Visit Coimbatore, the most industrialized urban city in Tamil Nadu

Visit Coimbatore, the most industrialized urban city in Tamil Nadu

Often known as the Manchester of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is one of the most significant city of Tamil Nadu. The city is significant not just in terms of industry/businesses but also in terms of tourism. With the various modernization going around in the city, it is now the educational, business, medical, administration, and politics centre of the region. The city also called Kovai is situated on the banks of river Noyyal and is surrounded by the Western Ghats. The climate here is basically pleasant because of the cool breeze flowing through the city’s densely forested mountains ranges. As a result the temperature in the city usually varies between 35 °C and 18 °C.

Modes to arrive at Coimbatore

Being the most significant city in Tamil Nadu after Chennai, the city is very well connected to all major parts of India. Arriving at Coimbatore through road is a simple affair, because of the three national highways and six best-for-trip roads. There is also an airport at the distance of about 7 km from the city. Additionally, the Coimbatore railway junction is one of the major railway stations in Tmail Nadu, which connects the city all states in India.

Coimbatore as an urban city

Although the city is widely known for being probably the most industrialized new-age city in Tamil Nadu, the city is also equally known for the several exciting and interesting sightseeing attractions. It can’t be denied that most of the people visit the city for business, education, healthcare, and work purposes. The city is said to be among the top global outsourcing cities. Information Technology is big in Coimbatore, it is one of the fastest growing industry in the city. People head to the city for education, work, and treatment of diseases. It is one of the fastest developing cities in India and is home to hundreds of intellects and scholars.

Coimbatore tourism

Although tourism is not so big in the city, but it is not less, as well. Tourism also does has some role in the city’s economy and there are some whose livelihood depends on tourism. There are some really good sightseeing places in the city. While someone is in the city or around this part of the nation, then he/she does has a great opportunity to check out the city’s attractions. The city has numerous sacred places and temples in and around. To name a few of the world-popular temples in the city include: Lord Ganesha Temple, Eachanaari Vinayaga Temple, Dhayanalinga Yogic Temple, Velliengiri Hills, Anjeneyar Kovil, and more. The G.D. Naidu museum and the Athar Jamad Masjid, which is over hundred years old, are the other places to visit in Coimbatore.

Apart from these, there are various theme based parks located in the surrounding of the city. To name a few include: Maharaja Water Park, Black Thunder, and Kovai Kondattam etc.; all these offer a day full of fun and excitement. Additional to all these there are several entertainment mediums such as shopping malls, marketplaces, theater, restaurants, and more.

And while you are enjoying your stay at the city, don’t forget to taste the sweet-tasting culinary drinking water called Siruvani drinking water and the South India Thali.
Finally in order to make your stay comfortable and satisfying the city offers you multiple hotel choices to choose from. There are both: the budget hotels and the exquisite luxary hotels in Coimbatore and you can choose from anyone that best suits you.

In conclusion, Coimbatore is the perfect the destination not just for the business purposes but also for tourism. Do visit the city at least once and you’ll have one of the most memorable moments of your life.



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