What is it to have faith in Jesus Christ?

What is it to have faith in Jesus Christ?

Monick’s cabin commentary on what it is to have faith in Jesus Christ, filmed in Lac Saint Paul, Quebec, October 2007.



Craig Davies says:

God bless you sister, my name is Craig and I am a born-again Christian and this video really inspired me, thank you! May God continue to bless you as your glorify him through the spirit and the precious blood of his son Jesus Christ and remember if we do not get to meet in this life time, we shall meet in our Father’s Kingdom. Amen! <3

Jason Nelson says:

Give up your bronze age myths. Your god is imaginary. There are no talking snakes, magical gardens, people living in whales bodies.

People simply adopt the beliefs of their parents. If you were born in India you would be a Hindu. Its all about the crap shoot of where you were born.

If i said i think Elvis is still alive you would say well there is no reason or proof to believe such a thing. When i would say well i still believe, you would simply laugh at me.

towerman3434 says:

I just want to praise God right here, and now for holding me in his hands. Here recently, he let me see how to live in the spirit, and not the flesh. My wife and I rencently split up , she left me. I always put her first in my life. God showed me who should be first. I hope that you guys will pray for me to have enough faith to know that she will be back, for we are one flesh who needs to put God almighty first.

Raised2Life says:

Hello! Thank you so much for your edifying message. How encouraging! I won’t stop… I’ll run the race that is set before me. I love Jesus too. JESUS IS LORD!!! <8=)

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