Why I Am Not An Atheist part 1

Why I Am Not An Atheist part 1

Proponents of atheism have a more prominent voice than perhaps they would have in years past. Is there any validity to their logic? How can Christians answer the critiques? Ravi Zacharias explains why he is not an atheist to an audience at Princeton University.



FishBayVI420H20 says:

The reason that I am Atheist is because there arent any humans practicing the worlds oldest religion and there arent any humans worshipping the first god ever spoken about by humans….

Maybe a god exists, maybe not….But I firmly believe that if a god exists, the best way to please god, find god, or get close to god, is to be Atheist and to worry about simply existing in as much harmony with the world around us as possible…

Thats what a Creator would want from his Creation…A Creator wants his Creation to simply be a harmonious and stable Creation….

Compared to every other lifeform on this earth, humanity is the furthest away from stable or harmonious….

Every other living organism on this planet does not ponder the existence of god..Every other living organism on this planet does not have the ability to wipe life off the earth with the press of a button..

So the guy in the video points out that Atheists have committed mass murder in the name of atheism…..Well, I agree with him!!!! However, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. also believed that they were superior to all other humans beneath them….Thats dogmatic…And it is borne of a focus on theism and atheism…..simply put, acting violently on an idea that god does not exist, is no different from acting violently on an idea that god DOES exist…

What does it mean to be human??? Well, maybe humanity is not even close to being ready to try to answer that question yet…..I dont know what it means to be human….I dont even know whether my own life has any meaning or not beyond the meaning I personally place on my own life….but the meaning I place on my life is likely very different from billions of other peoples personal meanings for their lives….

Personally, I try to find ways to unify with other humans as much as possible…I try to find common ground with the humans who fundamentally and utterly disagree with my theistic or atheistic or supernatural stances or beliefs….I try to find reasons why people are correct, instead of trying to find reasons why people are wrong…I try to present myself as a human being with no ill will or judgment towards anyone else regarding their beliefs or religions…

I want a god to exist…I want a creator to come down to earth and reveal himself to the entire world in a fundamentally undeniable way that shows the entire world that god exists…I want humanity to unite in that kind of way…I dont care if islam is right, or christianity, or hinduism, or scientology, or any other religion is right…I dont care if every single religion gets proven 100% wrong….I dont care if I instantly become a theist….I just want humanity to unite more….

Humanity is not uniting..We are not existing in harmony inside of a creation created for us by a perfect Creator…..We are trashing and destroying everything around us….We have become able to completely destroy the world in which we all exist…..

I dont think that any godly Creator would be pleased with what humanity has done with what has been provided for us……

And I highly doubt that any Creator would want some human beings to try to assert moral superiority over other humans simply because of their religious beliefs….

I feel I have been very rational and civil, as well as open minded and willing to find ways to work together despite opposing beliefs about the supernatural….

Maybe god exists, maybe not….All the evidence Ive seen in my life tells me that the best way to please a god, or get close to a god, is to be Atheist…..

A stable and harmonious Creation (our earth, and our species, and all other living things) gets more "blessings" than an unstable and unharmonious Creation….

Perhaps the LACK of religion and theism will produce more balance, stability, and harmony for our species and our planet….

BecomingMike says:

Ravi's analysis of the cause of totalitarianism and fascism is too simplistic. Just saying "atheism did it" or "without God there is no objective point of reference is no sufficient explanation.

For anyone interested in actual answers to questions related to the evil of the 20th century, check out the lectures of Jordan Peterson (Peterson is a religious clinical psychologist, just fyi).

Joshua Davis says:

Why can't this be the number one trending video on YouTube? It is so good!

gun fan says:

i am a PhD student and have a presentation next month, can I use some of this material to address my peers during the presentation?

manny man says:

Amen, in Jesus name…

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