TTA Podcast 185: I’m an Angry Atheist

TTA Podcast 185: I’m an Angry Atheist

Support our sponsor: Quite often, religious people declare that all atheists are “angry atheists.” Is this an accurate statement, and what place…



truth1901 says:

3D protein printers CANNOT come about by chance and then self replicate.
Beliefs count for nothing.

Just because you believe that they can come about by chance does not mean
that it is true.


Olek says:

There’s a background whine sound in this video, can’t listen to it like

TheThinkingAtheist says:
Pseudo SudoNim says:

TTA Podcast 185: I’m an Angry Atheist:

Ghost81 says:

I don’t know whether or not I fit the “angry atheist” bill, but my anger
towards religion is due to the fact that it ruined my life. I have a
paranoid personality, often obsessively so, it has been like this since I
was a child. Now, going to sunday school weekly and a primary school run by
hardcore nuns who taught 6 years-olds about hell and demons everyday (I
still remember the fiercest nun going into detail on what she fancied the
tortures of hell to be – that’s child abuse, by the way) has left a
permanent scar on my subcoscious mind that’s not going to go away, no
matter how much therapy I should undergo.

So yeah, if I saw religion burn I’d pull out guitar and marshmallows and
sing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” and if that makes me eligible for an *angry
atheist* sticker, so be it.

beatonm198 says:

Cool and/or first.

M says:

Every passing day I do HATE the very concept of sky daddy more and more but
other than that I’m pretty happy

kokofan50 says:

Seth, as to whether you should be hardliner or a nice guy, be the nice
caring person you are. We need hardliners to fight religion in the public
hard, so the religious don’t try something tricky, like they love so much
to do. However, we ,also, need people like you that can help keep the
community and can give an entrance to those that need to be brought in

grubkiller4616 says:

like hell am i going to sit on my knees and praise a genocidal killer with
ego problems

MilitantAntiTheist says:

Either your CPU is dying, your hard drive is going or your operating system
is corrupted. If it’s the CPU, check to see what the temperature reading is
and if high, redo the thermal compound. If it’s the OS, just reinstall it.
If it’s the hard drive going bad, reinstalling the OS will probably seem to
fix the problem, only to return a few weeks/months later. Any computer can
be repaired, but some aren’t worth repairing.

beirirangu says:

I’m angry because there are people out there that have far too many
followers that should NEVER have ANY, like this guy:
who wants to enforce blasphemy laws, like the one shown in the video that
has punishments including whipping, “boaring thorow the Tongue, with a red
hot iron”, and hanging in the gallows when one speaks against the bible or
god, which was enacted nearly 100 years before the constitution of the
united states (the video cut out the date by less than an inch: 1697) , and
was directly negated by it…

or the fact that about 1 of every 4 americans think that the sun goes
around the earth

yan-Deriction says:

1:05:00 Why shouldn’t we attack dumb Christians at their emotional low
point? Religious use this tactic all the time, offering this bullshit
“help” of Jesus to the disadvantaged in their low points, taking advantage
of their emotional distress while secretly positioning themselves behind
the distressed’s asshole to FUCK THEM IN THE ASSHOLE, its fucking only fair
they get a LOUD, BLARING wake up call whenever they fuck up as well. NOBODY
is off limits, if you’re grieving then boo-fucking-hoo have the good sense
not to publicize your idiocy because at that point you’re just inviting
criticism in all its forms.

truth1901 says:

God is about to destroy Christendom along with all false religion.

Dack Isback says:

I hate Jesus, I would nail him to a cross if he came back.

Hugh Jarce says:

I’m angry at Ray Comfort….. because of his face.

movalboy says:

“He’s an angry Atheist and he’s okay, sleeps all night and he works all

grapheist says:

I think that one of the major reasons that many atheists are angry (and why
I am a closeted angry atheist even though I was never religious) is because
of empathy. We see how much others are being hurt by religion, and we
become angry as if it were hurting us, even when religion may not have
directly hurt us. This anger is increased even more when it has directly
hurt us and when we consider how it hurts all of us by degrading society
and impeding progress.

Nebojsa J says:

Germans stole the swastika and talibans stole Isis :(

MPythonGirl says:

Unlike most athiests, I *am* angry at God. Directly at Him. I see no
contradiction here, because I also hate Dolores Umbridge, and am angry at
her whenever she is discussed (albeit less frequently than God). I believe
the emotion is technically called “Love to Hate.” I can’t help but notice
that they endorse similar things… like ruining education, truth is a lie,
torturing oneself if doubting the lie, bigotry, the list goes on. The only
difference is that Umbridge works for the Ministry, and the ministry “works
for” God… and gender/sex/pink… and omnipowers. Basically the sorts of
things that are skin deep.

Fallen Angel says:

Cathartic, in some way.

MikeOfKorea says:

I was a believer for many years. You are right.

RE:Think says:

This man has a beautiful radio voice…

And also the ghost episode was my favorite. I love tackling commonly held
woo and ghosts are up there.

CrusixBlade says:

I not angry. I’m not even annoyed. I’ve been driven beyond such things.
It’s more a calm hatred.

DeepVoice Gad says:

bad sound today … oh well great show as always

Lewa500 says:

Just in time. I needed to listen to something while working out. This is
better than music!

Green Mann says:

Its sad that anyone would complain about advertisement within the show.
This show is fantastic, it’s an hour + long and FREE, as someone with
virtually no disposable income, programs like this are invaluable to me as
a source of entertainment and brain food. On top of that we should all be
thanking and applauding nature box for allowing it’s adverts to be on a
show with the word atheist in it, that’s a huge leap in my opinion.

