You Were Never a True Christian

You Were Never a True Christian

Many Christians say there is no such thing as a former Christian. they claim a True Christian would have never left. This video shows the fallacies in this c…



Make-Make says:

Thanks for this video! I just found it after asking someone in a different
forum how to define a “true” Christian. I wish I would’ve seen the video a
few days prior to that discussion, but such is life.

sepiasiren says:

The same folks who say to me “you were never a true Christian” tell me that
I can’t tell a person who has a personal relationship with god that they
did not. So, let me get this straight. You can tell me whether or not I
was a true Christian but I can’t assess whether or not a Christian really
talked to gawd and got saved? First of all, I am not saying what the person
did or did not do–I am saying that isn’t evidence. On the other had they
are telling me what I did or did not believe.

AFreeThinkerAtheist says:

I wish christian’s valued reality based beliefs. It gets really annoying
having to point out reality to them.

QwertyCaesar says:

“The only true Christian died on a cross” -Friedrich Nietzche, on the
behavior of Christians.

strengthinweakness1 says:

“reject it by free will” Once one entrusts themselves to Christ their will
dies with their flesh and sin. Where does the bible talk about free will?
Another lie set forth by carnal christians. Praise God for His patience and
mercy with us all.

MrPhilsterable says:

Lol, that’s why I put it in quotes, because it was hyperbole in reference
to the way the majority of the christian world regards atheists. In regards
to what was funny is the irony in how I was convinced that my faith would
never be swayed and that was exactly what happened albeit almost 15 years
later. No I don’t laugh at believers because I was one for most of my life
and know what it does to you.

Tom Lessing says:

Someone who had truly been saved will never regret his or her conversion
and turn their backs on God. “For godly sorrow worketh repentance to
salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh
death.” (2 Co 7:10). If you’d truly been saved, you would be able to tell
how you received forgiveness for your sins. Do you mind telling me how you
received forgiveness for your sins when you became a Christian?

Thomas Bowers says:

I was a follower of the Watchtower (Jehovah’s Witnesses) for a long time
so you can bet I saw every other Christian denomination as “apostate”
Christianity. I just knew that I had THE TRUTH ! Then I found out it was
bullshit. Then I tried being an independent Christian for a while until I
used the same critical thinking I that got me out of that cult and applied
it to the Bible itself. I stopped cherry picking and I realized just how
messed up that book of stories/myths/superstitions is.

ChipArgyle says:

The “no true Christian” argument fails on the lack of evidence for any god.
If a person can say, “I used to believe that but now I don’t because there
isn’t any evidence for it,” that’s the end of the story. It doesn’t matter
if the god in question is Allah, Yahweh, Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, or Buddha.
Christianity has nothing magical to offer that would prevent any adherent
from leaving if they chose to research its falseness and accept nature as
it is instead.

Neku628 says:

Have you seen what the god of the Old Testament has done? He burnt a whole
city down and killed several men, women and children.

banglo16 says:

When I was a child I believed strongly in Father Christmas. I used to leave
my stocking out for him, write him letters in the hope he would read them,
make sure I was good all year so he gave me presents. I mighgt even have
watched out for him on Christmas Eve. But when I was 8 I figured it didn’t
really make logical sense and just stopped believing in him. I guess I was
never really a true believer in that case.

NorteRed206 says:

this video is flawd in some many ways.. first you must examine the word
”christian” .. ”follower of christ” then examine ‘christ’ and what he
taught his followers. find those who are living in accord to bible
princibles and godly standards then you will indeed find true christianity.
jesus even said himself that his were the works of his father in heaven..
but that is another subject. a good question is – -should you believe in
the trinity?

danah alshammary says:

Jesus is not the son god ok!

Cindee Luuhuu says:

The other VERY telling thing in your comment which suggests that you never
really knew Christ is you mention of atheists as “Vile”, which is a harsh
judgment. A truly saved believer is unable to judge others to the degree
you have done. I actually don’t see what you find “Quite funny”. Are you
laughing at what you THOUGHT was once your belief when in fact it was
heresy? Or, are you laughing at true believers? You can spot them easily…
they’re the ones LOVING the atheists and not hating them.

zaye says:

Lower Material Fleshly Realm and commanded us to toil and work the rest of
the days of our lives (chase a dollar)…therefore we are NO LONGER
concerned or remember about the SPIRIT/LIGHT/LOVE which Jesus taught is
inside ALL of US. But after accepting Christ as YOUR Lord and Savior we are
freed from this realm/SIN and after death we will not be reincarnated into
this realm but will ascend into glory. You cannot go HOME if you do not
know where you come from. Earth will become your home.

z3gg4 says:

The answer is simple: “Sorry mum and dad, it seems I’m just not a fucking

Cindee Luuhuu says:

It sounds like you were in a very legalistic group. Jesus would have been
the first to BLAST those groups. DO NOT judge the Lord Jesus on your
experience of those legalistic pricks!

