What Happens After Death ( Documentary )

What Happens After Death ( Documentary )

What Happens After Death ( Documentary ) … 2013 These documentaries shown here relate to important times and figures in history, historic places and people…



joan Jones says:

Just hope there is something after all this. If there isn’t then there
isn’t. If there is then there is. I accept the truth. Just don’t know what
the heck the truth is.

danielsaan1976 says:

Golly, this program is ground breaking.

TheTradingmajic says:

Doctors don’t even know what consciousness is. The dirty secret is that
doctors only heal patients at a 6% success rate. Yet, they smugly talk as
if they have all the answers. Study what the ancient cultures say. You know
those who had a higher technology than we do today. The builders of
pyramids and things. Consciousness is not localized in the brain. There is
no proof of that. Yet they say there is no proof that consciousness is
outside the body. There’s a difference between the mind and the brain.
Doctors have learned a lot about the brain yet, have no clue of the nature
of consciousness.

Edge Bob says:

Don’t believe KNOW

mcpartridgeboy says:

OK i couldnt resist when i saw the title, what happens after death ok fine
but ?DOCUMENTRY ? ? ? thats just the wrong word, documentrys deal with
facts, there are totally 0 facts we know about after death, other than the
decomposing process ! 

deskjockie49 says:

One thing this film leaves out are the NDE accounts of those who have
verifiable proofs that they were actually out of their bodies, such as
overhearing conversations in other rooms or down the hall, or even miles
away, that are later confirmed. Also, Eban Alexander’s account of meeting
his birth sister who died before he renewed his acquaintance with his birth
family is very compelling. 

Abbaaddon says:

Centuries of Judaeo-Christian-Islamic brainwashing on a massive scale is
entirely to blame for millions of gullible, stupid, ignorant,
religiously-inculcated, terror-stricken, mind-manipulated imbeciles still
being uncontrollably, irreversibly and pathologically obsessed with the
idiotic concept of “The Afterlife”. 99.99% of this ungainly, unevolved,
unintelligent and unfit human race remains well and truly comprised of
knuckle-scraping, slack-jawed, intellectually-crippled fantasy-worshippers.

arnoldskit says:

@ 31:22 the EEG monitor levels are comparable to the levels of someone that
is wide awake and talking and lasts 2 to 3 minutes. The question is, what
goes on after that? It seems that when people have the OBE’s and NDE’s they
seem to be the same length of time. Like the woman in the video when she
met her grandparents. An OBE and a NDE seem to last within the 2 to 3
minute mark. The question is,what is taking place an hour after, or a week!
Then your taking about being in a different time,and that’s something all
together different.
I’m not a religious person at all, but peace and love to all! 

Baije Brown says:

There are many dominions beyond our human understanding. There are also
portals which connect to the underworld, or hell. Invoking spiritual
beings has proven successful in many cases, however, it must be made
cautious, that while invoking entities which do not belong in our realm of
existence – can prove to be dangerous. These entities do not belong on our
realm, and can do more harm than good.

These realms were created by our lord God in heaven for his purpose to
enslave Lucifer and his fallen angels. However, man’s knowledge, or
curiosity of the occult, has opened many doors to these many realms. Be
warned, as this is forbidden from our lord savior, and all who practice, or
dabble with sorcery will be punished by Gods universal laws.

We have free will – also known as a spiritual test from God. God knew man
would discover these mysteries of the spiritual realm, this is why he gave
us free will – or choices. The obvious choice would be to ignore these
entities, which roam freely from being freed from occult practices, and
pray to God. They will not go away, however, if you surround yourself with
the holy spirit, you will be saved. God knows the true intensions of one’s

We have a choice. There is only one Master of the universe, awaiting the
end prophecies of the bible for fulfillment. There is a worldly God known
as Satan, who is the deceiver of this world. His days are short, and he
knows his end result, this is why he is trying to take as many souls with
him and their demise. Praise God only! In the end you will reap what you
have sewn good, or bad

Dack Isback says:

I hope I get ass pounded by some really buff, beautiful angel floating on a

Then I get to pound all the heavenly twinks from Roman times and all of

That’s my idea of heaven anyway, eternal sex party…

Liberty Infinite says:

I think that one thing that matters is that most people want there to be an
afterlife. Whether in one form or another, most people feel like there is
another life. We will not know, any of us until after we die. We just will
not know if it is some reaction of the brain that ceases as death
completes, or if the eternity for some begins at that point. It is
interesting to see what happens to some people. & we just can’t know until
we are dead. But we will hope. You can not stop people from wanting
immortality. It is a fact of life that we want it.

Ray Provence says:

Millions of young people including myself experienced things like this
under the influence of drugs. It was called intoxication — ischemia —
lack of blood hence lack of oxygen to the brain’s Limbic system. Try it
yourself….inhale some gasoline until you lose consciousness. I have done
those things when I was young and searching. I am 84 years old now and in
very good mental as well as physical health. Try DMT, lysurgic acid,
mushrooms (DMT) again. Choke yourself even, before you buy this confused
crap. When you are dead you are dead, and there is no coming back with all
the beautiful stories. I have had several sessions with bone setting due
to violent sports. The doctor sprayed (I believe Ethyl Chloride) on a mask
over my face and told me to count backward. I never got ten breaths before
I went to a place so wonderful and familiar that I woke up laughing every
time. My ex wife was unconsciuos for over a week a few years ago. They
said she was going to die but she did not. No…She spent most of her time
visiting the President. I prefer heaven myself. Check it out and forgive
my spelling.

warden phil says:

I am a believing Christian who believes in both Heaven and Hell. I am also
an Electrical Engineer. At 32 minutes into the video, I would ask the
question if some artifact in the EEG machine’s automatic gain control (AGC)
software is responsible for the high brain readings the doctor is talking
about. I say this because I have observed such “ghost readings” (no pun
intended) with other equipment of similar technology, when the input signal
was either cut off or was way out of the allowable value range of the
receiving circuit.