LT Gen Klink says:

Meh, when my dad’s computer did that shit, we just replaced the hard drive
and reinstalled everything.

hhoinfo says:

I just found an Angry Atheist that says what he thinks, and he pulls no
punches in saying it. I like what he has to say.
He has a lot of videos, but not as many views as he should have. Check
him out.
HB Lucy Dupre 

Antidiocese says:

♪ I’m a goofy goober, yeah ♪

MMDE says:

The criminal organization called the Catholic Church.

wresler103 says:

This was a hell of a good one, Seth. Well done.

itsasin1969 says:

This is the way it should go down.
Ricky Gervais – How He Became An Atheist

Cyberat Rodent says:

Who would not be angry at one or two monotheist religions being married to
governments and still dictating belief and sometimes war ?

moneybucks says:

The girl speaking at 51 mins has a point i believe seth unintentionally
missed, there are a lot pro science atheist that tend to misrepresent the
data, and in ways pretend to know the subject their talking about, but miss
important key points.

i my self have been guilty of this a couple of times, i would often debate
on topics such as evolution trying to explain it to my opponent, and would
often wing it with what i believed was the best answer without verifying in
the moment.

alot of of us try to shy away from this, but it does tend to be a bad habit
some of us have.

MMDE says:

Bluescreens are usually hardware issues, but sometimes driver issues.

truth1901 says:

Beliefs count for nothing.

Scantraxxxx says:

Love what you do man, big time fan!
And screw those moaning hipsters crying about sponsors!

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Mario Pendic says:

Wow. Religion is a poison to society. 

TC Sam says:

About 25 years ago, I got a job at a small local store that was owned by a
bible beating fundamentalist christian who spent the next 3 years trying to
convert me. She tried scaring me into believing. When she asked me what
will I do when I have to stand before god and be judged. My response was to
say that at that point it would be pointless to lie and try to deny the
beliefs I lived my life with and I would take responsibility for my
actions. She was horrified. When I went on to explain that if her god
existed and it is truly omnipotent, then it would know I would be lying to
do anything else. She kept telling me that I couldn’t do that. She couldn’t
tell me why. I think her response was party because she had a rote set of
answers she was expecting and had answers to and my response was not
something she had a response to. Needless to say she never managed to
convert me, but I learned how to argue my beliefs quite well. 


Damn, not one “U MAD BRO”? I guess the interwebs are finally growing up….

O2BSoLucky says:

The little match girl story. How sad that the people only care about the
dead girl, not the living suffering girl. 

ASquared007 says:

Aren’t we all? One can only take so much stupidity…

John Williamson says:
Kitty BooBoo says:

The Bible doesn’t actually teach Original Sin. The Doctrine of Original
Sin was invented by St Augustine of Hippo in the 5th Century. Judaism
never taught it. Judaism actually teaches that humans are born Sin-free
and untainted, and choose to Sin later on in life and bring suffering to

The Story of Adam and Eve is just a Parable, just like the Tower of Babel,
Noah’s Ark, the Exodus, Jericho, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, etc, etc – ALL
PARABLES, nothing more. The Jews always taught in Parables and still do to
this very day.

rey2best says:

“I’ve had a few hipsters bitch and moan about one sponsorship out of free
podcast” lol you’re the best seth xD

0nly This says:

Evidently, eternity in the Divine Presence is not sufficient a reward to
attract even believers. No, it takes the threat of eternal damnation to
render God the “preferred” choice.

TodayzTomSawyer says:

It would be funny to turn the tables and pamphlet the cars with atheistic
literature in the church parking lot that handed out the offending ones.

cybersekkin says:

My 6 year old daughter is in the hospital for a condition. She should have
a full recovery in the coming weeks, but sometimes you see what people
think deep down when in these situations. I have no god belief, and
probably annoy the doctors with my questions about their treatment, but
that is what I am counting on to make her get well quick. My wife who has
never been very religious however has collected all the good luck charms
and is asking the Buddhist gods to help. Even knowing she should be well in
a few weeks I had forgotten how helpless and wiped this can make you feel,
thank goodness I can use my energy spending time with the family and doing
what I can rather than chasing some religious false hopes. Happily my wife
is focussing on comforting my daughter during this rough patch, I am not
about to take the good luck charms from her, funnily enough one is a small
felt cat I made for my daughter. I am annoyed though that she sometimes
thinks we are being punished through our daugther from some thing we must
have done.

ChaosmanOne says:

If there is a God and He created this universe, He created it in the way
that our scientists understand it. It doesn’t mean that we CANNOT
understand abiogenesis. It doesn’t mean that we CANNOT understand the first
second of The Big Bang. We KNOW that evolution accounts for life on this
planet, it doesn’t mean that we CANNOT understand DNA. I can never say
rationally that a God doesn’t exist and even the God of the early Bible,
the one who created all things, not the angry, misogynistic, megalomaniac,
child murderer of the later Bible; He certainly is a fairy tale to
indoctrinate and control a fearful and ignorant population.
I have always wondered about Christian hatred of unbelievers – if my soul
is lost, how does that hurt them? Let me burn, it’s my choice. That being
said, what I ‘believe’ is that, if your God exists and He has the
properties that you insist He has (omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, all
loving, and perfectly just), then when I die and I am judged He will see my
heart in that moment and know that I accept Him. There will be no Hell for
the skeptical unbeliever; He is more than your sad, pathetic, ignorant,
hateful, judgmental religion.
This is why I am an angry atheist (skeptical unbeliever, agnostic atheist).
Your disgusting religion tries to hold me back, keep me down, calls me
terrible names and spreads nothing but hate, which is ABSOLUTELY not what
God is (should He exist). Your pathetically small view of your OWN God
saddens me.
God, Himself, will be happy when religion dies.

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