Travel Guide – Different modes to reach Ernakulam

Travel Guide – Different modes to reach Ernakulam

Ernakulam is one of the significant upcoming cities in India. Though it is a small city but is a major centre of trade, business, education, jurisdiction, and healthcare in the region. It is the eastern mainland part of the twin cities of Kerala, Ernakulam and Kochi. It is a port city and is an important gateway to Kerala state. The city houses three important headquarters namely – Office of Corporation of Cochin, Kerala High Court, and Cochin Stock Exchange. In fact, the city was home to the headquarters of Ernakulam District, but was later moved to Kakkanad.

Historically, the city was the capital of Cochin kingdom. It is believed that the name of the city has been derived from the world-famous temple of Lord Shiva known as Ernakulathappan Temple. It is among the handful of ancient cities in the world that has been inhabited from a really long time. The magnificent monolithic monuments like the rock-cut caves and Dolmens scattered in different parts of the city are the evidences of the city’s history, dating back to the Stone Ages. The early political history of the city links with the Chera empire and then the Kingdom of Cochin.

Today the city is uber-modern city having all the amenities, facilities, and attributes of a developed city. There are several large complexes, commercial centres, improved transportation, world-class educational institutions, modern hospitals, and fantastic restaurants and hotels. NM Royale County, Hotel Hill View, Sea Line Beach Resorts, and Club Mahindra Cherai Beach are some of the good hotels offering the best of accommodation facilities and amenities, and also offering various services for Ernakulam sightseeing.

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A good thing about Ernakulam is that several good flight, train, and road routes connecting it to all major states in the nation. The nearest airport, Cochin International Airport is located 27 km away. Besides, the city has its own railway junction station, which is one of the busiest railway station in Kerala. Finally, the city is connected to North South Corridor national highway system via NH 47 which is a four-lane highway. Following is the information on How to reach Ernakulam, which might come handy to you.

Reaching by plane

The popular air routes are the ones that include Kochi as the destination. Air India, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, and IndiGo are few of the popular airlines falling under the catrgory of airlines that offer Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai to Ernakulam flights and vice verse.These are also the airlines that offers direct flights. However, like mentioned above the city doesn’t has its own airport and the complete route involves flights, cabs/buses, and/or trains.

Reaching by train

This is probably the best way to reach the city, as the there are several express as well as regular trains travelling to and from Ernakulam. The country’s Southern Railway Zone operates and manages main transport system in city’s railway junction. There two railway stations available. 21 trains starts from the Railway junction.

Reaching by bus

Like aforementioned, the city is connected to all states of the nation by NH 47, so reaching here is a really easy task. The road routes are usually moderately crowded, making the journey fun and convenient. People largely depend on the local buses, taxis, cabs, and auto-rickshaws to commute to the town.

To sum up all, Ernakulam is one significant city in south-India. The city is best for many purposes, like education, tour, business, and healthcare etc. A tip to those who are planning to go to the city shortly; before heading to the city make sure that you have done proper research of the city, because that way, you can reduce the expenses incurred during the trip. There are several companies offering good travel deals/packages like LTC/LTA, discount on air flights, 5 star hotel packages etc. Do check them and if available grab them.



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