Why Heisenberg? (Breaking Bad Spoilers)

Why Heisenberg? (Breaking Bad Spoilers)

Not my usual style of content, but all my sets are packed away for my move and all I could think about today was Breaking Bad. I hope you guys enjoy it, even…



HalvorsenProduction says:

Do one on the feminist blurred lines!

Realthx says:

I’m sure the oxford professor i met a week ago would be slightly put out hearing that the field he has studied for 10 years is pseudo science. String theory is grounded in reality, if the theory doesn’t fit with observable evidence, it is thrown out. That is their definition or reality.
To me, science seems to look for patterns for which we can make predictions about the future/better understand the world. Quantum mechanics is a clear pattern, and predicts the future to startling accuracy.

Nicky Bigbrains says:

What ever you say Mr. Thought policeman.

Matt Demarre says:


MyMusicSosa says:

Also Heisenberg died of cancer

Nathan Fazekas says:

Yeah, it’s a shit show. I hated every second of it.
Yo, fuck Dexter! Dexter fucking sucks, mother fuckers!!!
Go fuck yourself, Dexter! That goddamn piece of shit show is a motherfucking joke! Yo, fuck it!

Skyler Young says:

he’s not really cashing in on this video. there was no “like my videos, subscribe, etc etc” outro like there usually is.

Nathan Fazekas says:

I never said the ending was good…

Nicky Bigbrains says:

I haven’t = BrE , I don’t have = AmE The fact that you are unfamiliar with this, gives no credibility to your argument. I find it difficult to believe I’m actually debating this point with you. Buy yourself a copy of the book I mentioned and educate yourself. Or if it makes you happy, substitute “haven’t an idea” for “have no idea”. Both are equally valid grammatical syntaxes.

cheddar07 says:

Does it matter if he is qualified? He is saying something that could easily be found on a Wikipedia page. He isn’t giving a lecture to a bunch of students, he is giving his understanding/opinion on a TV show. Besides was he wrong?

خادم الاسلام says:

Please follow parts 1 and 2 of my series on how Maths and Science refute Evolution



Dean Winchester says:

Dexter ending failed… 5-8 were retarded, with 7 being the best of them

Dean Winchester says:

That’s what I got from this. Every once in a while he posts something that resembles a high school English project..

Ralph Horque says:

this is so obviously a troll…

Nicky Bigbrains says:

Btw, I forgot the indefinite article “a” before “copy” in my reply. This can even happen to the most literate of souls. I guess I need to fire my copy editor.

MexicoNativeAmerican says:


TheMrMoonie says:

I was buying it until you then started insulting me. Adding to the reason why i made my comment to you in the first place. GG Troll.

CMO999 says:

who cares?

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

Werner Heisenberg also died of cancer so there’s that, but I think the uncertainty principle pertains more to the awesomeness that is Breaking Bad

Nicky Bigbrains says:

Rereading my first comment, I can see now it sounds a bit too harsh. For that I apologize to T.J. and any others who were offended. I just feel that a lot of people are shamefully cashing in on Breaking Bad’s last episode and have become a bit cynical about it all.

tknick90 says:

To be fair, it used to be a pretty damn good show. But yeah, season 5, 6, and this final season are fucking terrible.

justintrouble8 says:

Good point if enough people unsub and stop watching these shit videos maybe he will go back go making better ones

Nicky Bigbrains says:

No, not at all. I like T.J.s content generally, except when he rants about meaningless things. I think in this case he is cashing in on Breaking Bad’s last episode. Forgive me for voicing my opinion. I guess in your world, one should conform blindly to social protocol, and worship the cult of T.J. with out question. I didn’t insult T.J., in fact I am quite fond of his political incites in general.

Nicky Bigbrains says:

Yes, it’s called British English. You really ought to pick up copy of “Oxford English Grammar” before you start criticizing an English teacher’s grammar.

gringots says:

breaking bad sucks

Jesse Barrios says:

Thanks for the video! Very informative.

FeatherlessBipedOG says:

Well, it obviously bothers you that I used a word that is commonly used to insult contemptible people. Do I need to direct you to TheAmazingAtheist’s video about “faggot”?

SnippyDoughnut says:

TJ’s like 28, lmfao

Simon Vatland says:

How about no.

123backinyerface says:

Breaking Bad is up there with the best TV shows, personally I would put it on the same par as The walking Dead, AMC have really got their shit together.

dibrenn3432 says:

or walt just thought it was a cool to name is alter ego after a famous scientist

dibrenn3432 says:

or, does it really bother you that much?

dibrenn3432 says:

is it important enough for you to call him a faggot?

Luciferum says:

Breaking Bad is one of the most well-written shows out there. Overated? Compared to what, some shit like Lost or Dexter? Please.

Luciferum says:

Dexter fucking sucks.

John Richardson says:

I’m a physicist and everything TJ said about physics here was correct.

Isleptwithyourmotherlastnight says:

You dont know what he does in his free time and so dont try acting like you do. Ive watched his vids for years too. Yeah he did say he sucked at math.. in a video like five years ago. “He doesn’t study physics beyond watching documentaries on TV about the universe” Oh really? Well prove it then.. TJ might be a high school drop out, but the shit youre stating resembles a pre-school drop out.

dannysquirrel says:

Agree 100%.

attab0i408 says:

I like how you just assume he studies in his free time. Ive been watching his videos for years. Many times he has said he sucks at math and never tries to learn it. He has also said that what he does in his free time by way of learning is reading books. He doesn’t study physics beyond watching documentaries on TV about the universe (which is not studying physics)

CH33F Z33F says:

Breaking Bad is stupid and overrated.

Nathan Fazekas says:

You should have done this with Dexter too

BJ Kirkenstein says:

I cum just reading his name!!

BJ Kirkenstein says:

TJ is hella sexy and is a legendary sexual icon!!!

Isleptwithyourmotherlastnight says:

Ohhhhh god, not you again! Alright just answer me this. How the hell do you know what TJ does in his spare time, and what he does and doesnt study? He is free to say what he wants. He might not be “qualified” to talk physics, but YOU are not qualified to say what he hasnt studied. As if you know his every move.

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