Why Can’t Christians Understand the Word Atheist?

Why Can’t Christians Understand the Word Atheist?

An Exploration of the word “Atheist”

Christians have been telling atheist what the atheist means for far too long. In this video, we expose the reasons why theologians misrepresent the word to their flock.

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To be fair… (in the words of The Infidel Guy)

Positive atheists do argue against “particular” deities due to their internal contradictory attributes. In addition, most atheists do have concepts in mind about particular deities that they deny.

The box analogy isn’t quite accurate either because we are well aware of what it is that we do not find plausible.

In general, though, the concept is correct, atheism is merely a lack of belief in deities.

‘Why’ I disbelieve isn’t because of atheism.

I disbelieve due to a myriad of other factors that have absolutely nothing to do with atheism.

Atheism is a consequence of my honest perception of reality.


All true…. It is a complex issue, but this video is focused on the reasons that Christians don’t understand the WORD “Atheist”.


Thanks to Aron Ra for the voiceover on the intro.



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