Why am i here!!? Paul & Atheist | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

Why am i here!!? Paul & Atheist  | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

Brother Paul has a discussion with an atheist abou various topics through all of it the gentleman was open minded and took a great intrest in the dawah mashallah



SCDawah Channel says:

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Sheela Anwar says:

SubhaanAllah .May Allah swt reward you brothers abundantly .Ameen😌👍

Bottoy Sex says:

paul de faggot man again woohoo

Speakers Corner UK says:

13:35 "There is no much evidence for the existence of God…" according to Paul…. "I don't believe in Atheism, Atheism seems incredible…"
A shame Paul cannot produce any of this "evidence" and yet he claims the Default position (atheism – Not Accepting Supernatural or Extraordinary claims) is incredible… His entire assertion is "incredible"!

Raw Keeper says:

Interesting discussion. I find it so hard to belief that god would create a place to punish us over a belief or forces us to worship him by sending us to hell if we don't. I even have to worship him if he sends my parents to hell which sounds so irrational to me.
Especially since he already knew that I would have this opinion before he created me.

Maryah says:

The purpose of this life and era is to love God by following his Son Jesus who died for our sins and teach us to obey everything he has commanded.

tazz says:

MashaAllah great video!!!
May Allah rewards the brothers for conveying the message of Islam beautifully.

jojo s says:

20m reallyy hahaha

мусульманский chechenskya says:

hhhh blind toothless world

Evo says:

Some of these atheists should watch the video by professor jeffrey Lang. It’s three hours long but boy does it put these “why does God allow babies to die” etc to rest.

Blind Spot says:

mashallah! fantastic!

Al-Ikram Chowdory says:

The capped Muslim is much like Abbas n I wanna see more of his dawah as he is soft in voice

Abdur Rahman Muhammad says:

Masha Allah brothers – how about explaining more on the oath of iblees/satan to Allah and Allah promise to the children of Adam.

Sachi says:

Assalamu Alaikem! Now THIS is what I'm talking about!! Excellent convo Br. Paul! Allahummabaraklahu!!!

sam tam says:

after 4 minutes im more clear than ever about this world and hereafter. and im a muslim. what a great guy this Paul is. He explained it so beautifully.

X226 says:

I like your reply Paul ,there is a perfect world in the hereafter

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