Noobripper says:

Thank you for not being rude, but could you please explain what logic your
comment is based on? Why would anyone on earth pretend to be a FORMER
christian? Your comment suggests that the uploader never believed in Jesus.
What have you seen on this channel that supports such a belief? You are
obviously a believer. Are you saying you will always believe no matter what
you see or learn in the future? Sounds rather closed minded, if you’ll
forgive me for saying so.

Tim Clark says:

There hasn’t been true Christians for more than 1000 years

Tryptabeets says:

anyone wearing a blindfold can be misled but wise are the ones with the
eyes in the backs of their head. fake believers of jesus are denouncing
satan on every level but every halloween theyre dressin like devils. i am
glad to see comments like yours. gives me some hope peace be with you.

Lord Amon Ra Yahushua Michael Laver says:

Jesus means anointed, that I am very much so. More so then he ever was for
in his teachings a new beast was born into the world, both are vanity. It
is you that is very vague on many points and it can’t be used in modern

Cindee Luuhuu says:

Please read 1 John 2:19. Keep reading into verse 23. Peace, and I hope you
meet Christ before its too late.

Lord Amon Ra Yahushua Michael Laver says:

Fresh ink, things are contradictory because they rewrote things after all
his disciples were murdered. Every Study ancient Egyptian teachings of
Kemet & Hotep Amen-Ra?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Quoting the Bible doesn’t carry any weight,sorry.

G Man says:

you wasnt

zaye says:

To all Atheist out there, If you believe your whole being is something
fleshly and that there is not existance other than this EARTHLY temple. To
me that WAAAAYY harder to believe than any god/s or the Father/Jesus/Holy
Spirit. We are Spirits and souls trapped inside of SIN/FLESH, That is why
Jesus/and ancient Gnostic Wisdom (which is not in the Bible) taught us to
tap into our inner Spiritual being, and go ascend into highier
levels/REALMS of being.

Piet Imthorn says:

so you think that somebody who is:enlightened, tasted of the heavenly gift,
partakers of the Holy Ghost, have tasted the good word of God, the powers
of the world to come, doesn’t know about the doctrine of being born again (
new creation) and will try to be born again again? doens’t make sence, if
you read v 4-5 than this is talking about a person who is a mature
christian walking in the word and power of God. why would such a person be
dumb enough to think he needs to be born again again?

Lloyd Franklin says:

Everyone is born Atheist.

Cindee Luuhuu says:

I appreciate your thoughtful answers; thank you. The wisdom of God
confounds the folly (wisdom) of man. Best of luck with your figuring out
that you are apparently more (wise) than God. It sounds like you might also
worship your own reasoning abilities. You said you hated the hypocrisy (so
did Jesus); what about the sincere believers? Do you also judge them
accordingly? Why ditch out on Jesus just because some hypocrites who call
themselves “Christians” are full of self-righteous garbage?

Noobripper says:

This guy thinks there’s science in the Bible. That’s neither logical nor
reasonable. Even if I did agree with his theories, I’d still be Agnostic.
I’ve seen hundreds of videos like that one, and I’ve had enough.

MrKnowdatruth says:

Once your saved you can’t be unsaved. Matt 7:19-23 states in summary: by
their fruit you will know them. Not everyone who says to me, Lord Lord,
will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my
Father who is in heaven. Hitler and many others claimed that they were
saved and doing Gods work, only an idiot would believe that was true
because real Christians are great citizens.

MrPhilsterable says:

(Continued) That is when I became a non-denominational christian, someone
who dislike the organized establishment but still whole heartedly believed
in Jesus. Then about a year later I was presented with the question why did
I believe what I believed. It was this that over a period of ponderance
caused me to give up my beliefs in Jesus and simply hold a deist kind of
view. And over the couple I months as I thought about it and was presented
with arguments from both sides I became an atheist.

captainwess says:

there is only but one requirement…love…that is all..”the world will
know you are my disciples by the love you have for each other”,”I command
you to love each other”- Jesus Christ of Nazareth…

Mikey Rollins says:

Rev 3:16 so then because thou art lukewarm, and niether cold nor hot, I
will spue thee out of my mouth There is no “you were never a true
christian” your either christian or not God doesn’t want you to be on the
fence. Embrace his love and his gift of his son the savior jesus christ

zaye says:

The ones who came down and “made us (not create us) in there image and
likeness. These are the same god/s who say they are a jealous god and who
came down on Mnts with thundering and smoke….the gods of the Jews, Romans
Catholics, Hindus, Mythology etc. On the other hand Jesus In the NEW
TESTAMENT was sent to reform the world from the teaching of these gods and
to save us from OUR(Adam) fall from being one (in Spirit) with our HEAVENLY

Noobripper says:

I don’t see how anyone can be born into a Christian household and not try
to really earnestly pray to God with all their heart at least once. I
certainly did. If you’re born into those surroundings, it’s only a matter
of time. When I did it for an extended period of time, the need for my
faith to have a purpose became apparent. Unfortunately, I was unable to
reasonably justify my faith. So I just didn’t believe anymore.

jehovahuponyou says:

“Freewill is a myth.” MY POINT EXACTLY, THANKS!

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