Walter Ben says:


Baije Brown says:

These people are not in heaven, but in the spiritual realm. Heaven
consists of angels, and God only. After the rapture, or second coming of
our lord, will we ascend into the highest realm called heaven – bypassing
the spiritual, or any other dominions created. These people who have
passed into the afterlife are waiting for the judgment day. They most
certainly lived a Christian life, or they would have gone to the
underworld, or hell, with also exsist

ZuestTV says:

Why do you think you have a soul why animals have souls why is there trees
sea skys this whole universe the accuracy is perfect who do you think made
all this, let me tell you, your maker is the mighty the mercy he is allah
sooner or later we will all between him being judged only for who
disordered him and denieded to believe him will not be judged and will go
to hell, think about it this is the only way to earn eternity heaven and
mercy of Allah.

Rahl Pamynx says:

“Reason: We can now use our ability to reason, deductive logic, and
extrapolation of the known evidence to know and understand things the
evidence does not reveal directly, such as life after death. We have
progressed enough to know and understand the fundamental truth of life. It
will transform us and our world.
LIFE KNOWING LIFE IS THE WAY” *- From page 12 of ~~ The Present ~~ at

jy7duality says:

The problem is limitations in human understanding…if something does not
“fit” into our reality our BIAS SUBJECTIVE LEARNED reality, than we come
to the conclusion that it MUST be false. It is pointless to talk to a
learned “scholarly” person, they are overwhelmingly skeptical. There is
something more to this life and I’ve seen it. 

appleseed76 says:

So there are tables and chairs in heaven with fruit on the table?
Curiously… Are there factories in heaven? Who makes the tables and
chairs? Who harvests the fruit? Does this mean I need heavenly dollars to
organise a heavenly reunion? Where do I live in heaven? Do I just wonder
around endlessly in fields of grass and trees? Am I surrounded by deceased
family constantly? Eeeeeeek! Get me out of here. 

RMB787983 says:

I had a NDE a few years ago. I truly believe that all that I saw, felt,
heard and tuned into, did indeed occur. I have absolutely no doubt of that.
Yet, simultaneously, I also know (from my love of all things scientifically
neurological, and the application of said science thereof) that, given the
brain’s transient denial of all efferent (inward environmental stimuli)
neurological stimuli pertaining to the NDE’s precursor, the brain, given
that it is searching for stimuli, does tend to fill-in the memory gap so to
speak, by ‘creating’ memories. For example; it is commonplace for Special
Forces Troopers to experience the former whilst experiencing a period of
afferent neuro-stimuli (no inward stimuli from said environment) and,
therefore, marvel at the hallucinations’ produced thereof! These Troopers,
duly robbed of all visual neuro-referencing as may be caused by total snow
visual wipe out, see all sorts of anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic
‘images’ as are ‘thrown-up/generated’ by the brain for afferent
neurological continuity. Thereby removing all memories of the stimuli-gap.
Some of the brain-created images can be outrageously humorous…or
threatening; but once the viewer’ realises and is trained to discount these
illusions, the viewer is instinctively nonplussed, and can duly carry on
with the mission as it were. We humans are totally reliant upon a constant
flow of environmental information to our controlling brain which enables us
to therefore react with (afferent) said environment’, and duly get on with
living on this earth with a tridimensional, normalised context! Everything
is so quantum at times… 

zygi22 says:

All these NDEs are a crock of shit. Period. People will believe all kinds
of crap it’s freaking sad.

zygi22 says:

What happens after death? Did you remember what had happened before you
were born?

teppolundgren says:

What does that mean, “after” death? There is no “after”, so nothing

stok3d99 says:

Anita and Eben are now best-selling ‘authors’ and public speakers. So they
decided to ‘cash in’ on their experiences, what a surprise.

This is all BULL SHIT.

Adam Butler says:

You Christians are so silly. Always bending the outcome of science to suit
your religious intentions.

filth hater says:

You get buried! Or cremated!

Jamal Ali says:

Sounds like dmt to me lol

mike miller says:

The lesson to learn in life is love. It starts with yourself and your

Vaishakh Samban says:


TheSushiandme says:

I wrote my own book just like the Scientology and Mormons. It’s the best
religious book ever. It has Pokemon in heaven with Pizza and Grape Juice.

phil lis dick says:


Rivkin Ben says:

oh really people still believe in this retarded bible?

Rev55 says:

Judgement. if you are righteous you will get to meet the master, and he
will ask you 3 questions if you pass you enter the kingdom of heaven. These
questions are found in the Bible the answers are yes or no. If you don’t
believe in the things happening on earth how can you believe in the things
of the next life. YESHUA HaMasshiach Adoni the only begotten son of HaShem

Baije Brown says:

I wonder will this doctor be a believer when the second coming of the
Christ appears right before his very eye’s.

naseer n says:

belev in god

Barbara Chambers says:

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