What Does Life After Death Look Like?

What Does Life After Death Look Like?

After a scuba-diving excursion turns deadly for newlywed Darnisha Taylor, she wakes up in a pure, clean place she’s convinced is the afterlife. What she encounters there is remarkable and mysterious, but it’s a simple question from a stranger – “Are you coming?” – that will alter Darnisha’s existence forever. | PROJECT AFTERLIFE premieres Sunday, August 9 at 10/9c on Destination America.

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Mindy Quamina says:

Death is inviting I would say. but it could also be a trap. I think that we see things etc on that dying state because the brain is still alive. but I could also be wrong, no one really knows truth.

kadyn peters says:

how did you post this than hmmm

Martyn W says:

I am a medical doctor; with a scientific mind. Had it not been for a NDE as a child, I would have been an atheist.
I was 5 years old, and very, very ill – bacterial meningitis. I slipped out of my body twice; I saw this "thing" lying on the bed, and it took a while to register, that "that thing" was my body. I was not distressed by it; it was more a sense of distracted fascination.
I felt "a pull" towards the left corner of the ceiling, and as I passed through there, the hospital room, and "that thing" on the bed, became 2-dimensional.
I was in a garden of incredible beauty, and I was met by a person I "inherently knew" to be my maternal grandfather; I also "knew" that he had died at his own hand, before my birth. This – and a few other more personal details – were confirmed by my mother, just before her own passing, on her birthday, in May 2006. They inherent knowledge I had when I was in that Garden, was validated at different times in my life. I thank God/The Creator/The Supreme Source for the privilege of being allowed to link into that wonderful World that lies just beyond this life. It shape my Spirituality.

blah102101 says:

i call bull shit

Leo Gao says:

is this real

Morph Verse says:

I'll see it when i die, until then i'll call this a load of bollocks.

dr331 says:

Before you where born is what happens after death.

Manuel Correia says:

Do you miss the time 10 billion years ago? Would you think you will miss THIS TIME 10 billion years from now ?
Well, we Could suggest ideas and some are likely very close to the truth! ONE which I believe is that – WHEN ONE DIES, ALL YOUR FAMILY, friends know that you are gone, have died – EXCEPT ONLY ONE INDIVIDUAL DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HAD HAPPENED – THAT WILL BE "YOU" That is very likely the closest to the truth my friend! We wish it not to be so, however, we will never complain afterwards! So, does it matter anyway?

Matt Crafter says:

wait is this heaven?

Sherborne Prometheus says:

I don't know if I had a NDE. Last month I coughed blood so much that it filled my lung and I fainted. I was lucky because my brother saw me and he took me to the hospital immediately. He said the doctors almost gave up and didn't know what to do with me since I was unresponsive and my blood pressure was so high and my oxygen intake was only 5%. So it seemed like a miracle that suddenly I could get stabilized and regained my consciousness.
I didn't remember all of this, nor the split time when I was in a coma, I had not a single memory or dream or anything. It was only the time when I coughed and the time when I was in the ER trying to breathe through the oxygen mask. It was as if I was skipping memory scenes.
Maybe it was nothing, but I felt God had given me chance to live and not died that day. It did make me feel enormously blessed and curious at the same time.

الحريه وطن says:

after death soul stay in barzakh.
بعد الوفاه تعيش الارواح في برزخ حتي البعث.

thank you all

Alice Fanto says:

what channel does this come on

Debra “debra1711” Shea says:

I too had a NDE.but I don't remember anything about it. But when I came back everything had changed.I was no longer afraid to die.My spirituality /religion became very important to me. I then started volunteer work in vigil care for dying hospice patients.(I sit with them when they are passing through to their next journey. )
It has been amazing the sense of peace I feel everyday that everything will be ok. (Even though we have a really trying financial life with my husband being laid off for so long. )It makes no sense. .but then again it makes perfect sense because I KNOW IT WILL BE OK..peace..a gift I received. I even became a paranormal investigator to help families. .Thank You Destination America. .I am looking forward to the show. ..debra shea

Mary Deioma says:

Wonderful presentation. I can feel the sense of wonder!

Audra Custodio says:

cant wait to watch what a cliffhanger

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