What Are The Most Atheist Countries?

What Are The Most Atheist Countries?

Religion has played a major role in the development of the culture and society, but in recent years, more and more countries have turned their backs on the whole idea of believing in a central diety. So, which countries are the most atheist, and why?
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Shrinivas Mandre says:

Atheist is not religion it is a decision

The SMMDH says:

Did you see North Korea
It did goes to well

Jay Williams says:

How powerful is Mars?

Reis Abdullahi says:

Another fact worth mentioning is that during communism Albania created the first atheist nation in the world.

Raymond Lee says:

Religion is the opium of the society

Game Extremist says:

Any indians,,,hit like

Wodney says:

1:02 ok so now what about Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, and Grub.
Or don't they get a say?

iLLSHa Cephied says:

Welldone China!!!👏👏👏

Markjohn9696 1996 says:

religion is a tool to oppress people while communism is not r u fuckong kidden me 🙁

Fallout267 says:

Right at the beginning you got the definition of atheist and agnostic wrong

mirceagogoncea says:

You do realize the Czech Republic / Czechoslovakia were never part of the Soviet Union, don't you? You keep calling it "Soviet Czechoslovakia" and the "Soviet Bloc", when you actually mean the Eastern Bloc. A lot of Americans seem to make this mistake.

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