Why I’m an Atheist & left the Catholic church after 25 years

Why I’m an Atheist & left the Catholic church after 25 years

Why I’m an Atheist & left the Catholic church.
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EmpAtheist says:

Good video. I have to disagree with the good stories with good moral lessons stuff though… Unless you wanna know the proper way to beat your slaves.

Your Best Nightmare says:


Gabi Alyce says:

I remember when I was really small I would lay in my bed at night and think of death. The thought used to scare me because you wonder if anyone will miss you or how you are gonna die. I thought that if I died I would be able to feel myself being buried and hear the cries of my family. I used to imagine how my funeral would look like. I used to think of my mom dying and I cried my self to sleep thinking of the meaning of death.

wow that was dark…but I rarely think about anymore.

Jessica Gormley says:

You are so hot!!!!!!….

nono bow says:

I still don't understand why people blame god on some humans behaviour. God didn't tell them to be crazy fanatics Forcing religion on others.becuse he knows this will distance people and make them hate religion. But instructed to guide with wisdom and patience and love. God gave us rules on how to live and treat each other with respect and love. And its upon a man or a woman to follow the rules or not(free will). And if someone went against his rules it's the person's fault not god. Don't say you don't believe in his existence because you had bad experiences when you were a kid. You're an adult now weigh things more logically. Oh and does that mean you won't blame god for horrible events or misfortune because you don't believe in him or ask his help.

Chiara Loves 1D says:

By the way I found this video very interesting 😊

Chiara Loves 1D says:

😂You at the end 😛✌🏻

Nikki Smith says:

Was raised atheist and agree with everything that is said in your video. Where is the evidence that god even existed haha

John Adams says:

don't give up on God Bradley keep the faith and be strong God bless you ❤

Ryuk the shinigami says:

My family is Christian and this makes so much sense. Honestly, I don't go to church or even believe in god. I'm not sure what I believe in in regards to religion. I just liked getting free bread

Joe Harry says:

Well aren't we two feathers of the same bird… an since I was born Defiance guess that tells all… but after years of brainwashing yea
.. but i had to comment that your theory on the good book makes you a logical an wise man 😉
All the words have been "" interpreted by interpreter"" who by the way was human an capable of error… AN let us not forget!!! If The Interpreter did not like the meaning he would simply change it to fit and model his thought wave…. God??? I believe in our Gods an Goddess ..as I was being drummed from the church coz their God hates Gays . I totally disagree why would an all Mighty powerful God allow a gay child to be born??? With a sweep of,his hand dispose of the babe…. NO!!! Man changes an twist words an meanings to suit his own opinion…. I do believe in a all mighty… but My gods an goddess love their children…. See if you can get the Roman Catholic church to agree to that??? But good luck coz I failed. ….. dam??? Why you get me all wound up for??? …but great vid an I think scratch an dents give items more character ….

billie smolenaers says:

Love youuuu ik how you feel. I went to private religious schools all my life

Alyssa Bear says:

I get a vibe from bradlee , that as he gets older he's gonna go to the Christian faith. It's just the feeling I get personally

Michael Weatherford says:

Hi Bradlee, are you familiar with Richard Dawkins, Chistopher Hitchens, Sam Harris? If not check out their YouTube videos on atheistism. Let me know what you think.

Nicole Stiers says:

More chats with Bradlee! ❤️

Vlad kaknarovd says:

And how so? Its so sad too that people isn't interested in going to heaven anymore

Precious Hernandez says:

This like made me depressed for 5 minutes. I really started to think about death a lot 🙃☠️

Dutch Christian says:

Well I was an atheist until I start reading the bible

Sandy Willimot says:

I am a atheist 2

6 lack says:

Bro you don't believe in God after everything the success and all that lol be you fam

Madelyn Balogh says:

i completely agree i think the bible and other religions were created thousands of years ago to answer questions that no one could answer at the time. but now we have science that is proving religion wrong. however if you are religious you do you, but don’t shove it down my throat.

Kayla Madison says:

I believe in God , also I’m from Ohio , what town where you raised in

Shelley Poarch says:

I'm a 41 year old Atheist and Pansexual. Imagine the looks I get from my VERY religious family! We love and support you no matter what!!! 💙💜

kingg candyy says:

I swear i feel the same way but many people have turned my their backs on me by saying i dont believe on the bible and even my teacher just looked at me like if i was fucked up 😂😂😂

Emily Fravel says:

I'm so unsure right now about God. I'm going to be homeless by the end of this week with no where to go. And they say God only gives you what you can handle but I can't handle this. I just don't understand why God would allow this to happen.

Golden Carter says:

I remember when my grandpa was dying, everyone also whispered "atheist" like it was dirty and scary and that they were afraid of what would happen to him since we weren't exactly sure he believed in god.
Several years later, I also began whispering that word about myself. It sucks that I had to be afraid to tell my parents that I no longer believed. It sucks that I still have to hide my beliefs (or lack of) in real life when meeting new people. My kids have to watch what they say around other kids to avoid offending delicate religious beliefs- and also to deflect bullying by religious children who only parrot what their parents tell them.
But, I'd rather live this way than fear a deity that I cannot know exists. I'd rather my kids learn to think logically and critically and never to be afraid to ask questions about anything. Losing my religion was like taking off heavy chains that bound my mind in fear and constant questioning of myself. Without those chains, I am free and I can break that cycle so that my kids also never have to live with that sort of fear, guilt, and self pity.

strawberry caprisuns says:

Oouuu I like this fierce/woke side of Bradley 🧐❤️

CraigA Wetherell says:

me and you have to die some day so someone else can be born!

abby gray says:

I go to a private catholic school and I’m an atheist same boat

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