do not want these things to be true. All they are saying is that they deal in RELIABILITY. If it is not reliable, it is not of their domain.
People who are obsessed with the occult are happy in the domain of "anything goes".

There is a relative probability that something of a "soul" may persist after death — but we just don't know – that's a fact.
It either does, or doesn't. Perhaps it does for some and not others. Perhaps identity is a delusion, and the souls of others who die are the same soul as our own. Perhaps psychic experiences are subjective reflections of what we can handle…Perhaps not. "Perhaps" is not a reliable terrain.
If your airplane was "perhaps" going to crash when you fly, you might well cease to travel. That's the value of reliability.

Some people believe they know about the afterlife. But they cannot prove any of what they know because they cannot replicate experiments. Some people are fine with not knowing exactly what is taking place.

This documentary uses terms like "empirical evidence" to refer to its presentation, but there is no evidence here. Just stories.

In conclusion, I would say that mis-characterizing people who are skeptical about the afterlife is poor rhetoric. There are many reasons to be skeptical of this, if not that. Believing in anything is opening the door to a grab-all bag of certainties based on hear-say. One minute truth may not be proof of a whole moving truck of ideas about the afterlife and presumed psychic powers and other violations of physics.

Our psyche could play hugely complex tricks on us, most of which are not proposed here.

Being skeptical is a sane, lucid approach to all life. It is not an insult to believers… however, believers are out on a limb and skeptics are the measure of how far they are wandering; this may be experienced as unpleasant by believers.

Raul daSilva says:

Excellent! It's much longer but quite similar to my two part Amazon Kindle memoir on world famous psychic, Ingo Swann, who was known as "the dean of remote viewing."

AmericanWoman1964 says:

First you assert science refuses to take it seriously… then say scientists are interested and looking into it.. this is done consistently throughout the video which makes any claim… true or not… suspect at best, However, I am still awaiting the empirical evidence promised. And besides your word, where is the actual proof of all you assert, the documents, the videos, etc etc…. I had such hope for you….. do better next time.

askadetra says:

Wake up, poor people. I´m sorry for those of you who believe in myths. The universe shows us the answers, but people are afraid to look at the answers. People believe in myths, thus live and lie and die in a lie. Natural laws do not except reincarnation because everything physical responds to the opposite. Read more below. We reincarnate because we are the conscious part of the universe. Consciousness has no beginning or end. The purpose of consciousness is to be conscious itself, though through the physical body which is imperfect/temporary thus it dies, but consciousness survives. Slava Sevryukova the bulgarian wonder, the prophet, the ´´microscope woman´´ saw it and more things about life.

Albert Einstein saw it: ´´for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction´´.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. Albert Einstein. Like energy, consciousness cannot be created or destroyed.

Isaac Newton´s third law of motion means: Everything physical (matter/energy) goes back and forth in balanced circles, cycles, or the equivalent. birth-death, light-dark, full-empty, big-small, day-night, hot-cold, united-divided, creation-destruction, high-low, in-out and etc.
Positive and negative forces moving in balance are the physical universe.
There are no exceptions to the laws of nature Newton revealed. They apply to all matter and energy. Human beings are matter and energy, thus you and all humans are governed by the same laws.

These great people obtained inspiration, power and knowledge from the universe´s core that Tesla talked about.

Slava said about Jesus Christ that he was the only man who had a special additional sense. He said ´´those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat it´´. It´s not about not being able to remember our previous lives and it is understandable we cannot, no one can remember it because the memory was destroyed with the dead body. He is talking about remembering the scary, bloody, painful past among the predatory animals that were our killer and/or our meal, which means that we not only reincarnate but evolution is in connection with the laws of nature Newton revealed. Evolution is governed by a natural law that changes our body through what we have learned and fought for, but the change also occurs in the consciousness and thus consciousness must fit an appropriate body of the right kind of animal where the level of awareness is the same. So it really matters what behaviour we humans have to our planet. We reap what we sow. Why is most of the fauna/animal life on earth predatory ? Because the predator overcomes. But we are humans, we have come a very long way but have little further to go for the best results. We can know the fundamental truths of life and also we can and should take care of the planet.

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. – JFK

People can't change the truth, but the truth can change people. – Unknown

Death and birth are a continuous event from your own perspective.

´´What comes around…goes around´´

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler. Einstein
We have to simplify the way we see life. Great spirits are always opposed by mediocre minds. Einstein. ´´The problems we cause cannot be solved with the same level of thinking´´. We need to improve ourselves and become valuable people or destroy and lose everything on earth.

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